Have: 60 acre,mile of river,large pond,spring,2 creeks,2rvs, construction equipment,crane, solar panels,generators,new septic we installed last year.3 semis full of materials,onsite bandsawmill.                                   Looking for:partner with capital ,or possible tenant work exchange.                  To help build home,greenhouses,pole barn plant crops ,and other infrastructure.

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11 Responses to “Partner in rare and beautiful 60 acre river inholding”


    HiI am Kathryn aka Kat for short and this definitely sounds like a venture id like to invest my savings in . I am single with no kids but i do have 4 dogs , I am in the landscape /gardening industry as a sole proprietor but I am so ready to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, If you want to know more about what i am looking for or just want to chat it up about your plans and what you are looking for , please contact me at 501-503-6957 anytime thanx for your time i look forward to hearing from you asap


    • Drifterseekingacommunity

      Hey Kathryn,

      I am trying to find somewhere to go as well to work for the owners and live off the land. If you have found out any solid information could you please contact me? Thank you.


  2. Martin Germain

    Contact me. Thanks.

  3. Rickey Giles

    Hey I’m wonting to invest in offgrid

  4. Dananjan

    In southern Oregon.

  5. Dovely

    A wee bit more data would be helpful, such as where you are… country?, if US, what state?

  6. Troy knudson

    My name is Troy I have a pickup full of tools a head full of knowledge 18 foot camper trailer open minded she can off-grid destination love to teach love to learn there’s got to be somebody out there that needs me as much as I need them sincerely Troy

    • Greengal

      sounds lovely Troy! I am a single lady certified in permaculture design. i was on a path and got detoured by “city life”. no kids. have a couple and possible second, that we are looking at land together. the couple confirmed the lady is basically a PDC teacher. the second couple is raising goats, chickens and veggies. also raised free range child that has grown to a lovely young lady. so we are no children. if he find land, you sound great. if not, lmk where you land and if there is room for 1,3, or 5. thank you