[before_listing id=468 images= youtube=null] I am looking forward to moving off-grid in the Rio Rancho area some time in the next year.

I have a solid idea of how to build a self-sustaining solar home with attractive recycled building materials. The basic structure of my solar home idea consists of a steel building frame, concrete blocks, and lots of glass, possibly an aerogel-packed variety, to collect solar heat. The design can be found at Larry Hartweg’s website. I’ve purchased and read his great book, and I absorb any idea I can find from other great websites on solar design–passive water pumping, concrete block construction, free cellulose insulation, solar distilling, rainwater harvesting, long-distance 2.4GHz internet relays, satellite television, internet VOIP (where landlines aren’t possible or desired), absorption chiller air-conditioning and refrigeration (well-described solar solution from Larry Hartweg’s website and book), and beyond. The ideas I’ve collected are so good that I’m looking for five or six individuals or small families to move into identical homes in the same area where I will be living. Even better would be twenty or so, to set up internet relay enclaves all the way out to my house from the edge of Rio Rancho. I can help with getting building materials, and we’d probably build the houses much faster if we all chipped in. Interior trim and decor would be at the aesthetic discretion of each homeowner. Give me a buzz if you’re interested. This is a “ready to launch” idea.[landbuddy_listing id=468 youtube=null]

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10 Responses to “Opportunity in Land of Enchantment”

  1. Kassie

    Hi! I am currently looking for a community to start my off grid life. This post is from quite some time ago, update would be awesome! I am currently looking for a community to start my off grid life within the next 2 years. Hope all is well and look forward to speaking with you hopefully :)

  2. Anthony Pride

    Hi again. I am serious and need help with this movement. 2016 Presidential election is Americas time for reintroducing resource based economy and doing away with the insanity of Americas monetary based economy. Thank You for your support and vote.

    Anthony Pride

  3. Anthony Pride

    I am stepping up. https://www.facebook.com/AmericanPridePoliticalParty We, the people are ready.
    Anthony Pride.

  4. rblue

    I’m looking for lands in NM to move off-grid. Hit me up if anyone has something to offer for less than $3K. rblue117@yahoo.com thanks

  5. john

    I am interested, hard worker and fast learner wanting to go off grid and become self-sustainable asap, distance isn’t to much of a problem but if I don’t find something soon I’m heading out east so call me at 505-918-8731

  6. CL

    @WestTexasLawrence where did you get this info…I’m looking to move and would like to avoid nuclear targets best I can…seems like a sensible consideration


    What “non-lethal” areas would someone here recommend, in terms o “legal” off grid living in New Mexico? Especially, something relatively distant from Russian nuclear targets, or nuclear installations. I just want to live in a small cabin, maybe do some fishing. near some trees would be good, or firewood. Contact: romans213@gmx.com

  8. tony

    I have 10 ac for sale just south of Albuquerque in the Los Lunas area. Perfect for off grid.

  9. Diane

    I am the Founder of NM Prepare, I hold meetings on a regular basis for Preparedness planning in the Albuquerque area, send me your contact info to nmprepare@gmail.com, would like to discuss your information further.

  10. WestTexasLawrence

    According to the last AOB, Air Order of Battle,
    I saw years ago, Albuquerque/Kirtland AFB were targeted with TWO 10 Megaton nuclear weapons by Russia. Great choice of location.