[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am planning to go off the grid — give up all daily conveniences and monatary existence for my daily survival

i believe this is the only way to get really free i would like to be fully self-sufficient, grow my own food, have no Utility power, plumbing or running water

i am not religiuos – just someone who believes that we are made into slaves by our society which wants us to be addicted to money and convenience so we think we cannot survive without

i am looking for same minded peopel they feeling the same and would like to start something togther and suport each other in this.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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  1. rapunzell

    24 female no kids tough as nails but dont look like it. Caregiver, hunter, lover,gardener, Havertown my firearms certificaate, physically fit andserious. some gear but not alot of money. if im leaving for sure i will get it.sorry for the spelling

  2. Andowylde

    Wow! Finally a website full of like-minded souls. I am 38, from the UK … Ex military survivalist, carpenter and general builder, skills in medicine, very fit and healthy looking for like-minded people to live as humans should … Away from the chains of capitalist control. Anyone on the same trip, feel free to email me for a chat. 4ndy4wol@gmail.com
    Regards Andy.

  3. Keri Watson

    I have thought about Main and Alaska and chose Alaska because the majority of the people do live off the grid there and there are no property taxes plus the state dividend that everyone who lives there is entitled to is a plus. Also not needing a permit to build your cabin or home I should say takes so much weight off your shoulders. Pus most properties have enough trees you need to build your cabin already there if you know what you’re doing. Gardens flourish there and greenhouses do even better because of the rainfall and the sunlight in the summer in some areas. It’s an awesome place for fishing and wildlife game. And although solar power is good a wind turbine is amazing when it comes to power in Alaska. A lot of people there do have out houses but if you want to stay off the grid and still have the comforts of a bathroom there’s always composting toilets and incinerating toilets. Depending on how much you have to start out with and what skill set you have you can always do a well there and have the rain water as well so you’ll always have a back up and never be without. I’ve been planing and researching this for a while and I too would like company ( others with the same mindset as me ) to join me when I go. As a single mother, I’ve been through some things that has led me to this decision years ago. but it does take serious planning to do it and still be safe. My area of choice is in the South East Alaska region and although I do know some things there’s always more I can learn and someone who’s a better shot than me and a good sailor would be great to have with me. orchidangel1975@gmail.com

  4. toulon

    i have the land already just need others to get going,has many rivers its surrounded by nature, this system enslaves people money is the evil root,my number 7676127102 also have whatssapp

  5. Chris

    Hello everyone, my name is Chris i’m 26 years old im from Poland, and i decide to move to australia, and try to live wild in here. 3 months ago i travel around europe for a month, i enjoy it a lot but it was not enough. I tough prewiously about living with no money in wild, but i wasnt sure can i be able to, and after this journey i’m more confident … a little more confiddent still don’t known how i’m gonna do there so thtat’s the reason that i post this. If anyone would like to try that kind of life in Australia with me, i would be honored :) Age and sex does not make any difference. Thanks for contacting me, and sorry for my english :) Peace :)

  6. Mike_42

    Hello all,

    Anyone that wants to leave it all and head into the Alaskan wild email me ASAP (richard.m.burton@outlook.com). Ill be leaving in the next few weeks.

  7. GregF

    People are Tired of paying for what is rightfully theirs.
    We were all born of this earth. It was given to all of us free.
    Man has decided to charge us for living here. It is not his to charge for. THe earth and all of its resources are ours free of charge. Why should we pay for water when it was given to us freely?

    Why should I pay for food when I can grow it freely? Why should I be taxed on a land that that I was born into not of my own free will but the will of the land.

    People are tired of men getting away with charging us to live on what is rightfully all of ours for free.Do we charge the birds for drinking from a river?
    Do we charge a fawn for laying in a bed and birthing her young…?

    Man can argue that he has good reason to charge us but it is all a conjure to fulfill his Greed….I want to move deep into the wilderness. I want to start a new life in the forests and live entirely off of nature. Gregoryferguson1972@gmail.com not a farm off the grid where the govt can come in and take everything you have for living free.. I am going to the remote wilderness where I cannot be found if you want to come join me.. July 2016

  8. Jeremiah

    Hi, hello, how do you do?? :) I would just like to start by saying it is nice to run into a few more crazies of the like minded. I had begun to wonder if I was just nuts for being fed up with this rat race of a life people seem so proud to live, and it honestly makes me sick. I am to the point where I just refuse to be a slave to a government that doesn’t care about me or my life in the slightest. That being said.. I am a 33 year old male, from Missouri, who has been commercial fishing the cook inlet in Alaska for 3 seasons off the Kenai Peninsula. I was inspired to go by watching deadliest catch, and I had as serious calling.. and it couldn’t be avoided. I had the calling again a couple more years, and so I returned.. but this time, the calling is different. This time, I wish to go and not come back. I’ve been all over the world, and Alaska still has what’s left of the old fashioned values, and just loaded with decent human beings, that genuinely seem to give a shit about their neighbors. People look out for each other, and take care of each other in times of need.. with out rhyme or reason. I want out of this hell hole, and I want to go back to Alaska! I am completely able to move forward with this alone, however, I thought I would check around and see if anyone else is feeling the same way, and maybe find a companion to share the journey with. I am not requesting any kind of skill set or anything of the kind.. as I said I can do it myself, so I don’t mind helping someone else, and teaching anything I know as well. I am going into this with very little pocket money to start, but I have a few solid ideas I am working with to start out, so it’s not a shot in the dark. I know a few people in Alaska from fishing, and I know someone that would allow me to build shelter and use his land to start things out. I would eventually like to move on of course, but it’s a solid starting point. The summer is full of all sorts of jobs if money is needed.. from working at the canneries, fishing work, help mending nets, buy stations can usually use a little extra help at times.. no shortage for some extra cash if needed. Anyway.. if anyone would like to share ideas, and feels like this is something they would be interested in, reply, or email at uneeqfate@gmail.com

  9. Linnea

    Mike! Mike!
    We are REAL!
    Chad and myself have been searching for a community to be a part of. I have permaculture experience/knowledge and Chad is an outdoorsman who can build as well as complete plumbing and electrical projects (a jack of all trades you might say)


    funny we met approximately the same time you wrote your post on July 6, 2015. Looking forward to hearing from you and hoping to meet and be the next contributing members of your community.

  10. Annalisa

    Great post by the way.

  11. SonjaTatjana

    Hellooo! Greetings from finland! I’d like to life free in nature.I don’t like live with this constant stress because of money and expections from people and society. I hate how mean and cruel people are, and in the city living I have to gonstantly struggle with mean people and I’m sensitive to it.But I’m tough to survive and I have that finnish sisu :). I love nature and love to travel in finland on my own and live in nature, I sleep often in my car :)
    Its hard to get job in finland. Living is expensive.Rents are high and houses are way too expensive to me.I have no job, and i have debts.

  12. thepyat

    This discussion was started in 2012. It is now 2016. Would anyone like to revisit with an update? Did anyone GO offgrid? Did you stay or return? What was the experience? Can we start a narrative?

  13. Beesrcul


    So it seems that there are plenty of us, trying to escape society as it is. I’ve been searching every corner, and from what I understood, no one has yet acomplished to fullfil the dream? I’m 26, portuguese, residing in my country, but can go abroad (I have enough for a plain ticket, and thats pretty much it). I have some experience in agriculture, caring for animals, and very little info “on how to survive” that my father taught me (he was a militar).
    Anyone has a solution? Or shouldn’t we all gather the little money we have, and toghether, build something for us? Portugal has a very nice clima and ground. I know of some fields to buy for “cheap”, even though I find it ridiculous to buy what belongs to all… Please, I am getting into this cattatonic state… I feel no joy on what the world has become, and I am sure that quitting it all will be the best for me. I want to go off-grid!

    Looking for peaceful minded, generous people who desire to live happily, with no money at all.

  14. Steven Brule

    Soon i will be leaving to go off grid and sustain life outdoors solely by foraging, hunting, and fishing. I. have a military background a capable of building makeshift shelters. I’ve yet chose a place but willing to locate wherever is away from society. I do feel that i don’t want to undertake this alone. with a group more can be accomplished. If there is anyone that feels the same email me at stevenageebrule88@gmail.com

  15. Michael

    Treva Green my brother and i are interested my brother is 22 i am 19 were both hard working, fast learners, and were in great health. we know how to paint and we know a little bit about construction but not much. We also know how to survive in the wild but there are still thing we need to learn. Please contact me at mgoldsberry99@gmail.com or call at 832 703 4024

  16. Michael

    My brother and i are really interested and we think its a good opportunity please contact me at mgoldsberry99@gmail.com or call at 832 703 4024

  17. Melissa Mary

    Hello Folks, Warm Welcome from New Zealand.

    My Family purchased a 550acre property in the heart of the Marlborough Sounds New Zealand in 2000. We run off our own micro hydro system, generating our own power, we plant/harvest our own gardens, have fresh drinking water, clean air, NZ Jungle, clear skies, fresh fishing and hunt for wild game….living close to nature only accessible by boat or small plane.

    We have a big place with plenty of room for those with skills to contribute, good natures and have a love for back 2 basics living.
    if this sounds like what you are looking for. Please get in touch via our website or email me at melissa@tira-ora-estate.com

  18. lisa

    Mike im in hit my email qtpieballer@gmail.com…. Asap

  19. WayOffGrid

    Hello. First off I dislike the workings of the current society. I love nature and the outdoors. I am looking for people that want to get away from it all with our backpacks, knowledge and courage. I have been a woodsman all of my life, its time for us to stop talking about it and go. I want to be 1000000000 % off the grid. I have some places in mind but want some more input as a group or pair. Alaska? Arizona? NM? Hawaii? Canada? Mexico? Peru? … Remote is the KEY. I have all the gear I need for several people actually and some money, I am Not looking to live Half on / Half off. I am wanting to live Totally off the Land and Nature. I do not ever plan on buying anything from a store again. Mail me lets plan this trip of a lifetime ~ gfergusoninc@yahoo.com

  20. parallexmike

    Hello Mike,
    First I would like to start out by saying you should file for a Homestead tax Exemption especially, if you’re going to be growing your own food and living off the land so you don’t have to worry about taxes.
    I might also suggest bungalow in a box or something comparable build yourself.
    Or even a yurt.
    I have several other options that are really workable but you left no contact information, can’t even add you as a friend 
    Or send you a private message :-(

  21. Mike

    OK people who is real on here? This will be your opportunity to prove you are real. I am a 40 year old male that is tired of the run about in life. I own my own company and I am tired as hell of making other people happy and not my self. I have purchased a piece of land out in the middle of no where it is approx. 40 acres. I will be walking away from life as I know it only taking my personals and tools along with me. I will have to make money when I get there to get started but once I am started I can make it from the land. I do not want to live a life that is combined with todays world, It is none of anyone’s business who I am or what I am about. I am looking for people to join me on this adventure. Yes you will need start up money because we all will be starting from scratch. It does not matter if you just have a tent to live in. We will have to haul water until we can afford to get a well drilled in the location or just keep hauling our water. I own my own remodeling business so yes I do have the skills to build, as well as I was raised on a farm. I know how to live with out the items the world offers. If you are interested just reply to me not the board because it will be to much as I am busy trying to get everything together. I will be building a small hut either from pallet wood or other material to start with. I will have a generator but it is a small one. I do have a girlfriend but I do not believe she feels the way I do and I do not think she will be going to the wild with me. If you would like to join this I am only looking for a few families this is so we can have enough room to build our gardens and have our space. You will have to come up with a little something every month to help me pay taxes on the land and of course we can not get away from that part of life. As well we will write a contract out for those of you that don’t believe in hand shakes any more. One thing I do ask of you is to be courteous and grateful to all. No I am not religious and I hate the world of religion it has become so fake. But be good to your fellow man or woman. Especially on our place. I do not need to know your back ground but I do not want drugs of any sort on the property the more stuff you have going on the more the people will be looking at you. I do not want them in our business.



  22. Chelsea

    I would like to talk to you one on one if thats possible! Through email is fine!! chelseabenefield55@gmail.com

    I just have a few questions.

  23. ptkylady

    Hello every one, I have posted a few times on this site and wanted to let people know that it can work. I met my husband from this site. On January 24, 2015 I wrote a post on this site that has changed my life forever. I really never expected things to happen the way they did. My now husband read and responded to the post that I had written. We started corresponding in February and was married in May and living the life we both had always dreamed of. He had already had a few years of getting off the grid and now we are in the next phase. We have a beautiful place in WV with a few acres of land. His house is already built but we are now in the process of building the barn. He has a sawmill and we plan to cut the trees that we will use to build the barn. We have a lot of plans and goals that we will accomplish with time. Both of our lives changed dramatically but for the better. We both think so much alike and want the same things out of life and we are working hard every day to accomplish them. Keep reaching for your dreams, all else will fall into place. This in the lifestyle, one step at a time. Thanks Off-Grid for being the vessel that sailed me to my dreams, with the man of my dreams!

  24. Jon Antcliff

    I am a critical thinker… a sentimental ol’ fool… a writer… a friend… a father…. I am 35 years old… I worked my up through a 20 year retail career… then something changed…. I am not happy with our culture…. I am not interested in dollar bills…. I have no use for shiny things and white picket fences…. I just want to live…. My entire life I have been “successful” in school… in my management career…. I have made large companies millions of dollars… yet I continue to struggle paycheck to paycheck in the depths of debt created through years of poor choices and unexpected financial hardships…. In an effort to live free of this red tape clad… money ruled society of slavery and restricted rights… I walked away from my career… I invested with a friend into a mobile kitchen which now sits upon a freighter heading toward a port in Chicago…. I’ve spent every penny I could muster to simply have a means to generate funds to fuel an RV across the country to live our dreams…. Yes to live…. It astounds me how we slave our years away for a few precious weeks to take a vacation we cannot afford… to have some taste of actual happiness…. I am baffled how we as a society continue to ignore the stronghold of the wealthy over the masses…. I am appalled by the wealthy’s need to have more and more… while the sick and the poor are forced to go without medical care or food or shelter…. I just want to live… to be surrounded by people that I love… to do my part in a community that shares my desires…. I am a capable… intelligent man with a heart of gold…. I have spent the last five years fostering thirteen young adults attempting to get started in their own lives…. I have helped them find work… aided them in finding homes of their own… taught them how to manage life…. After all of this… I simply feel as though I have only ushered them into slavery…. I no longer believe in the ideal living we Americans strive for… because I believe it offers only false hope… a sentence of greed… guilt… and debt…. I want to be free…. Even as I await this new adventure of off the grid mobile food sales… I still feel as though I will only be entwined within the constraints of money…. I now face new challenges simply trying to start this business… a plethora of laws and regulations… required licencing and permits… inspections and equipment demands…. It is daunting how complicated our government has made it to simply serve fresh food for profit… while we shop stores filled with “food like products” injected with chemicals and ingredients with unknown long term effects…. I just want to live…. I understand the banking system that rules our world… but I believe we are meant to be so much more…. I believe our purpose isn’t to simply survive… but thrive upon this planet…. We have a natural responsibility to nurture it in order to partake of its bounty… yet we as a civilization have manipulated it into our own personal money maker… reaping it of its splendors… damaging its very ability to progress naturally…. I just want to live… to set an example for the possibility that we can lose our plague like status on Earth and repair the symbiotic existence we are meant to live…. I have many skills and abilities to contribute to an eco-community…. Please… if you share this desire to live in happiness not servitude… contact me… help me make our dreams a reality…. I believe the world is waking up… and more and more individuals across the globe see and feel that it is our time to change…. Join me…

    I don’t know where I’m going… but I know where I have been…. Today I just want to live….

    Be well… always….
    Jon Antcliff
    Cadillac, MI, USA
    Find me and my page, Dreamer’s Diversions, on Facebook (love it or hate it… our society spends more time staring at it than appreciating the loved ones that sit in the same room with them)

  25. Vygis

    Hello guys, so i want as well go to the wild, i’ve been thinking all the time for that, but for first time i can not live anymore in this society, everything what move the public wants to now, the life its not like was before years, so i’m thinking go to Iceland to live there more time posible, just i don’t want to go alone, so i’m looking somebody to go with me, write me if you interested – bendaravicius.v@gmail.com i’m prepared, i now price of tickets everything, i now how to survive in the wild, and i’m in UK, so if somebody thinks the same write me :)

  26. Al1

    Looking for single female or group want to create a eco- village in a year
    my budget 10 to 20 thousand Canadian dollar, location I prefer British Colombia
    Because it is mild winter weather, If any-one interested please let me know.

  27. mike sanders

    hi my name is jeremiah i am sick of todays society and the need for money. the fact if u dont have money u are homeless and can notf eed ur self and getting a job is tough employeeers reject u so easy. i feel that it would be tree freedom to hutnf or your food and not just go to the grocery store. and build a cabin for shelter not pay pay rent. i grew up in the country i know how to hunt,fish,and build. i am good with a bow. i am lookign for someone to go off in the woods somewhere like oregon or colorado and build a long term home for our selves hunt deer for our food, fish etc i would of did this by myself but long term isolation is 2 much to bear and the fact of fending off bears and wolves by ur self. i am also willing to joina community of people. i am just lookign to get away from the need of money and the fact if u dont have it it ur screwed. peoples needs like food sheleter etc can be met without money. if u interested contact me jeremiahcogan005@gmail.com

  28. david madle

    I am planning on heading into the bush in northern Ontario over the next 2 years, it would be far in the bush with only a quad to carry everything needed, but secluded and self sufficient homesteading, anyone interested in joining? Everyone I know is too caught up in the system, money money money -.-

  29. Treva Green

    I found a beautiful piece of property 8 acres in Missouri it’s cheap and wooded and undeveloped and you can do off grid in this area with no issue of government getting involved. I however am looking for people who might be interested in developing a eco village. I am tired of the old stuff, been a country girl all my life however got wrapped up in the day to day living. I know how to build it, develop it, run good garden, got the knowledge of how to make well run all to homes, make the sandbag homes etc…just can’t do the labor on builds. I can do the old lady stuff LOL…but need some strong minded people who want to stop living like we do on pennies. Anyone seriously interested in this project plz contact here and maybe we can get it up an running…I know how to build emergency shelter to get us through the beginning so if you got the muscle I got the know how…Treva


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