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im a 49 yr old male divorced have two young strapping sons who dont live with me now but may choose to do so in the future..ive been looking for land for off grid living..but seem to always hit a brick wall with funds.example :a few months ago i found 20 acres with small cabin,pond,spring ,in middle tenn. the guy wanted 60k. i asked if he’d sale 10 acres and cabin/pond and he declined said he’d have a hard time selling the other ten so he wanted to sale as a package..im sure that this particular opportunity is long gone but im thinking if i had one,or two other people with similar goals it may make it easier to buy large tract of land and devide it equally…im wanting to be entirely self sufficient and FREE,  away from the restraints of civilization..im open to any suggestions lets make this happen…

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11 Responses to “partnership?”

  1. freerange

    We have a start up community, south Arkansas, over 60 acres.

    We would love your help.

  2. daniel

    I am really wanting to live off grid either with someone, or join someone already living that way, or a community…

    I am 36 year old male ex military, and I receive a pension from the VA to help with needed items…


    please contact me with any information

  3. Dreamcatcher

    To the sisters.47summer are you still looking for someone to go. Off grid with??? I’m 50 up beat funny smart I survived down on the water.front at age fourteen I learned people and how to survive some very bad situations.I’m kinda poor to money wise but.rich.in life and heart I have an on grid house.I’m in now been stockpiling materials here for a small cabin outhouse.soke.house etc.I’m read.to go very soon getting this.land with no restrictions. Our ne’er Big bend west Texas please text me 3 tu five two 4two six 8. Three.nine looking forward to it I’m L J

  4. 47summer

    My sister and I am looking to get off the gird, we don’t have much money but we are willing to help in anyway possible. We would love to entertain the thought of sharing some of the land with you. We would do all we could to do our share both physically (work) and financially.

    Thank You

  5. kk

    hello Kimberly,
    yes ,you are correct and that was some solid advice… but God knows, my patience is wearing thin..lol..
    are you in my neck of the woods?
    by the way ive noticed that it seems to take a couple days before i can read anyone’s responses (based on date of comment) so if it would suit you or anyone else here, feel free to send email to KKTIMM45@GMAIL.COM..

  6. kk

    hey val .what part of country are you in? like i say im in extreme north ga.very near chattanooga,tn.i do know what you mean land is insanely high in some parts of country, but seems the more you buy the less you pay per acre..ive been looking around the pikeville,tn area, the “redoubt of the south ” as they call it. theres flat valley land or mtn land with beautiful bluff views ..most is unrestricted which means you can do what the hell you want with it ,as it should be…most seems pretty reasonable..around 3-5k per acre…country living at its finest, seems like another country almost after leaving chatt..beautiful area….last time i was there a few months ago i stopped at a random house and was asking directions to a certain rd where some property was located i was looking into and the guy i was asking said he had several acres with river frontage(small river) he’d be interested in selling but it was starting to storm that day so i wasnt able to check it out…and with winter setting in i havent been back yet but plan on going back soon and inquiring.. its about 1 1/2-2 hrs away from my location… so yeah theres land to be had here…and im so ready to buy and start building…right now im in a lil’ one bedroom apmt and going absolutely stir crazy im a country boy and love being outdoors …i dont even have a yard here..so you can see my misery.lol…of course after my divorce i rented this thinking itd only be thru the winter ..been here three years. !!!!
    i did have a few acres but the county i bought in (Ga) had hidden restrictions and i had issues with easement/water/thieves so i sold it and have been biding my time patiently looking for that perfect piece of paradise……what is it your looking for?

  7. kimberly

    Sounds like what I’m looking for. I need to get my property despute settled and then I’ll seriously be looking for the right land and partner. Good luck to you. I don’t know who would have the more difficult time…a guy like yourself or a gal like myself but we can just keep our sights on what we want, pray and be patient. Good things will happen!

  8. ValPal

    You stole my thoughts exactly !!! you wrote this post in the perfect time … its so perfect that its creepy. Just the other day I was on different sites for buying land ( out of curiosity of course )… i was seeing $300,000 I forgot for what amount of acreage but it was a good amount… even one acre was like $30,000. i was like holy shit i will never have land how do other people have land its so expensive for just a piece of land its not right its earth I’m buying earth that was made by itself. after giving up on the idea i moved on to a research session regarding Squatting.. that was bust. Than desperately i researched “free land” yes i know lol. found free land but with strings attached and it wasn’t for me. About ready to give up And now here is your post.. to answer your question Yes I am interested.

  9. kk

    btw would like to remain in the georgia/ north ga.tenn/nc area …but may be persuaded to venture farther…lets hear all ideas…

  10. kk

    update …im a God fearing ,2nd A loving red blooded Amerivan male..I am NOT looking to form a hippie commune,..just interested in a few others who may wanna go in together on a decent piece of property and become good neighbors helping each other along the way like good neighbors do..maybe pitch in and help build each others houses etc..im some what of a loner and like my privacy..im thinking ten acres each should give each of us enough so as not to be on top of each …im a born survivalist..at 9 yrs old i was in woods at crack of dawn hunting squirrels/rabbits just to sustain another day, while other 9 year olds were busy being kids….this survival thing is nothing new to me…