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Field - cynical bag
Field - cynical bag

There is it seems no limit to the craven way the media accepts celebrity claims to have gone eco.

Chain-smoking New York designer and stylist Patricia Field (Sex and the City, Ugly Betty) has teamed up with Diet Coke to create a limited edition shopping bag design – “made entirely of recycled plastic bottles.”

Says one particularly moronic tabloid: “Patricia Fields shows you can be a fashionista and a green goddess at the same time with this must-have shopper bag” (Now Magazine).

The idea of Diet Coke as a fit partner for an eco-initiative is as repellent as the drink itself.  And there is something particularly shameless about a snobbish stylist and fashion designer (two of the most wasteful occupations on the planet) putting herself forward as a savior of the environment.

The pink bag is being given away free in UK stores nationwide with any two 500ml bottles of Coke – which must be the .

‘Together with Diet Coke, I’m showing that an eco-friendly bag doesn’t have to be brown, it can be fierce,’ says Patricia Fields.

‘Enjoy it. After all, the compliments you will receive, I know you’ll use it over and over. That’s why it’s called “Where did you get that bag?”.’

Still -its made out of plastic – so it will be perfect for binge-drinking ladettes to puke up in the cab home on a friday night.  The nation’s cab drivers will be grateful.

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3 Responses to “Pass the sick-bag”

  1. covinaman

    I agree with the article. You not a snob your just telling the truth.

  2. Mary

    Ewe, I agree with ToniM, why are you being such an ECOsnob. You can’t look down your nose @ MultiNational’s efforts to greenwash when you take money from then as advertisers. On your page on even as I read this article there is space for Levi’s and Crate and Barrel. I don’t think they “are off the grid- free your self” types. It is pretty “holier than though”. Makeup your mind, are you on the grid or off it?

  3. ToniM

    Seems to me you are the ones obsessed with clelebrities…

    Get a life! How can you criticise anyone, when yyo carry adverts of this kind?