I have available rooms in a motel and plenty of area to build. looking for like-minded individuals prepared for anything. Small investment required.

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10 Responses to “Have the place need some people”

  1. brad

    Just a quick update. Busy up at camp as usual. Winter is here lots still to be done. Ice fishing shack is out. eating fresh trout today. garden is still keeping me going due to stored veggies and preserves, anyone wants to be contacted send a personal email with aubrey falls in the subject line. importland@yahoo.ca. I am not on the internet often so be patient.

  2. Rob

    Looks like you’re not far from me here in Elliot Lake. I’m an experienced carpenter looking into going off grid . tell me more!!

  3. SuzanneMarie87

    I’m interested! Would love more info.
    Email me! SuziQ1987@yahoo.com

  4. canuck111

    I have the motel still available….My name is Brad…leave me a number in an email and i will call you from here. I only have a satellite phone and cant receive any calls….thanks in advance for your patience…I will post my personal e mail address for the time being….importland@yahoo.ca please put Aubrey falls in the subject line for a response

  5. canuck111

    Hi all, havent been on here in a while. Busy time of year right now. Still have some rooms available and will let them be occupied for $200/month. Got to get here soon for the greenhouse construction and the gardening….Use google earth and look up aubrey falls , Ontario, Canada for the location

  6. michelle

    Very interested. Not much cash if any by the time I coukd get there . But loads of experience. Boyfriend had a drywall business b4 his divorce and I grew up on the farm, and also spent time in construction have renovated a hotel from top to bottomLLY

  7. Alice

    What is the cost?

  8. kylemcash

    i would love to join!! what is your location!!?

  9. brad

    Hi it is in northern ontario, On the land buddy map I am canuck111. The property is 100 kms south of Chapleau Ontario, on hwy 129. If you use google earth at all search Aubrey Falls and I am right on the other side of the highway. TRy my website there is a google map…www.outpost129.com

  10. laura

    do you have the land already? where are you located?