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Sheryl Crow at Green bash
The Oscars ceremony has abandoned last year’s pretence of being “green” – whatever that meant at the time.  With the exception of last night’s Global Green Pre-Oscar Bash there is not the slightest bit of Academy Awards greenwash in sight.

The stars who put their name to the Global Green charade included: Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cheryl Crow, Penelope Cruz, Rosario Dawson, Marisa Tomei, Kate Bosworth, Sebastian Copeland, Esai Morales and Gavin Rossdale.

You can check out the Global Green nonsense at impact.myspace.com or celebrity.myspace.com. Celebrities arrived in “Green” limos*, picked their way through some beautifully presented vegetables (not referring to the red carpet audience here) and then returned to their limos and presumably went on to the Ivy for some steak and seafood.   The Global Green event also streamed the concerts of Gavin Rossdale and BlackCowboy. But Cheryl Crow did not let her gig go out on livestream.

In previous years, Oscars organizers included a section of the official website dedicated to what was happening behind the scenes to reduce environmental impact.  Thereis no such list this year, and no repeat of past partnerships with the Natural Resources Defense Council, and luxury goodie bags are back instead of carbon offsets.

* Witness this excerpt from a sickening press release by so called Green limo service Econation: “……….Some stars even got a sneak preview of the new 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid that among a long list of upgrades features a solar panel on the roof to power fans to cool the car when it’s not running. Stars such as Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rosario Dawson, Adrien Grenier and many others demonstrate their support for environmental sustainability by going green to the biggest of all award shows, the Academy Awards.


Toyota and Econation green ground transportation are collaborating to provide the new 2010 Prius to Hollywood’s most beloved celebrities for awards shows and special events. Created in response to demand from entertainment industry clientele, Econation offers chauffeured car service to a number of Fortune 500 clients using the most advanced hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles not generally available to the public in major markets throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. “The entertainment industry is working to influence the rest of the world to use more sustainable options for transportation,” stated Ben Bloch, Managing Partner of Econation, “with the new Prius, Toyota continues to break ground and set the right example for the rest of the industry. You might be surprised how many people prefer a Prius over a stretch or an SUV these days. Everyone from CEO’s of the biggest film studios to Academy Award(TM) nominees request the Prius when they’re going out on the town because it makes the best statement from an environmental perspective, and is stylish and comfortable as well.”




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  1. Ben

    Hi – thanks for the coverage. That said, when people try to do positive things and do their best to influence the rest of the community, it would be good for you to learn the difference between this and green washing. Sure there’s plenty of that going on around the world (not necessarily in Hollywood), but some of us are actually trying to do what we can to help. I hope that the other writers for this newsletter choose to embrace the positive vs focus on the negative just so that you have something to write about . . . but I guess, some writers just feel that they must do that to be read.

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