[before_listing id=456 images= youtube=null] We are looking for partners to help us build an organic self sustaining life in the wilderness of Ontario. We are open to most ideas/proposals. We have 200 acres, and have been working on infrastructure for the property including micro hydro. We have a 25ft waterfall off of a private lake. We are interested in building a home for 3+ families.
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32 Responses to “Partners for off grid organic life on 200 acres in Ontario”

  1. Mike Bush

    Very interested

  2. Chris

    Hey there,
    Are you still looking for people to join you? Let me know :),

  3. GreenGuy95

    Let me know if your still looking for help.
    I’m very interested.
    Would love to talk more about it soon with you.

  4. Ohmsteader

    Prep is moving forward but not ready for SHTF yet. Still looking for the determined help.

  5. James


    How is your prep going? Are you still looking for determined help?


  6. Ohmsteader

    Sorry for the long delay but, as I mentioned a while back, I do not monitor this site as it was posted by an ex-off-grider friend.

    I’m still working on the road to the site (almost done) and the battery building. The house project will be at least 5 years from now, which is when I retire. Things are progressing slowly since it’s just me now and I have only wknds.
    Feel free to contact me at nickohmstead@yahoo.ca

  7. Chocolatmarie

    Hi, I know this is years late but if you still have room for growth. I’m interested in finding a group for myself and my family of 3. I’m a retired CNA/Phlebotomist but returning to school for herbalism & yoga. After surviving Cancer I want to live a healed lifestyle. I Grow organically and am interested in permaculture. I make my families body products, soaps, lotions, toothpaste…all natural. I would love a simpler, minimalist lifestyle off grid as well as tiny home living!

  8. keith ament

    Hello would like to talk more can you please email me c101_keith@hotmail.com

  9. Ryan

    Hi there, I have been for some time trying to establish a small group of people to start an off-grid community myself. Once I noticed this post I thought hey! Why not join one? I have been reading and researching many subjects including: Agriculture, bushcraft, wild edibles, primitive hunting/fishing/trapping, clay pottery, mineral ores and smelting/blacksmithing, and many many more. I am a very hard worker having done masonry, roofing, carpentry, drywall, anything really in the trades, and some oil industry stuff (i know not transferable and contradictive to the lifestyle, however it has proven me to be able to withstand very hard work in harsh weather and isolation.) Also basic primitive chemistry for things like charcoal, and lye (soap’s main ingredient), testing soil for planting, crop rotatio, plants effects on soil health and companion planting. Really just about 3 years of research on how to build a community out of absolutely nothing from stone age to bronze age.
    I am definately interested in hearing about your progress and possibly joining up with if not for the haul, at least for a starting point to my ultimate goal with the opportunity to share some knowledge and experience.
    Please contact me at ruggedroofing777@gmail.com

  10. Calva

    I would love to live off the grid. I have graduated with a Fish and Wildlife diploma. I have plant and animal ID skills. My true passion is fishing and being in the wilderness. I live in Ontario, Canada and I am 25. I want to join/help start a community to live off the land. I have been camping in all 4 of our seasons and loved every minute of it. Please give me a shout if you have an opportunity for me.

  11. Corey

    My name is Corey, I am a 21 Year Old life enthusiast, I wish to live off grid, to live a more pure lifestyle and to live more in tune with nature.
    Furthermore, I have egalitarian views and believe in a community based living system. I am very spiritual but am extremely open minded in these views and actually enjoy seeing the perspectives of others and learning to understand them.
    I have skills in building and engineering as well as gardening and much more. I would like to introduce myself more officially and possibly meet to discuss the possibility of me joining you in building this community.
    Thank you so much,

    Corey Bouchard,

  12. lili

    In order to find out if people are liked minded I suggest that we discuss :

    1) Understand why people want to be off grid
    2)What are the values, ideology, politically and morally speaking of each one.
    The precept of a “community”group of liked minded people of each other.

    Example James Wesley Rawles Precept is a start for discussion.

  13. Ohmsteader

    I thank you all for responding. My friend started this and is no longer an ohmsteader, so this blog was unmonitored until now.
    When I first purchased the property I had many goals that were just beyond my reach … and some still are. Unable to find a way to have multiple dwellings on one site is one of them.
    I am open to sharing ideas with like-minded people because there are so few of us out there. I believe we still have time to prep … but not much.

  14. Zoe

    Hello Again!

    I have been looking at htese comments and seems like everyone has the same thing in mind. Perhaps we should hold a meeting and do some brain storming? I am a film maker /community worker but I am now studying social work.
    I can be contacted at morriganfarms@gmail.com if anyone is interested in discussing more. We don’t know too many falks out our way so connections would be good.


  15. lili

    We might be interested in your project.
    We are seeking to be with liked minded people who understand and are concern about the future socio economic collapse that would probably arrive.
    Thus understand that we need to be surrounded with liked minded people, who have certain type of skill, and believe in the same values.
    Thus please email my some information on your project so we can discuss at first to see if we might be compatible.

    Best Regards: lililife@live.com

  16. Dean

    Hello single male 49 also seroiusly interested in off grid life or joining a group knowledge is the key to survival along with a very strong will. Community would be great more people more knowledge and theres strength in numbers. Im a hard worker well rounded in the construction trade.I have a few good skills hunting fishing and survival skills i took a few basic courses through work fall arrest working with ropes and heights, first aid and cpr and self defence.
    I currently hold a HAM radio ticket amature radio has been a hobby since my teens and have coached many on getting there licence living off grid has been a long time goal ive done a dry run of 3 months off grid rough style no generator no solar no wind lanterns for light fire for heat and only ate food that i found wild hunted or fished i did have a reserve supply of food i brought but didnt want to use unless emergency i did end up eating my reserves the last 2 weeks so i didnt have to portage it back out it can be done folks with a strong will and a few comforts of home wait this is home.
    all the best stay strong Dean

  17. Kirk

    Greetings. Family of 3, youngest FM 7, oldest, me 39. Im a crane operator working full time to finance a comfortable off grid transition for myself and my girls :).

    Currently have a large solar array and batt bank. other supplies.

    Looking to partner up as well. We are breaking free of all this madness. All day I stare at it atop of buildings. I help build it. ugh.

    We are thinking north Ontario, but BC would be prime for all season living though.

    This is a complete break away. Honest, Christian living. Without distracting modern day garbage.

    Anyone reading this feels the same, mail me. We are few. wintercrane69@hotmail dot com

  18. Kelly Mae

    We are a family of three! Our ideal lifestyle would be one of none conformity- free to explore nature, experience gatherings, meditation, and grow our own food. We have a three year old son who motivates us to seek a lifestyle of truth, unschooling, healing, and focusing on our creative sides. I am a Reiki Practioner, Birth Doula and seeker of ALL. My fiance is a self sustainable motivational speaker ( suicide prevention), life coach and filmmaker . Our email is kelly.khun.mae@gmail.com Also, if there is anyone on here that finds this of interest please contact as a means of communication desires :) and making like minded friends.

  19. fireside

    My Brother is a contractor in Kingston. Which is where you seem to be located close to. My Grandfather started Minto Construction. Myself I have a background in Electrical Technology as well as carpentry. I am also the leader of THE GREEN MARKETING COMPANY in Ontario. So. I am ready to go off grid if you are, only I want to promote the location through festivals and symposiums for Green energies. Get in touch?

  20. Raven and Darin

    Hi Ohmsteader!
    We’d love to hear more about living and working the organic self sustaining life in the wilderness of Ontario! My husband and I have been wanting to live off the grid, and have been researching a lot lately…which is how we found you! We live in the Kitchener/Waterloo area. Looking forward to more details.. :) ravenlcox@yahoo.com
    Thank you!

  21. Mary

    I am actively seeking for an opportunity to live off the land, off grid with a community of like minded souls. I have been participating with another group for the past three years or so but things are not moving very fast at all. I am ready to locate to the land asap. I have a variety of skills to live off the land and am also a social worker-counsellor looking to set up an income via workshops etc off the land or on the land whatever way that may look. Please contact me so we can share questions and information. Thank you.
    Have a great day,

  22. C


    I’m really interested in joining you and helping you build your OTG projects. I’m in Toronto and looking to relocate immediately. I was going to buy land this week and found your post instead! Looking to forward with your invitation. Please email me: info@ubudvibe.com

  23. Zoe Brown

    Would love to get together and talk. We are a big family of 7. My husband and I just bought 112 acres near Kaladar south of Flinton. We have an unusual setup right now and we need to think solar and wind. The house we bought is being run off generators!! An ineficint and expensive way to go. It was like this when we bought and we need to alter our set up. We are willing to participate and brainstorm on building a strong off rid community. Our family is very diverse and willing to help and get help from all sources to make off grid living a reality. We are willing to barter services, share opportunities and make friends with our neighbors to make this happen.

  24. Angela

    I would be very interested about your community and would like some more information. I look forward to your reply.

  25. EvelynJGrass

    Hello OHMSTEADER, I am interested in your offer. I’d like to know more. evelynjgrass@live.ca is where you can contact me.

  26. Jay

    We are a like minded family of four, We are excited, willing and eager to sacrifice. cleary@live.ca

  27. Lacey

    Hello, my name is Lacey. I am 29 and my husband is 48. I have a career in procurement, planning, budgeting, etc. My husband owned his own contracting business for 14 yrs. We are very self sufficient and are both survivors. For sometime now we have been talking about living off the grid and developing our own way of living. We would be very interested in learning some more about your community. Please contact me by the above email. Thanks

  28. allan

    Hi, I am Allan I am a plumber and I am very interested in what you are proposing. I have survival training and a military background and would love the challange of being able to live off-grid self-sustaining lifestyle. I have not much money, but I think I have a wealth of experience and am reliable, responsible and hardworking

  29. joe

    hi im joe. i will be graduating high school the summer of 2012 and i am very interested. i have gardening, farming, carpentry, and other skills. if we could talk about my joining your community i can assure you i am a very hard worker and i want to prove it by helping build the community. you can reach me at joebreece1994@gmail.com

  30. William

    Hello my name is William i am 20. I am currently in a technology center in Athens, Tn. I graduate in June 2012. I am a licensed electrican. I would be more than willing to help in any means. I have been looking to OTG to better the way of living for a small community and be and example for other communities. I have farming experience and i can read blue prints. If i get accepted i would be coming alone and i am willing to work very hard to make means meet. Thank you! If you have any question you can e-mail me at badboy2007_2008@yahoo.com.. I am looking forward to hearing back from you..

  31. GPetrut

    I am certainly interested! I have construction skills, I am a beekeeper and I want to live off grid with my wife and daughter. I really want to know what you have to offer!