🦌I am the leader of a family of 5 living on the B.C. coast. I have hed enough of the cazy world now. Covid19, Agenda 21, 2030, and 2050, world depopulation plan, micro chipping, vaccinations, one world order, Government changing rules all the time. Not knowing whats right and whats wrong. I sit back quietly and watch whats going on and to be truethfull its hard to tell the lies from the trueth. So i am done, ready to jump in my sailboat and sale away.
I have tools, i have know how, just a few more bodies would be helpfull. I am spiritual and very open minded. Hard working, knolagable, loyal, and caring. I have 15 years of oldschool log cabin trappers life of 10 months in the woods with no cantaced to the outside world. Cary your water, use an outhouse, wash your clothes by hand, oil lamps for light and wood stove for heat and cooking. Oh and build your own log cabin. I also have the last 7 years been living off grid with the use of a genset but its only a few mile to the store so i dont see it as counting much.
If you might be interested in joining our exit plan then please get ahold of me soon.

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2 Responses to “Over and Out”

  1. James Hernandez

    Family of 5 living in Ellensburg, WA. seeking a community or helping to establish community just as you’ve so eloquently expressed: simplicity. We actually have lived in the Cascade wilderness four consecutive months last year. We find it difficult even talking to people about the current crazy political circus being performed throughout much of the global society. We work hard and enjoy family. I have built house from the foundation: up and I’ve done remodels. I have husbandry experience with poultry fowl and as a farmer. James and Michelle our daughters Kaidence (9), Abigail (4) and our son Zechariah (1).

  2. Kenda L Jardine

    Interested in more info