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Set of concrete “dinosaur bones”. Source: https://www.realestate.com.au/

Concrete “dinosaur bones”, an observatory and a forge have been uncovered at an off-grid home. It was left behind by a mysterious German in central Victoria.

It was listed for sale by the State Trustees after its owner died. The unique property at 55 McMillan Rd, Green Gully, about 138km northwest of Melbourne, is an isolation paradise.


Completely off-grid, the Australian home appears to be powered by wind turbines and solar panels. It also includes several wells and even has a hydroponic bathtub vegetable patch still intact.

Maryborough Ballarat Real Estate’s Kate Ashton said she believed it had been the first house built in the region, during the 1980s, but even when powerlines were introduced its former owner had decided to continue living off the grid.

Ms. Ashton said she knew very little about how the former owner lived, but she believed as a child he had survived the World War II bombing of Dresden and worked in Australia as a fitter and turner raising the prospect he built most of his home’s unique features himself.

Hand made with rare attention to detail. Source: https://www.realestate.com.au/
Interiors are just as unique as the exterior. Source: https://www.realestate.com.au/


“It wouldn’t surprise me if he was an engineer to the Taj Mahal,” Ms. Ashton said. “All I know is that it has been done with so much love over the last 30 years.”

It includes the observatory, which has a fully rotatable roof with a retractable panel to point a telescope through. “I’d say there was a big, kick-arse telescope there in the past,” Ms. Ashton said.

“But that’s gone. And the forge might have had an anvil, but that’s gone too.”

The eclectic mix of buildings and features, including a rocket ship and what Ms. Ashton has dubbed “dinosaur bones” are spread across the 2.1ha property.

To her, a wood-fired pizza oven with a baffle on the flu for temperature control will be one of the features the next owners get the most use out of.

“It’s just screaming out for someone to give it some love,” Ms. Ashton said.

“And $420,000 isn’t a lot when you consider you are getting a hand-built house with five acres of infrastructure and a market garden.”

Infrastructure is in place for a full-scale market garden. Source: https://www.realestate.com.au/

There’s even a “mini Montsalvat”, with rooms set up to inspire artists and give them space to create.

But with no mains power, it won’t be clear what is still working at the property until the electronics are checked by its next owner.

55 McMillan Rd, Green Gully, a complete off-grid address. Source: realestate.com.au

Ms. Ashton said multiple offers were made for the property, many from Melbourne amid a growing trend of people inquiring about rural retreats since the COVID-19 lockdowns had been implemented.

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