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[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hallo, ich heiße Petra, bin 48, und suche jemanden, der Interesse hat, unabhängig voneinander ein kleineres Stück Land bzw. fruchtbaren Boden zu kaufen, um darauf zu tun und zu lassen was sie/er will und nach seiner Façon glücklich zu werden.. Ich denke, zu zweit oder auch zu dritt geht’s leichter..

Hi, i am Petra, 48 years old, and I’m looking for someone, who has interest, independently, to buy a piece of property and live as you want. I think, in twos or to third it’s easier..[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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6 Responses to “Partner/in für Kauf von fruchtbarem Land (10-20 acres) Partner for buying a property (10-20 acres)”

  1. Darek

    Welcome .
    I am determined to join an off-grid community, in a warm climate (Caribbean), I can contribute to the land / island purchase cost, or do some community work.
    I also have enough resources to purchase a few hectares of land, for example in the Dominican Republic, and invite those willing to join an adventure there.
    In both cases, please contact:
    Best wishes .

  2. alan

    Hi Petra,

    Did you find some land yet ,

  3. Walter

    Hi Petra,
    Did you manage to finish your project? Would love to hear from you. I will be in the neighbourhood this year and perhaps can help or exchange ideas. Greetz permaculturesenegal[at]gmail[dot]com

  4. lorenzo

    Hi Petra,
    What about your project now ?
    I’m a 39 years old french man looking for offgrid around the world. Your idea to buy adjacent properties looks like a good idea. Already found the place ? you can write me here : lorenzoDOTvivaATyahooDOTfr


  5. petra

    Paul, sorry for the late reply.
    The way I was actually thinning about it is: in order not to be alone in the wilderness, people could purchase adjacent properties. Logically, each person could live on his own patch of land the way he wanted. Petra

  6. CastAway

    Petra, I am also looking for others who would like to purchase land in Belize and live off the grid. Contact me via email at if you would like to discuss more….Thanks…Paul