[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am planning to go off the grid — give up all daily conveniences and monatary existence for my daily survival

i believe this is the only way to get really free i would like to be fully self-sufficient, grow my own food, have no Utility power, plumbing or running water

i am not religiuos – just someone who believes that we are made into slaves by our society which wants us to be addicted to money and convenience so we think we cannot survive without

i am looking for same minded peopel they feeling the same and would like to start something togther and suport each other in this.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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  1. Daniel WS

    I know I am late in writing this so I will start by telling everyone that like you I am sick of this way of life I have, I hate the city and would love to find someone as a partner and some friends that would love to live off the grid also, I have always been a handyman, seems what ever I put my hands to I seem to learn quick, I am pretty good at most anything, I am also cautious due to all the crazies like the many cults that try to deceive many people by starting groups of like minded people till they trap them then show how nuts they are (Like Waco, Heavens gate, Jim Jones and the peoples temple ect.) if you are not one of these crazies I would love to here from you, P.S. I love Alaska and New Mexico.

  2. rapunzell

    24 female no kids tough as nails but dont look like it. Caregiver, hunter, lover,gardener, Havertown my firearms certificaate, physically fit andserious. some gear but not alot of money. if im leaving for sure i will get it.sorry for the spelling

  3. Andowylde

    Wow! Finally a website full of like-minded souls. I am 38, from the UK … Ex military survivalist, carpenter and general builder, skills in medicine, very fit and healthy looking for like-minded people to live as humans should … Away from the chains of capitalist control. Anyone on the same trip, feel free to email me for a chat. 4ndy4wol@gmail.com
    Regards Andy.

  4. Keri Watson

    I have thought about Main and Alaska and chose Alaska because the majority of the people do live off the grid there and there are no property taxes plus the state dividend that everyone who lives there is entitled to is a plus. Also not needing a permit to build your cabin or home I should say takes so much weight off your shoulders. Pus most properties have enough trees you need to build your cabin already there if you know what you’re doing. Gardens flourish there and greenhouses do even better because of the rainfall and the sunlight in the summer in some areas. It’s an awesome place for fishing and wildlife game. And although solar power is good a wind turbine is amazing when it comes to power in Alaska. A lot of people there do have out houses but if you want to stay off the grid and still have the comforts of a bathroom there’s always composting toilets and incinerating toilets. Depending on how much you have to start out with and what skill set you have you can always do a well there and have the rain water as well so you’ll always have a back up and never be without. I’ve been planing and researching this for a while and I too would like company ( others with the same mindset as me ) to join me when I go. As a single mother, I’ve been through some things that has led me to this decision years ago. but it does take serious planning to do it and still be safe. My area of choice is in the South East Alaska region and although I do know some things there’s always more I can learn and someone who’s a better shot than me and a good sailor would be great to have with me. orchidangel1975@gmail.com

  5. toulon

    i have the land already just need others to get going,has many rivers its surrounded by nature, this system enslaves people money is the evil root,my number 7676127102 also have whatssapp

  6. Chris

    Hello everyone, my name is Chris i’m 26 years old im from Poland, and i decide to move to australia, and try to live wild in here. 3 months ago i travel around europe for a month, i enjoy it a lot but it was not enough. I tough prewiously about living with no money in wild, but i wasnt sure can i be able to, and after this journey i’m more confident … a little more confiddent still don’t known how i’m gonna do there so thtat’s the reason that i post this. If anyone would like to try that kind of life in Australia with me, i would be honored :) Age and sex does not make any difference. Thanks for contacting me, and sorry for my english :) Peace :)

  7. Mike_42

    Hello all,

    Anyone that wants to leave it all and head into the Alaskan wild email me ASAP (richard.m.burton@outlook.com). Ill be leaving in the next few weeks.

  8. GregF

    People are Tired of paying for what is rightfully theirs.
    We were all born of this earth. It was given to all of us free.
    Man has decided to charge us for living here. It is not his to charge for. THe earth and all of its resources are ours free of charge. Why should we pay for water when it was given to us freely?

    Why should I pay for food when I can grow it freely? Why should I be taxed on a land that that I was born into not of my own free will but the will of the land.

    People are tired of men getting away with charging us to live on what is rightfully all of ours for free.Do we charge the birds for drinking from a river?
    Do we charge a fawn for laying in a bed and birthing her young…?

    Man can argue that he has good reason to charge us but it is all a conjure to fulfill his Greed….I want to move deep into the wilderness. I want to start a new life in the forests and live entirely off of nature. Gregoryferguson1972@gmail.com not a farm off the grid where the govt can come in and take everything you have for living free.. I am going to the remote wilderness where I cannot be found if you want to come join me.. July 2016

  9. Jeremiah

    Hi, hello, how do you do?? :) I would just like to start by saying it is nice to run into a few more crazies of the like minded. I had begun to wonder if I was just nuts for being fed up with this rat race of a life people seem so proud to live, and it honestly makes me sick. I am to the point where I just refuse to be a slave to a government that doesn’t care about me or my life in the slightest. That being said.. I am a 33 year old male, from Missouri, who has been commercial fishing the cook inlet in Alaska for 3 seasons off the Kenai Peninsula. I was inspired to go by watching deadliest catch, and I had as serious calling.. and it couldn’t be avoided. I had the calling again a couple more years, and so I returned.. but this time, the calling is different. This time, I wish to go and not come back. I’ve been all over the world, and Alaska still has what’s left of the old fashioned values, and just loaded with decent human beings, that genuinely seem to give a shit about their neighbors. People look out for each other, and take care of each other in times of need.. with out rhyme or reason. I want out of this hell hole, and I want to go back to Alaska! I am completely able to move forward with this alone, however, I thought I would check around and see if anyone else is feeling the same way, and maybe find a companion to share the journey with. I am not requesting any kind of skill set or anything of the kind.. as I said I can do it myself, so I don’t mind helping someone else, and teaching anything I know as well. I am going into this with very little pocket money to start, but I have a few solid ideas I am working with to start out, so it’s not a shot in the dark. I know a few people in Alaska from fishing, and I know someone that would allow me to build shelter and use his land to start things out. I would eventually like to move on of course, but it’s a solid starting point. The summer is full of all sorts of jobs if money is needed.. from working at the canneries, fishing work, help mending nets, buy stations can usually use a little extra help at times.. no shortage for some extra cash if needed. Anyway.. if anyone would like to share ideas, and feels like this is something they would be interested in, reply, or email at uneeqfate@gmail.com

  10. Linnea

    Mike! Mike!
    We are REAL!
    Chad and myself have been searching for a community to be a part of. I have permaculture experience/knowledge and Chad is an outdoorsman who can build as well as complete plumbing and electrical projects (a jack of all trades you might say)


    funny we met approximately the same time you wrote your post on July 6, 2015. Looking forward to hearing from you and hoping to meet and be the next contributing members of your community.

  11. Annalisa

    Great post by the way.

  12. SonjaTatjana

    Hellooo! Greetings from finland! I’d like to life free in nature.I don’t like live with this constant stress because of money and expections from people and society. I hate how mean and cruel people are, and in the city living I have to gonstantly struggle with mean people and I’m sensitive to it.But I’m tough to survive and I have that finnish sisu :). I love nature and love to travel in finland on my own and live in nature, I sleep often in my car :)
    Its hard to get job in finland. Living is expensive.Rents are high and houses are way too expensive to me.I have no job, and i have debts.

  13. thepyat

    This discussion was started in 2012. It is now 2016. Would anyone like to revisit with an update? Did anyone GO offgrid? Did you stay or return? What was the experience? Can we start a narrative?

  14. Beesrcul


    So it seems that there are plenty of us, trying to escape society as it is. I’ve been searching every corner, and from what I understood, no one has yet acomplished to fullfil the dream? I’m 26, portuguese, residing in my country, but can go abroad (I have enough for a plain ticket, and thats pretty much it). I have some experience in agriculture, caring for animals, and very little info “on how to survive” that my father taught me (he was a militar).
    Anyone has a solution? Or shouldn’t we all gather the little money we have, and toghether, build something for us? Portugal has a very nice clima and ground. I know of some fields to buy for “cheap”, even though I find it ridiculous to buy what belongs to all… Please, I am getting into this cattatonic state… I feel no joy on what the world has become, and I am sure that quitting it all will be the best for me. I want to go off-grid!

    Looking for peaceful minded, generous people who desire to live happily, with no money at all.

  15. Steven Brule

    Soon i will be leaving to go off grid and sustain life outdoors solely by foraging, hunting, and fishing. I. have a military background a capable of building makeshift shelters. I’ve yet chose a place but willing to locate wherever is away from society. I do feel that i don’t want to undertake this alone. with a group more can be accomplished. If there is anyone that feels the same email me at stevenageebrule88@gmail.com

  16. Michael

    Treva Green my brother and i are interested my brother is 22 i am 19 were both hard working, fast learners, and were in great health. we know how to paint and we know a little bit about construction but not much. We also know how to survive in the wild but there are still thing we need to learn. Please contact me at mgoldsberry99@gmail.com or call at 832 703 4024

  17. Michael

    My brother and i are really interested and we think its a good opportunity please contact me at mgoldsberry99@gmail.com or call at 832 703 4024

  18. Melissa Mary

    Hello Folks, Warm Welcome from New Zealand.

    My Family purchased a 550acre property in the heart of the Marlborough Sounds New Zealand in 2000. We run off our own micro hydro system, generating our own power, we plant/harvest our own gardens, have fresh drinking water, clean air, NZ Jungle, clear skies, fresh fishing and hunt for wild game….living close to nature only accessible by boat or small plane.

    We have a big place with plenty of room for those with skills to contribute, good natures and have a love for back 2 basics living.
    if this sounds like what you are looking for. Please get in touch via our website or email me at melissa@tira-ora-estate.com

  19. lisa

    Mike im in hit my email qtpieballer@gmail.com…. Asap

  20. WayOffGrid

    Hello. First off I dislike the workings of the current society. I love nature and the outdoors. I am looking for people that want to get away from it all with our backpacks, knowledge and courage. I have been a woodsman all of my life, its time for us to stop talking about it and go. I want to be 1000000000 % off the grid. I have some places in mind but want some more input as a group or pair. Alaska? Arizona? NM? Hawaii? Canada? Mexico? Peru? … Remote is the KEY. I have all the gear I need for several people actually and some money, I am Not looking to live Half on / Half off. I am wanting to live Totally off the Land and Nature. I do not ever plan on buying anything from a store again. Mail me lets plan this trip of a lifetime ~ gfergusoninc@yahoo.com

  21. parallexmike

    Hello Mike,
    First I would like to start out by saying you should file for a Homestead tax Exemption especially, if you’re going to be growing your own food and living off the land so you don’t have to worry about taxes.
    I might also suggest bungalow in a box or something comparable build yourself.
    Or even a yurt.
    I have several other options that are really workable but you left no contact information, can’t even add you as a friend 
    Or send you a private message :-(

  22. Mike

    OK people who is real on here? This will be your opportunity to prove you are real. I am a 40 year old male that is tired of the run about in life. I own my own company and I am tired as hell of making other people happy and not my self. I have purchased a piece of land out in the middle of no where it is approx. 40 acres. I will be walking away from life as I know it only taking my personals and tools along with me. I will have to make money when I get there to get started but once I am started I can make it from the land. I do not want to live a life that is combined with todays world, It is none of anyone’s business who I am or what I am about. I am looking for people to join me on this adventure. Yes you will need start up money because we all will be starting from scratch. It does not matter if you just have a tent to live in. We will have to haul water until we can afford to get a well drilled in the location or just keep hauling our water. I own my own remodeling business so yes I do have the skills to build, as well as I was raised on a farm. I know how to live with out the items the world offers. If you are interested just reply to me not the board because it will be to much as I am busy trying to get everything together. I will be building a small hut either from pallet wood or other material to start with. I will have a generator but it is a small one. I do have a girlfriend but I do not believe she feels the way I do and I do not think she will be going to the wild with me. If you would like to join this I am only looking for a few families this is so we can have enough room to build our gardens and have our space. You will have to come up with a little something every month to help me pay taxes on the land and of course we can not get away from that part of life. As well we will write a contract out for those of you that don’t believe in hand shakes any more. One thing I do ask of you is to be courteous and grateful to all. No I am not religious and I hate the world of religion it has become so fake. But be good to your fellow man or woman. Especially on our place. I do not need to know your back ground but I do not want drugs of any sort on the property the more stuff you have going on the more the people will be looking at you. I do not want them in our business.



  23. Chelsea

    I would like to talk to you one on one if thats possible! Through email is fine!! chelseabenefield55@gmail.com

    I just have a few questions.

  24. ptkylady

    Hello every one, I have posted a few times on this site and wanted to let people know that it can work. I met my husband from this site. On January 24, 2015 I wrote a post on this site that has changed my life forever. I really never expected things to happen the way they did. My now husband read and responded to the post that I had written. We started corresponding in February and was married in May and living the life we both had always dreamed of. He had already had a few years of getting off the grid and now we are in the next phase. We have a beautiful place in WV with a few acres of land. His house is already built but we are now in the process of building the barn. He has a sawmill and we plan to cut the trees that we will use to build the barn. We have a lot of plans and goals that we will accomplish with time. Both of our lives changed dramatically but for the better. We both think so much alike and want the same things out of life and we are working hard every day to accomplish them. Keep reaching for your dreams, all else will fall into place. This in the lifestyle, one step at a time. Thanks Off-Grid for being the vessel that sailed me to my dreams, with the man of my dreams!

  25. Jon Antcliff

    I am a critical thinker… a sentimental ol’ fool… a writer… a friend… a father…. I am 35 years old… I worked my up through a 20 year retail career… then something changed…. I am not happy with our culture…. I am not interested in dollar bills…. I have no use for shiny things and white picket fences…. I just want to live…. My entire life I have been “successful” in school… in my management career…. I have made large companies millions of dollars… yet I continue to struggle paycheck to paycheck in the depths of debt created through years of poor choices and unexpected financial hardships…. In an effort to live free of this red tape clad… money ruled society of slavery and restricted rights… I walked away from my career… I invested with a friend into a mobile kitchen which now sits upon a freighter heading toward a port in Chicago…. I’ve spent every penny I could muster to simply have a means to generate funds to fuel an RV across the country to live our dreams…. Yes to live…. It astounds me how we slave our years away for a few precious weeks to take a vacation we cannot afford… to have some taste of actual happiness…. I am baffled how we as a society continue to ignore the stronghold of the wealthy over the masses…. I am appalled by the wealthy’s need to have more and more… while the sick and the poor are forced to go without medical care or food or shelter…. I just want to live… to be surrounded by people that I love… to do my part in a community that shares my desires…. I am a capable… intelligent man with a heart of gold…. I have spent the last five years fostering thirteen young adults attempting to get started in their own lives…. I have helped them find work… aided them in finding homes of their own… taught them how to manage life…. After all of this… I simply feel as though I have only ushered them into slavery…. I no longer believe in the ideal living we Americans strive for… because I believe it offers only false hope… a sentence of greed… guilt… and debt…. I want to be free…. Even as I await this new adventure of off the grid mobile food sales… I still feel as though I will only be entwined within the constraints of money…. I now face new challenges simply trying to start this business… a plethora of laws and regulations… required licencing and permits… inspections and equipment demands…. It is daunting how complicated our government has made it to simply serve fresh food for profit… while we shop stores filled with “food like products” injected with chemicals and ingredients with unknown long term effects…. I just want to live…. I understand the banking system that rules our world… but I believe we are meant to be so much more…. I believe our purpose isn’t to simply survive… but thrive upon this planet…. We have a natural responsibility to nurture it in order to partake of its bounty… yet we as a civilization have manipulated it into our own personal money maker… reaping it of its splendors… damaging its very ability to progress naturally…. I just want to live… to set an example for the possibility that we can lose our plague like status on Earth and repair the symbiotic existence we are meant to live…. I have many skills and abilities to contribute to an eco-community…. Please… if you share this desire to live in happiness not servitude… contact me… help me make our dreams a reality…. I believe the world is waking up… and more and more individuals across the globe see and feel that it is our time to change…. Join me…

    I don’t know where I’m going… but I know where I have been…. Today I just want to live….

    Be well… always….
    Jon Antcliff
    Cadillac, MI, USA
    Find me and my page, Dreamer’s Diversions, on Facebook (love it or hate it… our society spends more time staring at it than appreciating the loved ones that sit in the same room with them)

  26. Vygis

    Hello guys, so i want as well go to the wild, i’ve been thinking all the time for that, but for first time i can not live anymore in this society, everything what move the public wants to now, the life its not like was before years, so i’m thinking go to Iceland to live there more time posible, just i don’t want to go alone, so i’m looking somebody to go with me, write me if you interested – bendaravicius.v@gmail.com i’m prepared, i now price of tickets everything, i now how to survive in the wild, and i’m in UK, so if somebody thinks the same write me :)

  27. Al1

    Looking for single female or group want to create a eco- village in a year
    my budget 10 to 20 thousand Canadian dollar, location I prefer British Colombia
    Because it is mild winter weather, If any-one interested please let me know.

  28. mike sanders

    hi my name is jeremiah i am sick of todays society and the need for money. the fact if u dont have money u are homeless and can notf eed ur self and getting a job is tough employeeers reject u so easy. i feel that it would be tree freedom to hutnf or your food and not just go to the grocery store. and build a cabin for shelter not pay pay rent. i grew up in the country i know how to hunt,fish,and build. i am good with a bow. i am lookign for someone to go off in the woods somewhere like oregon or colorado and build a long term home for our selves hunt deer for our food, fish etc i would of did this by myself but long term isolation is 2 much to bear and the fact of fending off bears and wolves by ur self. i am also willing to joina community of people. i am just lookign to get away from the need of money and the fact if u dont have it it ur screwed. peoples needs like food sheleter etc can be met without money. if u interested contact me jeremiahcogan005@gmail.com

  29. david madle

    I am planning on heading into the bush in northern Ontario over the next 2 years, it would be far in the bush with only a quad to carry everything needed, but secluded and self sufficient homesteading, anyone interested in joining? Everyone I know is too caught up in the system, money money money -.-

  30. Treva Green

    I found a beautiful piece of property 8 acres in Missouri it’s cheap and wooded and undeveloped and you can do off grid in this area with no issue of government getting involved. I however am looking for people who might be interested in developing a eco village. I am tired of the old stuff, been a country girl all my life however got wrapped up in the day to day living. I know how to build it, develop it, run good garden, got the knowledge of how to make well run all to homes, make the sandbag homes etc…just can’t do the labor on builds. I can do the old lady stuff LOL…but need some strong minded people who want to stop living like we do on pennies. Anyone seriously interested in this project plz contact here and maybe we can get it up an running…I know how to build emergency shelter to get us through the beginning so if you got the muscle I got the know how…Treva

  31. jessica

    Hello, I am 25 years young and am ready to explore options of living off the grid. I have skills with bow and guns, not extreme skills but some. I’m just so sick of working for “the man” and don’t believe the”normal man”in today’s society is truly living. I’m not happy and have this undeniable urge to leave my day to day life to sustain myself without the worry of money (that seems as if it is never ending No matter how hard you try). I’m in upstate new York and would like to stay close to home so I’m wondering if anyone has some information on what to do from here. Please use my email for serious solutions or information, jessicacorrie7@gmail.com. thanks

  32. mattm21

    It would be difficult for me to reply to everyone in this comments section who is interested in joining an off the grid community. I am trying to start a community of my own, everyone is welcome. If you are interested in being a part of my community please visit https://whyihatemoney.wordpress.com/ Make sure to read the posts and leave a comment with some sort of contact info so I can get back to you.

  33. Matthew

    I’m moving into the wilderness in Georgia in less than two months. I’m from Texas and I’m a Christian. This won’t be my first time living in the wilderness and I’m skilled in basic survival. My specialty is edible plants. If anyone is interested in coming along message me at matthewhunter8888@gmail.com. I’m looking for other Christians. It doesn’t matter if you have survival skills, as long as your mentally tough, can hike at least 10 miles, and are willing to work and learn.

  34. Adam Vinyard

    doing this as soon as possible…. anyone interested email me adam.vinyard@yahoo.com

  35. parallexmike

    “Stephanie” seems like everybody here has been planning the same thing for a long time. I’m sure we all have great ideas on how to get this done but I’m going to be one of the many people willing to share some of those ideas with you Stefanie. I have found a couple of companies that are willing to park a container or your property for four days and let you fill it up with everything that you need to relocate and then they will pick it up and take it to your property and lower it down on a slap “hopefully by that time you can have your water well in place. They have several different types of containers which once they deposit them on your slab they are yours for life. Let me know if you’re interested in useful tidbits, and will do the e-mail thing.

  36. Stephanie

    Hello, my fiancee and I are putting together a plan to join or build an off grid community. We’re free spirits, hippies if you will, who don’t believe in modern day governments and society. How I’m living now its so unnatural and not right. We no longer want to be slaves to this government, busting our butts for meaningless paper. We want to be free and live life like its meant to be. We want a small community where we can all help each other and survive together. We want each person to contribute in their own way (hunter, fishermen, gardeners, carpenters, medics, etc.) Say I grow vegetables, I want meat, but I’m not a hunter. I would trade some of my vegetables for meat from the hunter. We do still plan on having some modern day things like clothes, equipment, appliances, etc that we bring from our old lives which we can trade too! We’re thinking of doing this in Colorado or some place like that. We’re currently in Michigan and want to escape the cold! We plan on building homes out of storage containers & investing in solar panels. We’re just waiting on the money which we should get in no more than 10 years – tops. Probably more like 5. In the mean time, I would like to meet and get to know people who I could build a new life with. I want people that think like us. No bigots or control freaks, just peaceful people who want to live naturally and coexist, sort of like the Natives did.
    Do you like my ideas? Email me so we can get to know each other. stephiijayy@gmail.com
    Peace xoxo

  37. parallexmike

    “ptkylady” I’m a personal trainer from New York City looking to relocate, off the grid. Currently in the process of selling off most of my nonessentials so if you haven’t found what you’re looking for perhaps we should talk.

  38. Dena

    This has become a dream of mine. I am a 29 year old woman who wants to find a few good hearted people that are seeking the same freedom. I will admit I don’t have much experience, but I grew up playing in the woods by a creek, shooting my .22, exploring and respecting nature. Being in the woods is always where I am happiest. I am willing to try new things and learn as much as possible. Just because I am ‘green behind the ears’ with know-how, doesn’t mean I’m any less determined or willing to start over. I live on the East Coast, but wouldn’t mind relocating for the right reasons. I am seeking those with knowledge they are ready to share.

  39. ptkylady

    Thank you for the kind words Wretha . I have been thinking of doing this for years. I am very excited to start my new life. I want to live where I can hear the trees blowing and the birds singing.

  40. ptkylady

    Hello everyone, I am a 46 year old female. I have wanted to live this lifestyle for years and in the spring I am heading to KY or TN to buy some property and start living my dream day to day. I would like to buy any where from 2 to ten acres with water running thru some where on the land. I am headed that way to buy land that I am going to make my home to live for the rest of my life. I have read just about everything there is to living off the grid and its time to make this dream a reality. I have short term goals and long time goals of what I will have to do to live this way of life. I know its a lot of work but I am willing and able to make this work. I was born and raised in KY and I love that area of KY. I am a veteran of the air force and have lived in a lot of the states. I had a farm where I always had a large garden and would can as much as time would allow. I always loved my garden I felt relaxed and at peace with life when I was working in the garden and the rewards of all that were tasty fresh veggies that were good for me. I love to cook and if I do say so myself a dam good one. I already have the plans for the cabin that I am going to build it will be a simple 16 x 20 with a loft. Out back will be the out house. I would like to dig a well but for starters would have to haul water in. My short term goals are the cabin, water and later on solar panels. I plan to pitch a tent and get busy with my life. I already have all I need for a long camping adventure and this I can’t believe is going to be my life and I am so excited to be counting the days. I am a kind, fun and loving person and there is nothing better than laughing and sitting by the campfire. I plan to work really hard thru the spring, summer and fall, and hopefully get snowed in for the whole winter. What am I looking for someone like minded and not afraid of hard work and getting there hands dirty. Someone good with a tape measure that we could work side by side to have the life we want. Living off the grid isn’t free so someone that is able to financially pay there way and buy that I mean until we get a garden planted and get settled we will have to get supplies. The only hesitation I have about this is being a women out there by myself and all the crazy people that want to steal from you or hurt you. Am I looking for love? I am not sure but I am sure that I am looking for a friend. Looking for a male 45 to 55 who is honest, caring, loving all those things people are suppose to be. If you are not serious please don’t email me. Contact me at ptkylady@aol.com.

    • WrethaOffGrid

      Wow, ptkylady, sounds like you have a great plan and you have clearly thought this through. :) We are close in age, I’m a few years older than you, my hubby and I have lived off grid since Dec ’07, it is hard, but it’s worth it. I sincerely hope you find someone to go off grid with, having another set of hands helps. If you are interested, let’s work on helping you with your own post so we can get your story out there.


  41. rh

    Male 31 hard working skilled. Can build trap grow and purify water Cook and preserve meets by means of dehydration in the wilderness I’m tired of today’s society and Can see the collapse coming I am in usa if any one Has a spot I can pull my own wait And then some. Can head out on my own with confidence but would rather find some like minded people So please contact me if anyonehas a place for one more or If you looking to hit the woods with some one rharrison863@gmail.com

  42. parallexmike

    Survivor guy, Fgreg, you guys should definitely be talking to each other. Sounds like it would be awesome to do it with a group of guys with knowledge\skills.

  43. Fgreg

    Email me if you want to leave everything and go off grid with our backpacks and knowledge. skideleedee@gmail.com

  44. Fgreg

    Hello. With a world full of free resources why would anyone want to spend another second paying for them. Seems that being brought up in front of the TV has caused many to believe that surviving without a grocery store and a shopping mall is impossible. It is not. Our ancestors survived since the beginning of time with knowledge of edible and medicinal plants, how to get water and make tools. You have instincts you never knew you had, get out and use what God gave you.
    Who wants t0 go off grid to a remote spot and live off the land traveling with the seasons in the forests and wilderness? I have gear lets go ~

  45. fizz

    there is a 20 acre consensus run intentional community in TN that is working on getting away from money. all kind people are welcome

  46. parallexmike

    Hello Hyun Hee
    My name is mike I am also from New York.
    If you’re between 45 and 55 and you’re willing to:
    Learn how to hunt
    Learn how to fish
    Relocate to Southern California
    Take a trip down to look at the property with me
    Purchase a small 800 square foot cabin
    Assist me in installing solar panels and a water catchment systems, digging Wells
    Raising chickens, tilapia, rabbits, and maybe goats
    I found 20 acres of land that I will purchase in full with the right group of 3 to 4 individuals. So if you’re interested just send a reply and set up e-mail communication.

  47. Hyun Hee Chang

    Hi Marukava,
    I am interested in living in a community that lives with the land. I am a former nurse manager. I recently resigned from my job in Manhattan 5/23/14 was my last day. I do not want to return to that reality that required that I lie to myself and others everyday. I am a very organized, hard-working person. I am also very empathetic and peaceful. I would like to assist in planting and maintaining a garden for food, medicine, dye, cosmetics. I have some books on this subject and some experience growing herbs and plants in my home and maintaining compost on a small scale. Are you still looking for participants in your off-grid community?

  48. rebeccalam

    That is true. Life shouldn’t be restricted to one style of living and it will be great if I can lead a self-sufficient life so that I can see what my strengths are.

  49. Survivor guy

    Going off grid, tired of the rat race and love nature and living in the remote wilderness out west. 1outdoorsguy@mail.com
    I have the gear and knowledge, hit me up if you wanna go , but be serious please.

  50. Justin c.

    Greetings, I have been working on gaining the knowledge that I am going to need to live off of the grid for years now. I am 30 years old, I’m a former marine and an educated civil engineer. I am at the place that now I am ready to begin my search for the perfect location to spend my life completely connected with and immersed in nature. I am also looking to make a few friends that share my passion for primitive living and are ready to seriously seek out the place where we would best fit into the wilderness, whether it is living together in a group and helping each other succeed in this lifestyle or living in close proximity, close enough that we could have commerce with one another but spread out enough that we all still enjoy our solidarity. If anyone reading this is interested in talking more please feel free to write me an email. Email address: ‘cabanissj1984@gmail.com’

    Thanks I look forward to meeting some wonderful people!

  51. christian

    Hi my name is Christian Simmons and me and my fiance sabrina snow we’ve been looking to do this for almost 3 years now we are willing to give up all of our non primitive Society supplies to live off grid for the rest of our lives to live free or die I’ve been a survivalist since the age of 12 I am now 22 years we both have all supplies to build cabins hunt fish trap snare deadfall snare medicinal and edible plants books email us back please would really like to sit down and talk about this

  52. dmspears1986

    im looking for a community lived in the country all my life in arkansas indiana and ohio. I’m a army veteran infantry hunted/fished all my life farmed and know how too grow a garden cook build etc. Looking for a community of people or small group too live in the wilderness message me any questions or info about your community at dmspears1986@yahoo.com

  53. Pauly

    I have been wishing for something like this for a long time I think it is a smart idea to have others come together and live without the chaos of the modern world I am not rich but own a home and wouo;d ;ove to find people of like mind..many hands make light work.I am an electrician by trade so I guess that would not be too much help:( but I would do my part for sure :)write my email if you know of anyone paulyd36@gmail.com

  54. outdoorman

    I am chronologically older than anyone here. At 58 yrs young, I read with enthusiasm what I have never heard before but always kind of felt in my heart and spirit: that this rat-race lifestyle we live is not only toxic to us but to the planet. I am so impressed with how brave and true you all are to yourselves. I have spent the better half of a century only now wishing I could have connected with some like you much earlier.

  55. bpinmn

    Bekki whats your email?

  56. John Beasley

    Time to find inner peace

  57. John Beasley

    I would love to. Single. No children. Never married. I want to live off the grid

  58. Vivek

    I am a mechanical engineer. I know cooking too. If anything for i also want to join u…..

  59. Nicole

    I’m 39f. Never married and no kids. Very healthy and ready to work!

  60. Nicole

    I’m also very interested in doing this. I just watched a documentary about this. I think this is the only way im going to be truely happy. Please keep me updated.

  61. Calva

    I would love to live off the grid. I have graduated with a Fish and Wildlife diploma. I have plant and animal ID skills. My true passion is fishing and being in the wilderness. I live in Ontario, Canada and I am 25. I want to join/help start a community to live off the land. I have been camping in all 4 of our seasons and loved every minute of it. Please give me a shout if you have an opportunity for me.

  62. Brandon

    I’m ready

  63. renee

    Contact me. interested in living off grid

  64. Dream

    Also.. I live in Nor Cal, I am 44. I have a car & a large generator.

  65. Dream

    Hello my people. I have never fit into society & the propaganda. I am not materialistic & I am a very genuine, honest & caring person. I presented the idea of off-grid living to my partner & I realize we are not of like-mind. Doing this would protect me as I live in fear from my violent ex who will be released from prison at the end if this year. I do not want to live in fear anymore. I am not wealthy but I have a small savings. I am able bodied but my health is failing & Western medicine seems to be making me worse. I want to be healthy & detox from this polluted life I currently live. I was a professional cosmetologist from ’03-’10 & professional esthetician from ’07-’14. I have skills from that experience that could benefit a community. I learn fast & I put my best efforts into all that I do. I have no idea how to do this or where to go, whom to trust. The life I have lived thus far is depressing, I will keep striving for better. I am a mom. Above average intelligence, creative, clean & organized. If anyone thinks that I could be a fit let me know… Peace & Love motivate me.

  66. Jared Hulshizer

    All I need is the chance to prove my worth!

  67. Jared Hulshizer

    You are my people! I have been searching for like minded individuals to start a community. I am intelligent, motivated and willing to give %100 to this project. I have no monetary value. Not even a penny to my name and plan to stay that way for the rest of my time on this earth. I/ we have been enslaved for far too long and its time to change. I am an able bodied 33 year old male with a basic understanding in horticulture and irrigation. Whatever I apply myself too I become very good at very quickly. Will do my part and more. I am so serious about this. Im packed and ready to leave. I have been planning a solo trip to the deep wilderness permanently. However a community of like minded folks sounds like bliss to me. I also offer the gift of music as it is a passion of mine. If you have a like mind and possible means I will do what it takes to become a part of something real. Please contact me (Jared) at Rollend79@gmail.com
    I plan on doing this asap so please get intouch soon. Ty

  68. plowboy

    There is a difference between rude and bluntness, so here it comes. Most of you people are not idiots, just naive. If you really want to know how to live off the grid then get out of the hollywood mode and get the real facts free of charge by contacting me at almostadog77@gmail.com. Don’t contact me if you are not serious, just take your medication and waste someone else’s time. No hard feelings and thanks for your attention.

  69. mark

    Recently seperated from the military and looking to not only live off the grid, but to provide my skill-set to those in need. I am so thrilled and excited that all of you have this awareness and enlightenment. You all gave my Monday and my life hope and would like to dedicate the rest of my existence to this. I was a Scout Sniper for the 185th HHC Armor Battalion here in SoCal. Give me an email at markmatias87@gmail.com to talk more. I am interested in doing this immediately and can provide help with food, security, health and spirituality. Thanks!

  70. Jamie Louderback

    I too am worn thin to the point of almost insanity if I don’t stop living in this greed fueled society. I feel people have lost the ability to even interact with each other in person & see the value in each other’s souls. Humanity lost and blind to there own selfish non existent & non environmental needs. We could all live so simple without destroying the earth that gives us life & for what? So we can have the coolest car, clothes, house, ect? We are distorting & destroying ourselves. I can’t be a part of this anymore. I feel the life being sucked out of me day by day. It’s time we (as in the people posting interest) live how humans live simple basic-values-humble-loving-caring for each other as a whole. At the end of the day I want to be proud and satisfied with what I’ve done in life & not feel like an empty robot zombie slave working until I die. You all sound like wonderful people that I wish I knew now. This is possible. We just need to make it happen. I enjoyed reading all the comments left and feel the same. Email me and I will meet up with you guys as long as you are legitimately serious about this.. jamiejl26@gmail.com

  71. Amanda Lewis

    I’m 24 year old who wants to live off the grid too but don’t know where to start. I want to give up on being a slave to society…I’m done with it. I want to live simple and free for once. I know it won’t be easy but Im willing and 100 percent serious. My name is Mandy. I’ll bring any group great joy. I have 7 years medical experience. Email me if you need any members and if you want to see a picture if that helps…. amandalewis16@hotmail.com im a hard worker and I dont complain.

  72. xavier washington

    I have land ..230 acres in Mississippi hmu

  73. Bekki

    I thought I would come back and talk a little more about myself and what I desire. I would love to be far from society in the Canadian wilderness as I’m not a very social person by nature. I’m the type who is quite content with a partner who is also the same and who share the same ideals and beliefs. This level of satisfaction is just not present for me at this time in my life. I really believe that some spiritual change has been coming over me lately. I have been crying a lot. For those that do believe in God, Jesus and bible prophecy the state of world is becoming more of what the book of Revelation speaks. This is where the tug of war begins with me. Part of me feels its my obligation to fulfil my duties as a wife in its present state. The other part of me seeks to fulfil a yearning that is much different from my other half. He feels bound and possibly afraid because of his health issues. I can understand that to a point but I also feel somewhat chained to his life path because of the existing conditions. Canada is a huge country and about 94% is crown land and the rest is private land and native land. There is a lot of country here that one could go completely of grid to the bare minimal. Laws in BC Canada state that no one can camp or live off the land for any more that two weeks at a time. Thus you would have to move camp quite often or buy your own land. I wished I had done this when I was younger when land could be purchased for quite cheap. This no longer is the case because normally land is sold in large parcels at a normal price of 100 thousand and more. My idea to moving from society would be to move further north to a smaller area before venturing out all together. Hopefully, never to be seen again. It would be good to have a smart, strong warrior type male who knows what the hell he is doing and also someone who would protect the female. I’m a strong female to some degree but the pressures and society’s view of the female race make me feel like I have to fight even harder to be taken seriously. I just can’t take this kind of crap anymore. I would also need time to prepare for my venture by increasing my physical fitness level and figure out what the heck else I would need along the way. There is no way I would do this all on my own. I don’t think many people could. Hopefully, this will inspire others a little more as well as myself. If there is a call of the wild, Canada, especially BC is it. There are also other options to living off the land but I know more about BC, Canada because I was born and raised here.

  74. Gregf

    I am a primitive survivalist and am planning a trip that hopefully lasts forever in the Remote Wilderness. Anyone want to join I am open for suggestions. I have all the gear Experience and Knowledge. Thinking about rafting deep into the wilderness and then hiking the rest of the way. 1outdoorsguy@mail.com

  75. Gregf

    Bekki, Hi please Email me 1outdoorsguy@mail.com I am a wilderness survivalist and am going to do this very thing. I have all of the gear, the knowledge and skills also the experience ~ 41 , Thanks

  76. bekki

    I’m a 49 year old married female who resides in Western Canada. I’m very sad with my life and have always had a dream about living off grid in the Canadian wilderness. My husband seems to be unable to leave his city life behind but the call of the wild calls out my name. Besides it probably wouldn’t be fair not appropiate for him to have this lifestyle due to serious medical conditions. I’m a believer in bible prophecy and modern society has become very difficult to live and survive in. My spirit wants to be free. My marriage has become to the point where we are just two people renting an apartment barely making ends meet. There marriage is dull and there is no romance. I hate living the city life especially in a city as clicky where I am and most are materialistic and treat the poorer folk like garbage trying to bully and overrule them. It really sucks. I have lived in the country before near the wilderness in northern BC Canada and it was so much more peaceful and easy going than the city rat race. I could write so much more in greater detail but it could turn into a book so I will stop here. I would love to hear from others with similiar desires and beliefs. I hope that everyone here finds their dream a reality.

  77. derek1966

    Hi everyone my name is Derek Gregory I’m 48 years old looking for the same as all of you on this site. I would like to belong to a off the grid community I have lots of skills to offer. I’m ex-special forces and been a carpenter for almost 20+yrs. I tired of seeing our beloved country fall into this trap that our once trusted government has set for the majority of people who still looks up to it. I teach wilderness survival and how to survive anything anywhere to anyone just to allow them a chance. I’m looking if anyone would let me be apart of there community I would be committed 100% to the cause if you would allow me to have a spot for my shelter. And in return I would be very loyal to the endeavor and to the person’s in this community. I also know trauma and first aid. If you think you can use someone of my background email me at ( derekgregory4412@gmail.com ) hope to hear from ya’all soon, Thanks, Derek

  78. Cory

    Gregf, what you speak is the truth, i’m from Canada and proud to be Canadian, found my faith again, and have recently come to an understanding of what i want my life to be, and that is to lead a simple life without having to worry about “THE MAN OR BIG BROTHER” watching my every move. I drive through the cities and around my area and i see how the wealthy get richer and the poor just keep getting poorer and it makes me sad and disgusted not just as a Canadian, but as a fellow human being. I weep for my country and others who follow the same path. I hate social media, and hate is a strong word i know, but come on who wants to buy 1 pair of designer/brand name jeans for a marked up price, instead of couple of pairs of unknown designer/brand. But i must admit the advancement in technology since the pioneer age is just amazing, from roads to buildings, indoor plumbing, and of course Mr. Thomas Edison gave us the light bulb, and so much more. Anyway enough of my babbling i love technology and applying it to everyday use to make life a bit easier, but just because life gets easier doesn’t mean you get to slack off and get lazy, it just means you get things done faster and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Like the Corey in the post said earlier military is a calling but, so is the church, yet i’m here talking to all of you and sharing my thoughts. Soon i will be free of society and its corruption, and as i speak i’m thinking of a survival check list, but i lack the $$$ to do anything but pay my rent and buy what little food/clothing i can with what’s left. I’m making a survival check list of what i need, so when it comes time to go, i’ll leave behind what is not essential in my life, especially those who say i’m a fool and believe a bear will eat me. I laugh because what they don’t know is that i’m an certified hunter on paper, but seek my first hunting experience and waiting to hear from “THE MAN” if i’m allowed to carry any type of firearm, to be honest i’d rather use a bow or spear or something in that nature just like the VIKINGS. I’m an outcast in society i’ve been a antiscoial my whole life and with the passing of my grandfather it opened my eyes. I wanna belong to somewhere, that won’t judge or criticize me or my fellow man, whether poor or rich, criminal or just your average everyday person, or even a traveller that hasn’t found home yet. I believe in my faith, and in my fellow man, and i hope one day to have land and lead my fellow my man into a world of simplicity, but also peace, and protecting my own/my community, like a wolfpack.

  79. bpinmn

    Greg, so true and I agree!
    I cannot even begin to believe how expensive things have become lately and it makes me wonder how…young kids can even afford to raise a family now. About 10 years ago, we took what was supposed to be my retirement, and purchased a place that is about 45 min from a decent sized town, and 80% off grid. our cost are minimal with plenty of woods, water and earth for growing. Since we are still on the grid, we are considering solar however you need money to invest in this.
    Sometimes it can be a catch. I really respect people who have completely changed their lives and leaving very little impact on the earth.

  80. Gregf

    People are Tired of paying for what is rightfully theirs.
    We were all born of this earth. It was given to all of us freely.

    Man has decided to charge us for living here. It is not his to charge for. THe earth and all of its resources are ours free of charge. Why should we pay for water when it was given to us freely?

    Why should I pay for food when I can grow it freely? Why should I be taxed on a land that that I was born into not of my own free will but the will of the land.

    People are tired of men getting away with charging us to live on what is rightfully all of ours for free.
    DO we charge the birds for drinking from a river?
    Do we charge a fawn for laying in a bed and birthing her young?

    Man can argue that he has good reason to charge us but it is all a conjure to fulfill his Greed~

    I want to move deep into the wilderness. I want to start a new life in the forests and live entirely off of nature. GregF72@outlook.com not a farm off the grid where the govt can come in and take everything you have for living free.. I am going to the remote wilderness where I cannot be found..

  81. TrufulaTree

    I just got on this site and Im shocked by the amount of like minded people, I want to join or help in building an off the grid community!! Email me please! :)

  82. Gregf

    Want to leave everything and head to the wilderness email me gregf72@outlook.com
    I already have everything needed.

  83. Corey

    Hello, I’m Corey. 19 years old, speaking from riverview Florida, I have the same mindset as anyone here. I think everyone that participated in commented on this would have he same as well. I want to find purpose, I want to know what our existence means to this planet, there’s more to life than the average rich snobby blind human. They don’t know our government spoon feeds lies, or genetically modified foods that are harmful.. Or the fluoride in our water.. Even the the bottles waters. I’m sick of it, I’m tired of my mother telling me that the marines is the best thing for me, tired of watching president puppet Obama feed lies. It’s a police state now. I want to get away from it. If anyone local wants to contact me my number is 813-217-2437. I wish to live off grid in South America, but if there are better suggestions I’m up for hearing them :)

  84. Slab-City-Robi

    Unfortunately Slab City is gonna be really different…read the article about a couple of people who live there who want to be controlling landlords…there is another place that might be better…

  85. brad

    Sick of the rat race? How about the crappy food.
    I am looking for people interested in joining me in an off grid community. A true democracy where we figure out our needs, organize ourselves and get things done. I have a property in northern Ontario. This is in a remote area, no schools nearby and the nearest town in 100 kms away.
    I am looking for different skill sets so that we can thrive as a community. So far I have a mechanic and a nutritionist, a nurse and a bee keeper. A renovations expert and his wife who is experienced in gardening and canning food etc. These are people to contact me so far. The greater variety in skill sets the more we can accomplish without outside help. I hope to be ready by the end of this year but that is only if all things necessary get done. I want to be totally self sufficient and be able to withstand any SHTF situation. Economic collapse, civil unrest, power grid failure just to name a few.
    On the property right now I have 3 cottages that have been renovated and are suitable to live in. I also have another older cottage and an 8 unit motel. Both are in need of repair but could be made livable quite easy. I have an 800 square foot greenhouse to be erected. There is a well and functioning septic system. What I propose is you lease for 1 year understanding that you can back out at any time. After one year if all goes well and you still want to stay and we are all getting along, you’re in.
    I am still paying a loan off on this property which is why I need some
    Financial commitment. When I finish paying the loan the land taxes will
    Be your only payment, split equally between all members.

  86. Gestur

    hi i am also looking to get off the grid at the moment just selling everything i dont need and get what ever els i need then its all going into a pack and im off already got my seeds for planting if you are still looking for prople drop me a line at —Gesturdolan@gmail.com

  87. Bruce

    Has anyone had any luck getting something started. I read a lot of “I wish and someday”. I would like to hear of a success story. Has anyone made it?
    I know I have not. I own 30 acres of woods that is mostly hillside just out side Weston WV. My dream has to go there and build a cabin and kick back. Spend my days cutting fire wood, fishing, hunting tending garden, and anything thing else I may want to do. I am a straight SWM age 56. I am not living there not but would like to be there by the end of this year (2014). If you have some resources that can help maybe we should talk.
    you know the rest.
    put the word FARM in the sub line.

  88. danielle

    My husband and i want to go green here in ga im a truck driver and he’s the stay at home parrent .we have alot to bring to the table just cant do this alone i live in ga in palmetto. Iam now in a hotel in hogansville ga the county came to my home two weeks ago tried to take my kids because i turned ofc the city power and turned on my solar,they said i had to be hooked to city power or i had to vacate the property now i cannot work untill i find a Piece of land we want to build our own by hand and camp until finnished please contact me if you see a place for us. I do have money just tired of waisting it on crap ……,please help us free our children from this new product pollution .

  89. Tina

    I live in Canada and looking for a sustainable living home? It interesting I’m finding not to much information on that! I’m wanting to live more natural with nature!

  90. Josephine Denny

    I wish to be with all of you, as a community. A community where money is no object, and our minds can grow together as we build together. Please contact me with any information.
    Peace to All,

  91. Cody

    Hello! My name is Cody,I’m 22 years old and living in Orangeburg SC. Ive been sick of our world of corporate serfdom since I was a wee lad. I don’t have a job, a car(or license for that matter)or much of anything.All I have is self learned knowledge and my dreams of a life truly worth living. My knowledge includes gardening,foraging,shelter making(I intend on building cob homes)I know how to hunt and make a few traps but I hope I never have to.I have more knowledge than experience if im being honest. I intend to squat because all of the land was ripped from honest stewards by greedy profiteers with fancy european legal jargon and meaningless deeds anyway right? I would really like to start a small self sufficient homestead with with a small “neo-tribe” if you will. I’d like to stay in the south, but I’m open to suggestion. I would love to start a brainstorming session! My email is (mynameisotisallen@gmail.com) God bless.

  92. wayne

    If anyone is in the Arkansas area email me. Evolutionanon @ gmail. Com

  93. Wise Spirit

    Currently living in Florida and would love to buy some land, live in an RV and disconnect from all of the hoopla of this artificial “bling” existence that the Kardashians (lol) have stamped as living.

  94. Geoffrey Stowe

    Cyncyn I am in upstate ny as well and have looked at land near the state park whetstone gulf. Feel free to email me gsyowe003@gmail.com.

  95. Geoffrey Stowe


    I have been interested in living off the grid and in a place away from the addiction to money. Money tears your family apart. Stresses you for no reason. I am 24 and have been working since I was 12 working high labor intensive jobs until I was given a “big boy office job”. I was miserable, stressed over things that didn’t concern me and anxious no know what would come next. I have since left that job on good terms to become an arborist. My family (wife and child 6 months) would like to make our own. Make a life for ourselves nys fulfilling and with minimal monetary obligation. I have skills that make me quite valuable in a community atmosphere and I love hearing life stories. I could listen to them for ever. Please. Contact me if this idea ever comes to fruition. I would like to assist you in anyway possible. I have tended to livestock, have quite a green thumb and can make just about anything out of rope and string. I can cook and I am certified in first response first aid. I am also open to learn many new things. My email is gstowe003@gmail.com.

    Thanks for you time.


  96. Jay

    Our society is run by the dollar bill. I have never loved money, but not too long ago I caught myself being sucked into this world of greed. Now it all seems so silly, I will never be free of debt in this society, I will always be owned by bills, mortgage, taxes ect. I am planning to live off the grid after I receive my degree, possibly before. Me and a friend plan to buy some land in either, GA, TN, or AR. Self-sufficiency is the plan. I don’t ever want to walk into a super-market again. My generation is full of sheep. It is sad, but it is the reality. I feel lucky to have escaped the narrow mindedness that has overcome the majority of my peers. Anyway…I look forward the challenges off the grid living will present, waking up with the sun and going to sleep when it sets is the way we were meant to live. I want to live without relying on the United States Government and various corporations, I wish more of my peers could see what the future holds. this is just a quick rant….anyway, You older folks hold the wisdom my generation needs, speak up and maybe we can change the direction of the land of the free.


    Hi All,

    I have 20 acres now, and was wondering if there are others who need a place to go, in the Alpine/Big Bend Parks/Terlingua TX area

    I am also looking to get another 20+ ac location, to raise catfish to offer the residents on the ranch, and even open a restaurant with the fresh catfish and other fish from the aquatics farming endeavor i wish to set up

    could use a few good hands at the setting up a new adventure in fish farming

    Let me know what’s up



    the skype is


    I hope to see you all on skype very soon

  98. Cyncyn

    Hi all =) I SOOOOO long to be living off grid and self sufficiently. I am currently trying to save up enough $$$ so I can buy a piece of land outright, hopefully with a cabin on it. My difficulty is in the fact that I know no one who has a heart for simplistic, natural living as I do. Can anyone here recommend how to get in contact with like minded people in the upstate NY area? I’m in central NY and want to connect with folks who already live naturally or who have a SINCERE desire to!

  99. twodesertmoons

    I rode a bicycle into slab city California years ago without a dime in my pocket. I now operate the Slab City Internet Cafe which is totally off-grid and solar powered.

  100. kelly

    I’m 23 years oldfood microbiologist and sick of being inslaved I’m and also thinking of living off the land. Not in the since of off grid but I do have five acres of land in Florida it does not have a house there use to be a teailer but it burnt down. I’m interested in establisjing my own community with my two dogs and boyfriend.I think the smart way to do tjis is not conpmetely exclude urself from society but open up peoples eyes to a different kind of community where peopke work together and share. I don’t know when we will be leaving but I have the land just need some friends to began this journey with. Our vison is to staryt a farm with some typical livestock for food. And also to start a garden. To nake additional money we were going to start our own doggie daycare and also sitter kids . BecUse money is going to be needed if children are sick and need a hospital and also I have student loans to pay off which I could make working part time with the rest of my time to put into my farming . I don’t know if any of this sounds like a good idea to anyone else else but this is my dream . Email me if this seems to interest you. Kelly.brackett@gmail.con

  101. tyarak

    hi guys im an 18 year old guy who graduated recently. this has been my dream since a kid and now that im an adult i want to make it a reality as soon as i can. please get back to me with more info and so we can discuss as well

  102. JakeSnake

    Off the grid living is the intended way of life. But I do not think it was intended to be exploited like everything else in society. There is nothing worse than seeing someone spend thousands on a solar system. That defeats the whole idea of being off the grid. One of the main points is to short circuit the modern way of life. It isnt just about my life or yours. It is about everyone. We all need to do our part in setting the right example by becoming fully self reliant. Without us, the corporations would come crashing down. Isn’t that what we want? Of course it is. They are the reasons why the Earth is suffering. Money creates problems much more than it solves them.

  103. Sarah

    My name is Sarah. At the age of six I became the only vegetarian in my family- a lifestyle choice I have been committed to for 13 years now. As a child, I realized that society was damned; too greedy for their own good. I never did understand why people cared so much about excess they had in their everyday lives, yet couldn’t care less about our mother earth we have now desecrated.
    I looked up at the stars almost every night- the ones viewable from the city- and wished to be in a better place. I wished to disown the race that didn’t know what it stood for; that being the population, as a whole.
    I had so many dreams, so many great ideas. And aince I have graduated highschool, I have not been able to afford a single one. My generation is blind, and I do not wish to be a part of this “scene.”
    I want to experience life as it was meant to be lived. I want to learn as much archaic knowledge as I possibly can.
    I am able bodied, have strong will and a great work ethic. I am miserable as I am. I pray to the forces that be to end me if I may not find joy.
    I believe joining a community of like minded individuals is my only hope.
    I don’t care about hair dye or nails. I like to earn my keep. However, this society is not for me. Nor has it ever been. Please contact me if I could be of any use. Or, maybe just if you would like to throw some ideas back and forth.

  104. Dana

    Greetings Paisley! I am a 40 something woman who would love the chance to learn from you and the others that would join us. I am also vegan/raw foodist…not religious but very spiritual. Great attitude and outlook on life. I am willing to work very hard to make my dream materialize. Please email me with more information dhiggins1970@yahoo.com…Namaste!

  105. garrett

    I too seek to live as the ancients did, I believe society as we know it is destructive to the human mind and soul and for me the only way to find joy in life is that everything comes by me by the work of my hands. I am still in highschool but have decided I will not serve the society in which I live or the evil power that be. American civilization is not freedom, the second you look at the dollar with lust you are its slave, and man either serves God or money, I serve God who will tread with me?

  106. Cal

    Hi again folks,

    So I’ve seen a lot of post about the matter. Some people find this type of lifestyle a bit of a fantasy, and it just might be. I, by no means, am an authority on the situation. I speak only of my experience in wilderness survival. The lifestyle many try to embark upon is not for the faint of heart. You must have a type of true grit, wisdom and knowledge, creativity, and a fatigue for the unbearable beauty of give and take. Nature conforms to no one, spend less time looking, and more time listening. You don’t need much money, most tools are made on the go. Granted, you’ll need some modern tools until you learn to forge metal. Cutting, lashing, container, a pot and pan are essential. When proper skill is attained, living becomes a joy. I had recently went on a one month, …camp/hike/bugout etc, with a two month camp and a one month back home before the recent trip. My two month camp/hike ended with dehydration, and a full set of exercised skills. My one month camp was intended to observe wildlife, and mentally record climate changes in various conditions to practice safety routines. My goal was successful, but of course you always get more than you bargain for. Rain Rain Rain…ahhh, learned a lot about flooding and landscaping preparations. You must learn to take your time, walk slow and observe. You’ll be surprised to know that one hour in the wilderness can compare to a whole day’s work in urban suburbia. So no need to rush…hurry up and take your time! Sorry for this being so long…all I’m saying is get out and practice. The whole time I’ve been alone, it can be done only with practice. I will leave you all with one more.. Some are surprised to know that I don’t go with much food. Vitamin pills are packed but I dont use them. Learn to use the land, the trick is most of what you’ll see around you is green..so learn about them plus they’re light to carry. Well that’s all for now folks.


  107. Curtis

    Hey everyone, im young and have just recently discovered how little freedom we as a people really have. this is an excellent idea to me, im willing to put some money towards land im just looking for a group who is willing as well, here is my email curtkassnel@yahoo.com please send me some info!

  108. Bradford

    I’m not addicted to money and it’s definitely not something i dwell on… i require very little.
    I have 100 acres alongside a wild river in Alberta, Canada… and am looking for a suitable partner to live a sustainable off grid existence.
    You must have a true passion for nature and wilderness… for in it is the preservation of the world. Someone that’s wide awake to what is going on is preferred. I’m very easy going and open to any ideas you might have.

  109. James L

    to Dustin: I am interested in talking to you but you did not leave your email address in your thread. Read my thread and if you are interested please email me at jameslegra@live.com

  110. Luke

    My names Luke I’m 20 from Columbus, OH. I’m packed and ready to start/ join a community please email me at luketanner221@gmail.com

  111. Hannah

    Hey guys, I’m only 19 but my ultimate goal is to be able to live independently but to be honest I’m not really sure how to go about it. I’m currently living in Ireland but I’m off to Australia in November for 2 years (exciting stuff). My email is HannahM-D@hotmail.co.uk and I’d really appreciate it if you guys could give me more advice on this?
    Thanks :)

  112. James L

    I forgot to mention that I currently live in Miami, FL. my email is: jameslegra@live.com

  113. James L

    Hi everyone, my name is James and I purchased a 5.88 acre parcel of land near the town of Erin, TN. It has 1 acre cleared in the front and the rest is wooded. It has a 30’x30′ storage shed on the front of the property that needs some fixing up which I have been using for storage. I have been saving money to be able to build a cabin and move there to live sustainably and possibly off the grid. Recently I was laid off again so my plans have been delayed. I want to meet like-minded people who are interested in getting to know each other and help each other out with moral support, knowledge, friendship and respect. There is plenty of space in the property so we could live in separate cabins and experience life coexisting peacefully with nature. If there is anyone who is interested in this type of lifestyle or if you have already done this and can mentor me that would be great. Email me and put “Fire Tower Road” on the subject line.

  114. Jennifer JF

    Hi . I’m a female ,36 & married to my best friend. I want to live off the grid and have tried so hard to explain all this too him but unfortunately ,his family is extremely staus oriented. I utterly hate it . I have been a food & beverage chemist for 12 years ,recently laid off & so sick of this rate race and keeping up with the Jones . Material items are exactly that ,material. I’m originally from NY state ,Hudson Valley region but moved down to NJ for work after I met my husband. I don’t have kids ,only two German Shepards I adore. We own a home in north NJ & having both of us unemployed takes a huge toll on a mortgage of $2,800 a month plus utilities..we are barely getting by …he won’t sell ,won’t try change & won’t move . I love him dearly but I KNOW this is not the life I want at all. I just have no idea on how to meet a man or a woman who can help me gain the strength to active living life to the fullest & to be connected to the earth as we should be . I’m done being a number & need some help from anyone willing to show me my ideas of this lifestyle are possible & healthy. Stress has been so bag that we no longer sleep in the same room now for almost 4 years. No intimacy ,no bonds that we are working towards as a couple ,just a lif,e I feel is wasting away.
    Summary : I want to leave this rat race world , be happy ,have pride in my life & someone who is on the same level & may possibly be in the exact same boat as me .
    Please reach out ,I feel so alone on this dream & ridiculed on the idea.
    Thank you so kindly in advance .
    Email :.Jenniferfreed76@gmail.com

  115. Dee

    I am looking for an off grid person in May who needs assistance during the summer for gardening, etc. Very talented grew up on farm, can milk cows, garden, can, etc. I am a carpenter also. Love animals and have experience with goats, cows, horses, and pigs. I need to be able to return home for winter months as I have RA and cannot sustain the cold months of Maine. Please send me an email if you know of anyone who might be interested in Maine. 4ds.designs@gmail.com. I have my own income just want to be able to spend my summer in Maine near my daughter.


    Please contact me as I am a former builder, gardener. I have all my own tools and skills to build and garden. I can and have all the canning supplies, pressure cookers, propane cookers and jars. let me know… email me lancasterj37@gmail.com

  117. Tracy Lawrence

    If you did your research, youd find the hippies are atill around living in intentional communities.

  118. Gogga

    Looking for same in Africa….

  119. Dustin

    I know exactly what you mean! I can’t even talk to people about this because they tell me I am a bad person for wanting to be free and that I am crazy. My own mother even told me I am horrible and need Jesus and religion in my life…um that is what I am trying to get away from!! I hate money. Yes I may like having nice things but I would give everything up if that meant being free. I am sick of working my ass off just to earn promissory notes to pay to live. Paying rent. Paying taxes. I am so sick of it all. Everyone acts like I want to be a bum and have no responsibility and nothing to worry about that I should just go live in a dumpster somewhere. They tell me I am living in a fairy tale world and blah blah blah I have heard it all. I want to make my own home out of the earth, have a magnet generator for free energy. Have fresh water nearby like a lake or stream or something. Grow my own food in a garden and have some chickens and roosters. If I need anything else I could travel into town for it on a bicycle or something I don’t care. I hate this world and what it has become but there is so much to love about it and I am ready to finally be happy.

  120. Momoftwo

    Marunkava, where are you located? can u please email me with your location and details?
    annointedthreads@gmail dot com. I’m a single mom of two (13,14) and am currently looking at NE California locations. Look forward to your reply.

  121. Larry

    Howdy Folks, What happens when you build a community and nobody stays.
    BECAUSE it’s too much WORK. Ha.
    What do people think? ok now I’m not a slave to debt any more, Ha now your a slave to your offgrid lifestyle. collecting firewood always lots of it, looking for and collecting free food,berries,mushrooms,tapping trees for syrup,hunting and cleaning game and seemingly never ending construction projects. 98 percent that read here will never do anything but stay in the rat race that they are used to. Just an observation.

  122. Jonathan Stone

    i have been looking into this as well me and another friend have been looking for like minded people to start an “off grid” Community of sorts with however we are not the most financially stable we do have some money to work with and would love to get on board with some people that are interested in this email me at jcstone93@gmail.com to get to talking

  123. Earl

    This sounds awesome! I would love to do this, I am young but I am willing to work hard and learn. I dont really have any experience in anything but this sounds to good to be true. I have been searching for something like this for a long time and if you guy are serious, I would LOVE to be a part of this. Please let me know.

  124. ERIC

    Marunkava,please contact me at tlively47@gmail.about the opp. you are offering it sounds just like what im lookn for.

  125. Everett

    Just looking to live a simple existence. Thinking about moving into a place 500 sq ft. as there is our daughter still homeschooled and our older children dropping in from college time to time. Agreeably, sick of all the crap polluting society and a bunch of stuff we don’t need anyways. Best wishes in all your endeavors. Sounds great to me. :)

  126. Enough

    I agree with everything you said. I would love to join. I was thinking about moving to another country, building a cob house, growing my own food, getting a few chickens. Contrary to popular belief it is not as time consuming to sustain yourself. So after taking care of my basically needs for survival during the day I would like to spend the rest of the day writing and exploring. I think getting a few people together to move to a cheaper place I would be able to meet my vision sooner.

  127. Marin


    I have been very interested in homesteading and living off of the grid. Societies discrimination against my lifestyle has pushed me to question why I am even a part of it. I am looking for a new situation, an open situation. A situation with some very good male on male bonding, intimate at times. I promise to give and take the whole nine (in more ways than one). Please reach out to me, I need an understanding friend who can relate to my situation and who is ready for this amazing adventure and can really take in the whole load. Please contact me, marin.kos at austinpowder dot com.

  128. matthew

    i am also very interested in off grid living, My name is matthew and i am homeless, i love hard work and will do anything that needs to be done around the community. i am living in california all my life and hate it. please contact me.

  129. Dom

    if anyone realy would likt to do this email me at dolsen85@gmail.com im talking about just going into the woods and seeing what happens no need to buy land a such to live in the wood is to stay on the move

  130. James Svinareff

    please contact me..i am 210% ready to help..this has been a life long dream of mine..hope to hear from you god speed..James svinareff

  131. Kisraga

    I’ve grown weary of what has happened to this world. The populations seem to gladly accept wage-slavery. Big pharma shoves pills down the throats of the populace with the only benefits seemingly being their own wallets. The media is corrupting our youth and destroying what morality we have left. I seek something along your lines. An escape.. Freedom from the bondage of wage-slavery. Being coerced into paying for things we don’t need with money we don’t have.. No applicable skills, willing to learn. Open minded (accept when pertaining to the government).

  132. Marunkava

    Thank you Ewry One for the interest and great comments here… It is a Joy to see that the are more of us who think that way…
    Finally moved to the location where i am looking now for suitable Land to make this way of free and independent living possible…
    Ewry one who is interested in this way of living pls. contact me i will be offering free living on and off my land in exchange for your time work and creativity on this sustainable and free way of living…LOOKING FOR HEARING FROM YOU… PEACE

  133. JK

    Hey everyone. I’ve slowly been heading in the direction of living a simpler life for a while now and I probably hit my breaking point a year ago and have been struggling a little since. I’m tired of feeling like I’m the crazy one for asking questions and being skeptical of our roles in society. I need to be with like minded people and voices of reason and it’s difficult to find that. Even if peers or colleagues have similar thoughts and ideas, the tendency it seems is to shrug shoulders and just go back to business as usual. “Whaddya gonna do? I have a family to support and I’ve got dinner plans coming up. I’m on the wait list for the newest iPhone” …I can’t do it anymore. I work freelance and have tried to make life work in that capacity, but it’s still just too difficult not to be tied into the mess that is the work/consumption trap. I’m originally from Iowa but have lived in NYC for the past 10 years. I’ve been going back to Iowa more and more often and am considering finding a way to make something work there but am open to other areas. A lot of great comments and e-mail addresses here. Mine is jrkron@gmail.com. Has there been any progress made in terms of forming a community? Please loop me in if there’s a separate email chain. I would love to find or create a supportive community to live in. I’m just a normal guy I’d say who has a heavy heart and is tired of the apathy, entitlement, and selfishness of society. I believe we’re meant to be free, joyful, and happy and I’m determined to find a way of life that makes that possible. Good luck to all of you.

  134. JC

    Hello, folks, am new to this site. Earlier posts suggested TX. I am a 3rd generation Texan and while I lovethe character and freedom of Texas, I have to say that in general it is expensive to live here. There is no state income tax and sales tax is fairly comparable to most states/counties, but property taxes tend to be pretty high. Unless you are able to get ag-exempt land (super-low taxes) and meet the annual county requirements to keep the exemption (e.g. sales of x calves, goats, etc), you will have high taxes to pay. Also land in TX in general seems to be expensive to me, unless you buy in the desert. I am thinking along the lines of east TN. Plentiful streams, taxes and property values much lower. KY could be an option too but there is some serious poverty in that state so you had better be sure you are as self-sufficient as possible. Best wishes to everyone. Here’s to making a better life for ourselves and a better world for all of God’s creatures.

  135. AhB

    Society is doomed, there isn’t anything left but to make our own path. I’m a 21 year old woman with a certain set of, ever-developing, skills. My husband , (22, the survivalist) and I have been dreaming about this ever since we we’re old enough to see through whats really going on here. We’re living in Georgia now, but I think making our way to somewhere more sustainable would be the best move. If there are any communities around the south, or anyone with land that’s trying to cultivate, please let us know. We don’t have much money, if any, but we are swift learners, just as nature is a swift teacher. I want-NEED to break this cycle of tyranny over my life. Please help, I don’t know where to start.
    AhB&MJ petraunlimited@yahoo.com

  136. eric (hound) ruble

    my name is eric, i live in west virginia. i DO have knowledge and experience in more than just hunting, i can also offer experience and skills in general long-term outdoor survival, tool making, dog training, gardening, water purification, and crude shelter construction. just general live-in-the-woods survival. my email is tuffguy81(at)gmail(dot)com. i am interested due to a recent turn of events, and i guarantee that i have something valuable to offer to anyone who wants to do this with me. if not, i will do it on my own, but it would be more enjoyable if i didnt have to live in total solitude. i do have 2 dogs that i insist on having with me, but they are already well trained hunters.(well one is, the other is still a pup, but learning) im doing it , with or without you.

  137. Mariah

    My family and I are very interested in the off-grid lifestyle. We’ve been making steps (small steps) towards using less, buying less, more homemade food and soaps, trading in conventional disposable goods for reusable goods…and LOTS of research…not just google search, but actual books and talking to others (when we can) about living off-grid. Not anyone local to us to talk to (would love to talk to like-minded people). We’re also actively looking for land in Maine to make our home. We have a year on our lease before we can move and by then we should have a decent down payment to buy land (hoping for at least 20 acres, mix of pasture and woods, with water access…like a pond, river, or brook). My email is sweet_lilly_luna@yahoo.com

  138. Chao

    Hello Marunkava, I’m very interested. Please contact me via chaojamesdeng@gmail.com

  139. Ryan

    Like everyone else here I am interested in breaking free from this “civilized” way of life. I would like to live completely off of the landbase I inhabit. I live in the Philadelphia area, rybleslie at y-a-h-o-o dot you know what. It is encouraging to know that others are fed up with current system and want to live a more rational and I believe moral existence. Peace to all.

  140. Lis

    My husband is retiring from the mil this coming may 2013 and we have 4 children ranging ages 6-18 yrs old we r planning on buying 50-100 acres in northern Maine going off grid, since my husband plans on working overseas to gain financial security for us to do so I wouldn’t mind company up there in the wilds. I plan on homeschooling the younger kids, shoot me an email cuz I have no idea what nds to b done really but I’m a country girl ready to move away from it all. A friend or two would b great plus children for my children to play with is a bonus for us. I don’t want my kids to b totally friendless in Maine.. No nd to pay rent just work the land with us, gardening, wood chopping and upkeep with the land, plus I would nd help with the chickens and goats.. Not to worry I won’t b getting a roaster the 1st yr since I don’t wan my fingers peaked off unless u volunteer to b his personal keeper.. lisclabough@yahoo.com

  141. Melody Shaughnessy

    “When the last fish has been caught and the last
    tree cut we will discover that we can’t eat MONEY.”
    Yes, I want to FREE myself and others from the
    addiction to the big MONEY scam, hoax and lie.
    I am seeking like minded souls for combining
    our long suppressed combined creative genius!

  142. Arild

    Marunkava I live just north of you in Hazelton. I have expertise in off grid systems especially power systems. After my stroke we had to move closer to a hospital and doctors but am still interested in off grid. We have met several people who are off grid some as long as 30 years. One guy just built a waterwheel.

  143. aholecop

    didn’t hippies try this in this in the 1960’s ? then when it didn’t work they started all these “tech” companies that brought down the stock market during the dot-com bubble in early 2000?
    are you guys plaining on taking over the world?
    i’m telling !

  144. Heidi

    Like many of you, my husband and I would love to do the same. It’s a very scary step to give up a good, but miserable job. Has anyone considered Maine? We live in the southern end of the state, but northern Maine -Aroostook county has amazing deals on land…but you are seriously in the middle of nowhere. I saw 45ac for $9,000, but like I said, nothing around. I wish everyone the best of luck. I hope you all succeed and excel at whatever you’re brave enough to try.

  145. Jamie

    Marunkava and Paisley – We are interested! We are in New Brunswick Canada. Our skills include hunting, rocket stove / mass heater building and expert construction. We lack in HOW TO for water and electricity. We are in the middle of building a hot water tank heater with rocket stove, but that’s about it for water. We have a young son, and are interested in families with children as well so he doesn’t grow up alone, or somewhere that would be close enough for him to go to a school if no other children in the community. We are very excited to begin our off the grid lifestyle! If you have already started we would love to join your community. Anyone can email us at jaymee@live.ca

  146. Marunkava

    Thank you friends for your interest comments and feedback to my posting here…
    I am getting closer to pull this together and in the process getting land…definetly serious to find same minded people ,who like to live totally off the land and back to basic as possible not using modern technology to archieve the totally independancy.
    I will offer free rent to same minded creative skilled people who like to work and help with sustainable living in exchange.
    I know and believe that it is possible to archieve this and thank ewry one who is suporting my idea here for ewry one else who does not believe in this please keep you comments and thoughts for your self… as we are also not telling you what is right or wrong… and also people who looking ofering a opoertunity here for others please make your own posting…and respect mine…
    Looking for to hear from more same minded people and will respond to all commnets here via e mail…

  147. Cornfed

    Every idea starts out as a dream my friends, and good dreams are seldom easy to bring to life. If we think of our dreams as just a dream, we all might as well stay asleep….People to this day still live, and even raise children in just about EVERY extreme condition from deserts to frozen waste lands. I dont think they get up in the morning and think to themselves…Its just to hard to do and go back to bed. Where there’s a will there’s a way and dont let anyone tell you its just too hard!

  148. Girldawg1

    One term sums this all up: dreamers. I think a number of these folks are watching too many of these mountain men or survival shows I’ve been hearing about. Problem is, an off-grid community venture takes a lot of money to do, and nobody seems to have any. Who’s going to provide the capital, building materials, the work and expertise? You’re going to have to grow a heck of a lot of food to sustain a bunch of people. Even a group of like-minded won’t necessarily get along fabulously in pursuit of a goal. A person disagrees often enough with a spouse or family members, let alone several acquaintances. We’ve had dreamers here in our area; those who are going to survive by selling wood, eggs, homemade jam, or have a community garden or whatever. They don’t last long. Going off-grid need not be a community venture, in fact, a person is much better off by himself or with his own family. Relying on a group of people puts you in potentially precarious situations, as not everyone is reliable. Finances may also be at stake if you buy-in with others. Personal dynamics with strangers is always uncertain. In a perfect world, this would be great. You can have that off-grid self-sufficient lifestyle, be quite comfortable, and not be addicted to money. In this society you can’t totally eliminate the money part; a balance has to be made – the middle way.

  149. naturalitree

    I have joined so many networks trying to connect with people who genuinely want to live the rat race. so far none are serious and most of the others are desperate persons looking for an escape. there are so many simple things that can be done to make good money such as crochet, fruit wines, fruit preserves, punches etc. I live in dominica and there is such rich, fertile land that can be used. its very inexpensive. reach me at bustarhymes53 at excite dot com

  150. Marko

    Hi im looking for a group of people to do the same too!! Im unfortunately from Serbia :p… Do you have any idea if it would be possible for me to do this and how to obtain a paperwork cause im not a Canadian? Hopefully i will soon have just over 100k to invest in it and i would love to grow food indoors…aquaponics and hydroponics. All the most nutrient food including algae. Hopefully i will be able to feed dozen families with it. Let me know if you find something out or if not maybe you know someone who does it in Serbia…

  151. Tracy Lawrence

    I’m not crazy, lazy or insane afterall!! Thank you all for sharing my thoughts. My friends don’t understand why I don’t want to work and be miserable. Trapped like a slave to things. I don’t need many things.

    I have been living on my land for 3-1/2 yrs. At first it was to keep from financial ruin. Being laid off and buried in debt I chose to downsize. I got rid of the debt (45,000) eventually got a job that I hated and struggled with no pay or late pay tenants trying to save my condo. I finally surrendered to what was in my heart. Quit job. Sell condo. Clear off debt. Remove stress.

    I find odd jobs and I’m happy. I have no well. I barter w a neighbor for water. I cut her grass and I fill my 55 gal drum. We use a transfer pump to move it into camper. Use only 110gal a week. I catch rain water and use it to water my little garden or wash my truck. I use a sawdust composting toilet. I am living in a nice 42 ft camper so this is great! I have a 12 x 20 rough sawn barn built post n beam. Has two lofts. I want to make it a tiny paid for off grid cabin. I have a power pole, but want small solar. I have only 1-1/2 acres in the woods. But its paid for. I have thought about sharing my land. I’ve been unemployed, desperate and feeling real bad in the valley. I know there are people out there who could use a helping hand.

    Here I am again unemployed. Unemployed by societies standard. Not on unemployment. But its my choice, no debt, no stress. If people would pull together and help each other, its amazing how well we can live without being slaves to stuff and debt.
    Living the little life in the woods!
    Chapin, Sc.
    So glad to feel connected to people who are taking the road less traveled. Blaze ahead people.
    Tracy Lawrence

  152. Dennis

    This is Dennis again not sure if the first post will show my email so again very serious about joining or starting a place. needs to be a state that has medical cards. I am in washington/oregon area murdockdennis2011@yahoo.com

  153. Dennis

    I am not sure who is serious but I am but it needs to be in a state where medical cards are issued. I have pain and would need to grow my medicine. I would love to live off the land and would be a great asset can build hunt and garden I think at least 8 plus people would be good

  154. teddeygarvey

    This is exactly what I am looking for, PLEASE contact me at ted2712@fastmail.fm !!!!

  155. Andrea

    Are you still looking for members?
    Please contact me believeininc@gmail.com

  156. foxyavi

    I am very interested in this opportunity. It would be me and my husband. We also have 2 dogs. I am great at handywork, gardening, and basic homekeeping. My husband has prior AF experience and is into survival. I would love get to know more about what you are looking for and if and when you have room for us! :) You can contact me at foxyavi@gmail.com
    Anyone else, I am open to any kind of OTG living. We are looking to join a community that needs two workers. We are both wide awake, and want to be the change we wish to see in the world! OTG living is the way to go!!

  157. wvhomesteader

    @Cornfed, contact me and we can do things ourselves if others has no intentions of doing it.

  158. wvhomesteader

    @JermiahJohn, I currently live in central WV, and have small place here. Please contact me at towimer@yahoo.com

    WV is very mountainous, and I been thinking about buying 7 acres of farmland in KY. Anyone that would be interested in leaving the grid, let me know.

  159. Cornfed

    PS: has anyone gotten any replies here?? I’ve been trying to get some sort of ball rolling with these ideas people post, but never seem to hear back from anyone. First step is key…anyone?


  160. R

    Paisley, I would be interested in short visit (of course, doing whatever work you need while there. I’m 50 yr old female, hardworker, but broke. Can’t move full time, yet, but researching possibilities.
    ps Dana….if this is what your gut is telling you to do…find a place to let you work for rent/food (like places listed here) and take your children, teach them a better way of living. Dragging ourselves into some horrible job day after day, year after year, is NOT “living”.
    I’ve done both…a job I despise, and I have lived the simple life…I’ve traveled, lived in a tent, lived in a foreign country…problem now…my adult kids won’t join me but I’m still committed to going OTG full time, so I’m torn between my grandchildren and living my dream (before I get any older)… darn hard decision. My plan is to live on sustainable farm, etc…1/2 the year, and with them 1/2 the year until I find my permanent place in the world. email me, Rogann2011@hotmail.com thanks

  161. paisley

    I have 40 acres at the top of WI by Lake Superior. Looking to start intentional Community. Other land cheap around here too, $2000 per acre….lots of lakes. Have 2 campers, 1 Airstream and 1 one bedroom log-like cabin available already. some need some fix up. 2000 sq ft log homestead is in middle of mostly forested property with huge spring-fed pond, unseen from dirt roads. Lots of deer/wildlife. Owned land since 1979, paid for. Electric and phone, LP gas, wood heat. Free rent to folks that can help get/keep homestead property sustainable…at least 1-2 acres of personal yard/land use each, rest shared as gardens, pasture, community events, etc. Would like varied craft/talented folks. prefer no children. Absolutely no vices. I am mostly vegan, older female, no vices, financially stable, easy going, but like things done well, not religious, multi-talented/educated, have huge library related to sustainability, bad knees/back…need help to prepare for soon to be crash. Area full of back-to-landers and Environmental College in closeby town. Serious Awake/Aware Only. Do not have time/energy for wannabees/zombies/pansies. Life is hard off-grid…like permanent camping. Easy going egos only. 1 gal already coming from NJ area. Put ‘live off grid at top of WI’ in subject line. Be aware as you prepare. : ) paisley

  162. Matt

    Looking for people interesting in going in together to buy land in North Georgia. We would divide it and then be neighbors.

  163. bob

    clawing my way through a world made up by people which want,and do control all, is not living!
    I would love to make a difference to a community, working as a community, for the community.
    Free! I am a carpenter by trade, and see a gloomy outlook for this lead by the nose world.
    trapped, by the system!
    I would appreciate some info about this LIVING possibility.

  164. Sonny

    good luck folks. Community is important. It´s long been my dream to get off the grid and escape the utter madness of our depraved society. unfortunately the debt based monetary system is designed to make us all slaves. the best of luck to you all

  165. Cornfed

    correct email is tg2lynch at yahoo

  166. Nick Austin

    Hey, my names Nick, im a 20 year old guy whose been shuffled from home to home his whole life. Ive lived in all kinds of areas from rural to NYC where I live now. I’m living paycheck to paycheck and feel like I’m about to be laid off. I was homeless for 6 months and know how it works…..i suppose i cant prove my intelligence or survivability through a comment, but it is my dream to move off the grid with a group of people and am prepared (I spend my life studying science,survival, and self-sustainability) and willing to do so if i could just find people to do it with….if you’re interested, email me at xnaustin413x@aol.com

  167. Cornfed

    Sage, Im interested in talking with you. I live very close to the Catskills and have been seriously looking into living off grid for a couple of years now, its just a matter of teaming up with the right company at this point. If you’re serious about getting a group together that can make this dream happen, I can offer a very crafty mind and skilled hands as well…Feel free to email me, would love to hear from you. tglynch -at- yahoo

  168. Larry Roberson

    I live in the Huntsville Texas area can send pictures of land (larryroberson17@yahoo.com)

  169. Larry Roberson

    well, lets get together and buy some land .there are a lot of properties around the lake livingston huntsville area for sale with owner finance 50 to 100 ac. so let me know how many of you are willing to get together and will do it.

  170. dana

    I live in Chicago and I’m not rich. I have no means to buy land. I live in an apartment and I’m miserable. I just want to live off the land and free myself and my family. I could possibly save some money up to move. I can cook very well and I can learn how to farm. I’m very organized and a fast learner. If anyone thinks it possible for a poor, single mother from a big city to be free. Please give me some advice.

  171. Michael

    Hi, I have been searching for a way to live without all the material things our society crams down our throats and tries to brainwash us into thinking we need. I have been trying to start planning to live as a wanderer but have no real experience surviving or knowledge so if you are willing to teach me I would be more than happy to do whatever work would be required of me in order to make sure there is proper reciprocity. Please get back to me if you are interested in having an intelligent and hardworking young person to come live with you. I just want to live in a way that doesn’t harm the environment around me. I don’t want to be part of so much destruction.

  172. Sage

    My email is muempire(at)live(dot)com.
    I may be acquiring some land in the Catskills (NY). Seeking independence and freedom. Looking to build and live in an off-grid yurt or yome; grow my own food in geodesic-dome greenhouses, possibly by solar powered aquaponics. I have no hunting experience, but my thumb is getting pretty green. Anyone want to join my party? This’ll happen within the next several months.

  173. jrscott10

    I am also interested in making money as irrelevant as possible to making a living. I have read some of Mike Oehler’s publications and would be willing to help other people live off the grid using earth intergrated housing. My email is jim5sc@aol.com

  174. Cal

    Also willing to make the move. Currently in New Jersey, USA. I’m sure we might have the same idea in mind, but we should be in contact. We need to plan what month and materials we’ll need. I have a lot of information on wilderness survival, and very serious about the move. My email is: calvin.colon4771@gmail.com please leave a subject title like “wilderness survival” or the like so I can locate it easier. Looking forward to hearing for you.


  175. jeremiahjohn

    Where do you want to go off the grid. Im planning a trip to west virginia to get some land.

  176. Jack Smith

    I am interested in doing this, contact me so we can leave society for good

  177. Bruce

    I’m not religious (means back to bondage). God never intended for us to live in bondage to goverment or anything else. I’m on your sideWe are looking for land also. I live in tx looking for land very expense her due to the oil boom. looking for about 5 acres cheap with moderate climate year round. any ideas? I have acces to used generators portable septic systems. We live in a 38 ft RV.

  178. Diane

    Living off grid does not mean giving up plumbing, electric or water, no need to be so drastic. Consider your own well, solar or other systems for electric, and you can have plumbing in your home just fine! The benifit is enjoying that you to no one, other than the property taxes, or debt for land and home! I encourage off grid community development so every one can thrive, not suffer.
    You may have more supporters that way. I honor your interest to live with out any comfort, that is rare, but not neccesary. I wish the very best for you!

  179. joej777

    Hello, I am looking for the same — a community of people with the same intention and commitment of living closer nature and in harmony with each other. I’ve just discovered https://www.off-grid.net and look forward to learning and connecting with others.