We are a middle aged couple who have a farm in Northwest Alabama, and are looking for a young couple to help out on our 60 acres   We grow organic produce for ourselves and to sell, and have many more plans of  expansion.  Eg..mushroom farm, aquaponics, petting zoo, pumpkin farm, nature trails, farm to table events, ect… If you are like minded , and are willing to invest some time and energy, in Lou of rent we can help you get settled  and have your own piece of the sky.

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3 Responses to “Organic Farm help in Lou of rent”

  1. Richard1988

    Hey there,
    Im Richard 29 years young, Located in the netherlands, I was wondering iff there are any possibilities for foreigners to have a chance with offgrid living? Wished i could tell i had loads of experience but i have not, only offgrid i can find in my country, is living off the land wich ive been doing for the past 3-4 years, im no expert in it yet, some crops stil fail. But im learning. Im handy with both my hands! :) like to think myself as a multifunctional person that can do lots of differrent stuf, from building, to landworking etc.. Hope u could maybe give me tips or a way to help you out perhaps for sometime? Build some experience? Hope to hear from you soon. My mail= Richard1988@live.nl

    Grt Richard

    • Shawn McDonald

      Hey ive been searching for off grid locations. If the rent if free in trade for work i would be in . i have a large canvas tent i live in now with a cot tv and computer . Im good at survivalist kinda things. Get back to me if your still looking for some help. Thank you

      • Doug

        To Shawn McDonald. We are still interested in getting some help on the farm. If you could give us some more information. You can email me at aquaponicsdoug@yahoo.com. Or look us up on Facebook. Looking forward to hearing from you.