My wife and I really want to move off grid. We just don’t want to do it alone. We are tired of working everyday just so we can live paycheck to paycheck. We want to be able to live of the land.we want to be able to have a life where we are not so focused on things that are not important. We want to find a group of people who feel the same way. We just don’t know exactly how to start out. So once we find people we can plan everything out together. I am a truck driver, and my wife is a certified nursing assistant. We both love the outdoors. I am 27 and my wife is 20. We are looking for people who are hard working, fun, and have a great attitude. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing from all who are interested.

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5 Responses to “Others who are serious about moving off grid”

  1. Daniel

    I am looking for someone interested in going off grid, or someone who is currently living that way, or even a community of off grid’ers…

    I am a 36 year old single Male
    I receive a Pension from the VA
    am Ex Military

    Please let me know if you are interested…

  2. samantha stokely

    Hello, my name is Samantha and I am 18 years old I will be 19 in October, i would love to email you and talk more about this living off grid, i have been planning on it for a good while and am also wanting to find a group to do it with. I don’t kill animals, i have a hard time with that so i plan on going vegetarian when i go off grid but will have chickens for eggs if you want and are still interested you may email me at my mother (39)and father(54) and little sister (16) are also interested we have a lil farm and grow corn and other crops and we have chickens already so we do have a little experience with stuff like that.

  3. NHNatural

    Hi, I have land in the Upper Valley area of New Hampshire. I started going off grid about six years ago and really want to get there. Right now I am going it alone and it is a lot of work. I’d love to have a few more folks involved. If New Hampshire is an area you’d consider please get back to me and we can chat.
    Hope to hear from you.

  4. Allien Jones

    Hello, I am a 40 something year old that is serious about going off grid. I want to grow delicious food and livestock for an off grid community. If you feel that I would benefit your plan, please contact me.

    thank you, Allie

    • Melancholy man

      Hey Allie, I would be interested in speaking with you about your off-grid plans. I’m also in my 40’s and well on my way to finding a place in life that leaves me content with myself and my future. Off-grid is the answer for me. Im a arborist by trade and lifelong equipment operator with knowledge of gardening and fence building. Also have knowledge of off-grid home building. Contact me at if you want to chat more. Thanks