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Perrey in red, and mum in white
Perrey Reeves who plays Mrs. Ari Gold in Entourage on HBO is in real life no power-hungry toady, but an off-grid fanatic.

Born in New York and raised in New Hampshire, Reeves, who does not disclose her age, now spends her leisure time in Montezuma, Costa Rica – a small, hippyish town on the coast with the best ice cream ever, well worth the two day journey it takes normal people to get there.

Reeves and her partner, Jeff Gossett, who lives in Costa Rica full-time, take a trip to town every day for a cone. For Reeves, regularly connecting to nature helps her balance her life.

She and her fiancée built the yoga retreat, where she lives when she’s not working. The couple have been together five years, which amounts to “about 25 in Hollywood,” she says.

“I live in Costa Rica, way off the grid,” she told New York Daily News. “We live off solar power, with no car, and no telephone. I’m nothing like my character. I’m more into the environment.”


The property is gorgeous, lush and varied, but the water-filtration system, which supplies the faucets and showers, is just as amazing.

How it works: Water pipes in from the nearby waterfall, dripping into huge barrels (they’ve got four or five) filled with organic papyrus. That’s some in Gossett’s hand. It looks and feels like a slimy green cotton ball but gets high marks for trapping stuff you wouldn’t want in your drinking water.

After filtering through the papyrus, the water drips down into barrels of sand, which catches anything the papyrus missed. From there, it flows through the pipes. The system works amazingly well, but just to be sure, Gossett has the water tested twice a year in San Jose.

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