🦌I am the leader of a family of 5 living on the B.C. coast. I have hed enough of the cazy world now. Covid19, Agenda 21, 2030, and 2050, world depopulation plan, micro chipping, vaccinations, one world order, Government changing rules all the time. Not knowing whats right and whats wrong. I sit back quietly and watch whats going on and to be truethfull its hard to tell the lies from the trueth. So i am done, ready to jump in my sailboat and sale away.
I have tools, i have know how, just a few more bodies would be helpfull. I am spiritual and very open minded. Hard working, knolagable, loyal, and caring. I have 15 years of oldschool log cabin trappers life of 10 months in the woods with no cantaced to the outside world. Cary your water, use an outhouse, wash your clothes by hand, oil lamps for light and wood stove for heat and cooking. Oh and build your own log cabin. I also have the last 7 years been living off grid with the use of a genset but its only a few mile to the store so i dont see it as counting much.
If you might be interested in joining our exit plan then please get ahold of me soon.

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10 Responses to “Over and Out”

  1. javon

    i also am tired of this broken system and wanting to connect deeply with nature i would love to join and help any and every way. would like more info

  2. Rosie

    Please contact me for more info. Family of 4. Thank you in advance. Rosie

  3. Gil

    We are a middle aged couple travelling in our RV, looking for a place to settle down. We have sold our home because the economy will collapse. I’ll tell you what we are looking for and then you can decide if it’s something that will work for you?
    We understand that the current system will collapse, and be transformed into the digital market. We do not want to live like the Chinese under total surveillance and control. We are trying to find an off grid community or partnership that is suitable for both parties. We live on a small pension but the banks will eliminate this if we do not comply with their rules of control. We want to grow our own food and become fully self sustainable. We have hard assets, we just don’t have land. We can afford to build our own home, greenhouse and other self sustainable items that would be needed to make everyone’s life a little easier. We are easy going and just want to find the perfect partnership. We have solar power, a wind turbine and compostable toilet that makes our RV fully sustainable, we just need water occasionally. We would need to find a location for the winter as it is not suitable to live in an RV for the winter We have many skills combined between us ( plumbing, electrical, mechanical, welding, fabrication, carpentry ect…. and are highly spiritual, we follow and abide by Natural Law. We do not smoke, or drink. We don’t have children or pets but love and respect all nature. We are vegetarian and adhere to the principle of do no harm to other sentient beings. . We are hoping to find like minded individuals that won’t judge us based on appearance as we both have tattoos. Some are offended by the color of our skin. Other than that, we are extremely easy going and enjoy helping others, we’re just looking for help too.
    Let me know if this is something you would consider?
    Please feel free to ask any questions. We believe in honesty and have extremely high morals. We would like to be treated with the same respect as we show others.
    Joey & Joee

  4. Michael Todd

    With all this crazy, I have been trying to get an exit plan. Camping off grid in my 1955 Charter bus as been an on and off adventure for years. I do have a 2500 watt solar system and much more. Selling off items like classic cars, art work and so on has been my primary goal and while practicing and changing everything I can to off grid equipment and tools. This last challenge of “selling the house” has been saturated with predatorial real estate agents, scammers and so on. With so much equity , it’s hard to come to terms with walking away from the largest of my life savings. I don’t think it’s going to be worth sticking around with all the agenda and lies trying to sell a home here in S.Cali only blocks from the beach. I’m ready to pack up at employ an exit this strategy. Finding a tribe to add value to and even a female companion with like minds this would be great.

  5. Dallas

    Well aware of The globalists plan of genocide with the poison injection shot The Namo buoy weapon and much more. I have many skills also a meduc fir 35vplus years Carpentry Lots of skills living off grid Looking for like minded people who want to make this happen working togethet

  6. Tony

    Hello there I’ve seen eought of this new America and I would like to find the old America much more .but this new chapter of our would today .I would like to know location .I’m in Albuquerque NM .where are you located?

  7. Michael

    Hi im Michael im 35 from Romania looking for a woman to start a life of grid i have all the posibylit but its hard alone ….if someone it interested please contact me on FB as Mihai Borz

  8. James Hernandez

    Family of 5 living in Ellensburg, WA. seeking a community or helping to establish community just as you’ve so eloquently expressed: simplicity. We actually have lived in the Cascade wilderness four consecutive months last year. We find it difficult even talking to people about the current crazy political circus being performed throughout much of the global society. We work hard and enjoy family. I have built house from the foundation: up and I’ve done remodels. I have husbandry experience with poultry fowl and as a farmer. James and Michelle our daughters Kaidence (9), Abigail (4) and our son Zechariah (1).

  9. Kenda L Jardine

    Interested in more info

  10. Meg

    Hey I just came across your post after I google, off grid communities. I’m tired of this world as well it’s all too much. Not even sure what I’m looking at here but I’m interested lol

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