[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] We are seeking others of like-mind to create an off-the-grid spiritual community in the Scottish Highlands. We don’t at the moment have any land in mind, although we are seeking a certain type of land and in a certain area.

We don’t want to exclude people purely on the basis of how much money they do, or don’t have, but realistically this won’t be possible, so at this early stage we think that each member would have to contribute approx. £5,000. This fee will be for helping to purchase the cost of the land and all associated fees etc.

The community will be a purely spiritual (not religious) and vegetarian in nature. The long term vision for the community will be for a place of healing, safety and learning.

We envision that we would have a population of about 50 or more people, consisting of men, women and children of various ages and ethnic origins etc.

If you are interested, or you know someone who maybe, then please drop me an email at: jamie@thejourneyofmastery.com or visit my blog: www.thejourneyofmastery.com

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