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55 Responses to “OTG in Montana! Willing to teach others.”

  1. Brooke T


    I’d love the opportunity to pick your brain and talk more about the show at your earliest convenience. We are looking for families and very remote communities living off grid for a documentary.

    Thank you,

  2. Betty

    My husband son(18) his fincee(18) and I are wanting to go off grid June 2015. I don’t know much about otg community living, we were going to buy 15-20 acres, build a cabin, make a garden and buy some livestock. I’m thinkingaybee a community for the first year would be a better option so we had a better idea of how things “really” work. Could you give me some more information about how your community runs.

  3. psimation

    Zach! lol. I see you’re off your meds again.

  4. Pat Salmon

    Would love more info, I could write you a book to tell you what all I can do but I’d rather talk to you and tell you so here’s my phone number 2298343510 call or text please, I’m very interested

  5. Zack

    Like I said everyone beware of these guys and Mike I remember you. You came to visits and only stayed a short while. Not good to lie to people about this place only for them to be disappointed when they arrive. Definitely not a place to take children. And Rick doesnt know 10 percent of what he claims he knows about living off grid. And as far as him and his wife doing there part that is a HUGE LIE! All rick does is point and talk and it is VERY relevant to mention that his wife has hep C especially when children are involved. All it will take is her to get a cut or scratch and blood to be transferred which is very easy to do in that sort of environment. And I’m not the only person who can confirm that this guy is a scam. It would be different if people were just in the next neighborhood over but people like my self travel from states away to this farm some spending all they have left to get there looking for what he is offering only to find out its all a lie when they arrive. Its just not right, watch out people this is your heads up.

  6. Don

    I have 20 acres in Montana and very interested in leaning more about living off the grid. I can travel easy and eager to learn, I currently live in Michigan. Total outdoor guy, I hunt, fish live close to the land. Looking to learn additional ways.

  7. Danielle

    My family and I are making a road trip in March up there. We are looking for a new place to call home, would we be able to stop by and see what you have going on?

  8. Britannie

    Hi, I live in Oregon, I’m 16 and I would love to fly in either now or sometime within the next few years to come and work and learn. I love animals, I’m planning on living off-grid on self-sustainable property.

  9. Mike G.

    Hey Zach,

    That is interesting considering that I have lived there 2 times. I actually consider that a second home. I have never “Had” to drive anyone around, although I have offered. It is true that they are disabled and cannot do some things, but both of them carry their on load very well. I am 24 years old and can do a lot more than they can being double my age. Neither one of them has ever “Used” me for anything, in fact, when I am there I pretty much have a say in how things are done. We use a collaborative way of doing things. But, that is only because I “listened” in the beginning and they both know that whatever I do is going to get done. I am not a complainer, I prefer to just “do”. The fact that anyone has Hep C. Is irrelevant and has nothing to do with the price of tea in any country. She is very careful when it comes to that. Like I said earlier, I lived there for an accumulative of about 1 year or less and will be moving back soon, given that I am done with what I needed to do back in MI, and oh, I don’t have Hep C. So, yeah, irrelevant. I’ve never been to another place nor have I seen another place in the town where they live with running water and electricity. Long story short (Considering I’ve already written a novel lol.) Yes, it is a beautiful place to live and raise children, to learn, explore and become a part of a group of people that care for each other and look out for each other, but, there are no “free rides” in life. We all need water to live on, heat to stay warm, and food to eat. Be back soon you guys.

    Peace & <3 <3


    glennm2 (at) ferris (dot) edu

  10. Zack

    Please beware of this guy, they do have 20 acres of land but all equipment, gardens, and other stuff they promise is a lie. Him and his wife are both over weight and lazy they have tons of animals that they cant afford 2 of which are giant dogs that are keep locked in a VERY small cage and never let out at all not even to play, so locked up that to feed them instead of opening the gate they just dump water and food over into the cage. Their plan is to use people to fix up their property while they sit back and do nothing which is why they are both ” disabled”. Rick says he will teach you to live in the wild and do all this wonderful stuff but instead they work you and use you as a driver to drive them around town. They themselves dont even live up on the land they have a place in town with running water and electric. It should also be noted that his wife has Hep C something that he falls to mention and should especially for any family looking to reply to this add. The area and land they have is very nice and way up in the mountains very peaceful place if anyone was looking for a place to purchase. But what this guy is offering is not what he says it is sad that most will wont figure that out until they have done packed up and left for the farm based on the lies he tells.

  11. monica ross

    I would like to know more about your community, me and my family want to really go off the grid. if you could please e-mail me some info it would be great thanks!

  12. Mike A

    i forgot to include my email which is yodoames@gmail.com

  13. Mike A

    Hi there, i was wanting to know a little more information about what is expected, what i need to bring, ect. I am going on a trip for a month and was planning on backpacking around the US for a while and was going to stop at various locations to help out and what not. I’m very handy when it comes to building things or figuring out how to build things. i’ve got around 10 years of experience when it comes to general construction and the like. i’m an able bodied worker and willing to get my hands dirty. let me know, thanks!

  14. Mike

    Please email me details on ur otg community the wife and I have been wanting to do this for some time now please email me at mikeffo@gmail.com

  15. psimation

    Most responses get weeded out pretty quick when they find there’s no free ride. Of the few that actually get invited, only three have come close to working out. Two have been back a couple times. One from inner city Detroit will be back again after more schooling in business management.
    Got a family arriving next week.
    Always looking for help and to help others in return.
    We are willing to provide a place for folks to teach/learn, and/or, be a “base of operations” for those that want to “go into the wild”, or get their life back on track.
    This could work out to be a forever home or a way station on life’s journey. It’s up to you.

  16. RaspberryTea

    Looks like you got a lot of responses here. Still looking for help?


  17. Ray

    Ive been looking for something like this fo a while. I would love to help you out an gor you to teach me. I have a back round inconstruction if thats helpfull t you

  18. Lexie

    We are a family of four, including two young children. We are looking for an OTG community to join. I’m very willing to learn everything anyone has to teach. I’ve only dabbled with gardening in the past, but I really enjoyed it.

  19. Jason Reid

    Hello, We are a family of four and really want to go off grid. My husband is 32 and he has been doing construction his whole life. He has no problem working. We have been researching going off grid for a while now. We would love some more information, please email the info to Jasonreid981@hotmail.com.

  20. Mitchel

    Hello my name is Mitchel I grew up in big timber Montana and I believe that what you are doing is very important to our future My good friend and I have 3 horses that we are currently learning how to train. I also have the knowledge and some experience brain tanning deer and elk hides.

    right now the horses are on his parents property and we are hoping to change locations in the next couple of months, I would love to learn more about self sustainability and make connections with other people involved in this movement.

    please email me at mitchellylejohnson@hotmail.com it would be nice to talk about our options … hard working.. no money.

  21. Alex

    Hello! Sounds like a great opportunity I would love to lend a hand! Currently living in Michigan but making some big changes and leaving here in 2-3 weeks. Looking for and ready to create a more simple and self sustained lifestyle. I’m 28 years old very hard honest worker. Hope to hear from you :) Thank you, alexrintala@yahoo.com

  22. JustAHuman101

    Hello, my fiance and I are interested in moving to Montana and getting off the grid. I am a native of Helena, Montana and we currently reside in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. We are willing to work and learn.
    If this posting is still available please contact us at: kristinnelson123@hotmail.com or svxrunner@yahoo.com

  23. Darcy

    We have 20 acres of rock & cactus near Whitehall, MT…No idea where to start…Needs to be low budget. darc333johnson@gmail.com

  24. Donnie

    In Montana in Ponderosa Pines outside of Clarkston if you now where that is

  25. Donnie

    Have my land ready off the grid looking for more info on solar power and water, my cabin should be done by the end of the summer would love to get more info sent to me


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