[before_listing images=http://www.www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/761d02b6f47c4f89ec5817cecb4e7065.jpg youtube=null] We are a intentional community on the outskirts of Albuquerque New Mexico in the small town of Moriarty.

We are working toward 100% self sustaining off grid living with others of like minds.

Before considering us check our listing on http://www.ic.org/directory/pahana-tribe/

if you like what you see contact me via the information provided and we can begin a dialog.

What we do NOT want are fakes… We observe carefully new residents and they are guests only until we come to a conclusion.

I have managed communities for some time and found most people (not all) are people escaping from the realities THEY have created.

This list includes alcohol & substance abusers, individuals who have burned bridges and gotten evicted from their homes.

These individuals will say anything for a place to stay and a chance at a new life but the reality is many are not ready for change and they are not cut from the cloth needed to work hard and build something for their future.

That said the ones who are ready and create change have moved on to greener pastures, more organized communities or similar.

We closed one community in Feb of 2014 based on the property owner being the source of the problem, disbanded 13 adults and sent two families on their way.

We restarted Pahana Tribe under our own rules, incentives and sweat and are now in a position to do it correctly.

The warning as stated above is clear… We watch for the fruits of the tree and if it is rotten we discard it and plant a fresh tree.

If you truly wish to be a part of something that is growing and can be a great family and lifestyle then lets talk…

If your undecided, confused or destitute and will say whatever you have to then move on to another because we will see it, stop it and send you on your way.

What we have to offer…

We are currently on 2.5 acres with a 5 bedroom home, large livestock area, 8 Chickens, 16 Rabbits, 4 Alpacas and more each day.

Our gardens are under construction and seedlings are well on their way.

We have all of the materials to build vertical wind mills, cob / hobbit housing or accommodate RV’s / Travel Trailers.

We are close enough to Albuquerque to salvage, up-cycle and acquire free items from Craigslist / Free-cycle and recondition or resell those items.

We are close enough to (2) small towns with part time work if you want some spending cash.

If you understand Pahana we are close enough to the 4 corners and in a area of the country that is green friendly, fairly good weather and hospitable real local people who do not judge quickly but rather extend a hand and offer friendship until they get to know you.

In my opinion we are in the right place with all of the ingredients for success, independence and a future come natural disaster or whatever God has in mind.

What we need is a few good people to help build this community socially as well as financially.

We have a few guiding ideals:

Live, Laugh and Love.

Life is about the Journey, not the Destination.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

Anything good and real in life comes from honesty.

If you feel like you can relate to some of those ideals drop me a email and lets talk !

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