[before_listing id=259 images= youtube=null] We live on 40+ acres, surrounded by miles of uninhabited land. Been off-grid for years. Want others to join us in a peaceful community to make it through the coming world/society changes. Offering long-term leases, affordable. Check us out at www.placeofrefuge2012.com or contact us at refuge2012@yahoo.com

Non-militia-types, non-religious based, non-judgmental. All it takes is your commitment and a positive vision of the future.[landbuddy_listing id=259 youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “Place of Refuge 2012”

  1. Bad boy B

    Read the comments, you got ran off of survival topics and other survival boards for the same reasons. Face it we see through your scam.

  2. cody

    Well ya its damn near impossible to live anywhere for free some1 has to pay for it.. but I do agree its a shame ppl become born with a curse of addiction to money.. as for me I just plan on going as deep as I can into the sequoia and hope no1 finds me..

  3. refuge2012

    Of course, I wished their web page was kept up to date.
    Lots of good ideas though.


  4. Sebastian

    Have you heard of the Zeitgeist Movement?

  5. refuge2012


    Do you know anywhere where you can live for free? If you please tell us all where it is. And as for this place being worthless “barren desert” place find me some “barren worthless desert where I can squat for free. You have problems and please don’t make them mine. If I had a dollar every time someone like you says why can’t I live there for free and by the way I have no storage food and no place to live etc I would be a very very rich man.
    Grow up!
    Sorry we told you that you could not live here for free, but its a adult world.

    PS if you find a place for free please share that info here.

  6. Ezra Behrends

    Hello , Im all about it . Please understand Im building a “green” off the grid mobile kitchen and would be gone 6-8 months a year. ezrabehrends2yahoo.com or check me out on facebook

  7. Patrick

    How, pray tell, is it any “… positive vision of the future” for you folks to think that selling “leases” for $995/yr. is some kind of improvement, instead of just SHARING the somewhat barren desert that you are largely NOT USING! The notion that some people “deserve” to be supported by OTHER people is what got us (as a society) into this in the first place!

    There is no positive transition into the future if everything continues to revolve around (debt-based fiat) money. You’ve obviously been on this property for awhile, and managed to handle the expenses of it. Therefore, either the “experiment” isn’t working, … OR, you just feel OK about being financial parasites for the rest of your “community”. … Sad. Very sad!

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