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A little about what we are looking for and what we are offering. We are starting with a house that needs alot of work and 12 acres. The redesign of the house will include a greenhouse, and the existing house will have all plumbing rerouted to a greywater system in the green house. Also in the greenhouse will be a 5 extralarge worm bins, 5 275 gallon fish tanks, and many plants.

In the early spring we will build 3 cabins for overnight guests. One will be earth bag, one strawbale, one earthintegrated. These will be designed using everything I have learned and am learning on permaculture. We hope to get the first pond in yet this year as well as hugaculture beds and get a huge fall and winter crop. We will also be canning this fall.

Now we also play boardgames, and watch movies. Trips to museums if there are children. A swimming pool, cooking on the fire, sitting around outside watching a movie. Or the stars and chatting stuff like that.

None of us has any family really that we are close to. So it is only natural that we would like a large family like the waltons had. Cousins, kin, what ever the word you use we would like to find a few more members. Work is required but not money. We will be getting off grid and growing our own food within a year.

We are only human and we have our quirks. Some good some bad but were all good people. So now tell us about what you are looking for in a community? What are your goals? How do you feel about pets and animals? When are you looking to join a community?

You should be willing to help with the move from our current place to the new place. Labor only, you would get your own room, bed, furniture etc. Meals and a chance to help build a permaculture paradise. Did we mention family? No not call me Sissy or Mom but a sense of belonging and mattering. Please no preaching or people looking to save others. Your religion is your business as mine is mine. However we do celebrate Yule/ Christmas but without religous overtones. Call 620 314 7134. We are moving from Kansas to MO. We would like to find someone to join us now. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “Permaculture family looking for additional help on 12 acres”

  1. skaiware

    any news ?

  2. Chris Chadwick

    How are things going, are you running. I’ve seen a lot of people who talk about doing this but doesn’t go much further than talking. Have you got something going and are you still looking for people.


  3. jessie

    Please email me with further details and updates. I am very interested and very skilled and able bodied. Jessie.bogart@yahoo.com

  4. George Smith

    I am considering off- grid.
    I have been living in a R V for 5 years while working in various RV parks/resorts.

  5. Kelly F.

    I am new to the idea of living off grid but am very interested in what you are doing. My spouse and I are looking to move to Missiouri soon what part are you moving to?

  6. Tina

    Hi there, I am a single 48 y/o mom to two children, 5&7,, and my goal is to raise my children in a non-violent atmosphere. To teach them that living a more simpler life is not hard. I know that at their age, they can adapt easily. I love to do things that involve cooking and baking. But, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty either. I am not a professional builder or anything to that nature, but I know how to use a hammer, saw, axe, etc.

  7. Zeth

    This sounds really good to me. I’ve been aching to make this move for a while. Is this going to be completely off the grid, though? I’m asking because a lot of the places I’ve checked aren’t. I have a girlfriend, she would be coming along. We really don’t have anything of value, but she is very creative and physically fit. I can build I have experience in construction and love the hands on work and I can help with any physical labor. Please, contact me via email. Thank you.

  8. TJ

    This is exactly what I’m looking for. It seems you guys have the right mindset to get this up and running. Im going to be enrolling in tech school in the next few months and after a year I’ll have hands on experience and knowledge of an electrician and possibly a welder. I would think these skills would be needed for an off grid community. Im familiar with how to work solar panels for natural energy, if this is something that interests you, in a years time, I can bring with me the supplies and the know how.
    My only problem with these off grid communities is that they aren’t 100% off grid are they? I mean if they were we wouldn’t be able to locate them but it just bugs me that they aren’t completely free from certain eyes if you know what I mean.

  9. Cade Johnson

    I am not moving to MO, thanks for the invitation tho. But I would like to virtually tag along since I am sort of doing the same thing and maybe you’ll make some of the mistakes before I do! And I have already made plenty and can back-seat-drive from time to time. Where you gonna have a blog?

    I got gray water system, rainwater collection, segregating toilet, hot water bypass back to the cistern, 100% solar powered and no grid connection (but I got wifi). What else? Well I am tropical – Caribbean. But still, we probably have common issues here and there.