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A little about what we are looking for and what we are offering. We are starting with a house that needs alot of work and 12 acres. The redesign of the house will include a greenhouse, and the existing house will have all plumbing rerouted to a greywater system in the green house. Also in the greenhouse will be a 5 extralarge worm bins, 5 275 gallon fish tanks, and many plants.

In the early spring we will build 3 cabins for overnight guests. One will be earth bag, one strawbale, one earthintegrated. These will be designed using everything I have learned and am learning on permaculture. We hope to get the first pond in yet this year as well as hugaculture beds and get a huge fall and winter crop. We will also be canning this fall.

Now we also play boardgames, and watch movies. Trips to museums if there are children. A swimming pool, cooking on the fire, sitting around outside watching a movie. Or the stars and chatting stuff like that.

None of us has any family really that we are close to. So it is only natural that we would like a large family like the waltons had. Cousins, kin, what ever the word you use we would like to find a few more members. Work is required but not money. We will be getting off grid and growing our own food within a year.

We are only human and we have our quirks. Some good some bad but were all good people. So now tell us about what you are looking for in a community? What are your goals? How do you feel about pets and animals? When are you looking to join a community?

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You should be willing to help with the move from our current place to the new place. Labor only, you would get your own room, bed, furniture etc. Meals and a chance to help build a permaculture paradise. Did we mention family? No not call me Sissy or Mom but a sense of belonging and mattering. Please no preaching or people looking to save others. Your religion is your business as mine is mine. However we do celebrate Yule/ Christmas but without religous overtones. Call 620 314 7134. We are moving from Kansas to MO. We would like to find someone to join us now. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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