[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hi, My wife and I along with our children are planning to move from the US to Ontario Canada to start our new lives off the grid. We are purchasing 160 acres of land with all rights with it. Small creek on property, and near lakes. We would love to offer this to other families that wish to live the same. We can come together to create a community that help one another to live as comfortable as possible as simple as possible. No bills, just family and living. Of course before we go we want to get the things that we feel are needed(wood cook stove, solar panels, saw mill, etc.) just to help with everyday life, so we are thinking about making the move within and year or so. Along with going through the process to be able to live in Canada as a resident. Now, what we came up with is to offer families 3 acres to own legally for $2,000 to build their home and start making memories. We weren’t sure about starting a community at first so everything is still rough around the edges. Please feel free and leave comments and suggestions. If you are interested leave an email address and I will contact you promptly.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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31 Responses to “Moving to Ontario Canada and looking for families to join off grid”

  1. canuck111

    i guess yiou all gave up….On the map i am canuck111, also in northern ontario. looking for others to join…who cares what the government says time to take back your rights. i have the place just need the people…winters are cold but doable….fishing is great in the winter and close to home…..it is beautiful up here and very comfortable..

  2. canuck111

    Very interesting. I have some skills, a sawmill and have been living off grid in northern ontario for a year already. An indoor greenhouse using exhaust heat and CO2 is very do-able. Send me a line…importland@yaahoo.ca

  3. Cody VanDiepen

    Hello, me and my SO are very interested, we have been striving towards a self sustainable life. We are 22 and 24 and feel we have a lot we can offer. we currently already live in ontario. I would appreciate if you could contact us as I feel we would have much we could discuss.

  4. Kurt Halloch

    Khalloch@live.ca im am very intrested…i have the money and I am very handy as I am a licensed electrician and renovated house for a living. I grew up in n. Ont in the wilderness half my life… Ive done my time in the city and dream of a off grid community where all the people come together…do something reall…and pure… And beautiful…and create our ideal world with hard work and respect for one and another…I have a garage full of tools…and Im ready to get to work…just looking for the right people…im 38 and jave saved my whole life for this….please email me if there are similar people intrested…age, sex, ethinicity….does not matter…heart and spirit and drive is all that matters.

  5. Bruce

    Well it’s not going to happen . Cause the Ontario government wont allow you to sever (split up) your land to just sell or even to give away . But very interesting to see all the people interested in living in northern Ontario off grid:) -50 below in the winters and that’s at least 6 months:)

  6. Neil

    You all have the right idea about going off grid and being self-sufficient for food. And considering the steps the US gov’t has been taking (i.e. purchasing 2.4 BILLION rounds of ammunition for Dept. of HOMELAND Security, 2700 armoured vehicles also for DHS, FEMA prison camps across the country, rail cars with shackles, etc.), getting away to Canada is the way to go. But their reach will extend up here too, so make sure you are located in remote areas. Unfortunately I think your plan to go to Northern Ontario might be flawed. They have long, cold winters in Ontario making it difficult to grow crops and care for animals. My wife and I are preparing to organize an off-grid community here in BC where the winters are short and mild. We will be applying the principles of Permaculture to our land, and hope to join about 10 families building this community. It is important that there is no mortgage on the land so we will need to collect enough funds to pay for land, basic equipment, animals (chickens, goats, maybe sheep and horses too), fruit and nut trees, back up supply of food for first year, and land moulding costs. Rough guesstimate for now is approx. $30k per family plus you provide your own place to live (i.e. trailer, modular home, etc.) and eventually we hope to build community buildings and possibly cabins to move into later. We hope to have a website up with details sometime in September. Everything will be professionally and legally done with contracts. So if interested, check back to this website over the next couple of months.

  7. Susan Mercer

    I am 57, healthy and a widow. I grew up in Ontario and my family is still there. My late husband and I purchased land in Panama with the intention of living off grid. After his death I would still prefer to live off grid, but not alone in Panama. I am interested in what you are planning and would like to stay in touch.

  8. Thomas

    I would be interested in joining. I am a tradesman with equipment & tools. I would be a perfect fit. I can build & mill cabins and have all equipment to do so. Please contact me for more info

  9. Joseph Borjon

    I’m, very interested in this idea. I’m 4 years away from retirement and I’d like to retire to a place like this. I was born in a small farm in Mexico where we had no running water or electricity and miss the simple life and the sky full of stars at night. Please add me to the list.

  10. Lisa

    Holy Toledo! Well, given the responses, you’ve clearly hit on an interest and a need. Count us in on the list of those interested. We’re a family of 4, mom and dad and two kids, 5 and 8. Un-schooling would be a relief. Husband engineer, phenomenally technically skilled. Me, distant (Quantum) IMD (Integrative MD). Happy to serve and to be a part of a purposeful community. Presently in city. Thank you for dreaming of this enough to get it to this point and beyond!

  11. Libby

    May I suggest perhaps we set up a conference call do discuss this openly to all interested parties to save time. I can moderate if you wish. I have lots of experience helping everyone have a voice and making sure we cover an effective range of topics at a first information session, and I can take action items for takeaways and the next discussion for planning purposes. If you wish I can make that happen. Let me know please. Cheers.

  12. Libby

    I have quite a few skills you may find useful – organic gardener (experienced), medical skills, very experienced in planning projects, 8 years owning a construction company (hands on), expert horse trainer, great with kids, well read, very open minded. I can send you a detailed character profile that I had done for a large company I worked for. It’s very credible, used for high security clearance IT jobs that I used to do. I have quite a few prepping products like a hand crank generator you can make power from, wind up radios, wind up flashlights, heirloom seeds. I can sew, cook, frame a house, draft architectural plans, I’m an expert analyst and a strong faciliator of collaborative team work. I can provide many references and prove my skills. I’m very very healthy. I’m good natured and respect other people’s boundaries.

    If you are interested in discussing if we could be a fit for collaborative team work call my internet cell or email me. 714 941 8681. I also have some lovely hand made things that could be very useful and tools. I’m also quite skilled with energy healing and nutritional healing. When other people play video games and watch reality tv I am answering my curiosity by educating myself. Politically neutral but very aware. Also I can sing and dance very well. I’m fun, and entertaining. I also write stories kids love. I have been writing stories for a long time and am expressive and engaging when telling stories live for entertainment. Work is very important imo but fun and art are a welcome break from labor. So I hope that interests you.

    I tend to be a bit of a loner but enjoy company of good people.

  13. Linda Hanna

    Hello there !
    We just seen your ad and sounds very interesting . We are a couple in Ireland who have been looking into this way of living for a long time, no-one here we know ,up for it as yet. We Could come out for a while help you set up even, 6 mths or year !
    I am a 38yr old Visionary ,Social Entrepreneurial female who can track anyone & anything you need ,I am a top class connector of people, with a strong sense of importance how we should be living in the Real World. I also have lived in Toronto for 3 mths one Summer & loved the energy of the land.
    My partner of 7 years is a 40yr old Male , a total realist, Earth Man who is a super builder & Carpenter with a good heart & artistic flair who loves nature. We want to have a few kids in the next few years but are seriously tired of Tick tock world & feel there is another way to live for us & our family to come . We love nature, having a laugh, animals, people in general, learning & feeling free of worry & stress. We have come to conclusion if you don’t like something , change it . Thats why we looking out for people like you , on the same wavelength.
    We are most respectful of others & we possibly could come for short term learning & sharing skills, so we are open to hear more.
    be good to start communication.
    My email is realworldvisons@gmail.com
    I am also a Documentary Photographer & filmmaker with mobile kit!

  14. lisa fraggos

    I would love to come and be apart of this community. Getting off the grid would be fantastic. This has always been a dream of mine. Please email me @ lfraggos@ gmail.com
    Or xMl me direct. At 617-642-0605

  15. Monique

    Hi my name is Monique and I am a single mom of 3 young children. I am very interested in joining your family off-grid. I’ve been researching moving to canada so this would be perfect. I have never lived off-grid before but thats why I’m looking to join a community to help show me the ropes. I am hard-working, determined, and a very fast learner. Please consider my family when you make your move. I can be reached through email at: moniqueawilliams3716@gmail.com or feel free to text me at (213) 804-8961. I hope to hear from you soon.

  16. GH

    I’m very interested in finding out more about your up and coming venture, and would love to participate. I used to live in Ontario, and still have family there, and so, i’m very, very interested in making a move to off-grid living back there for the near future too. What you’re proposing sounds great, so far!!!

    Good luck with your planning, and looking forward to hearing back from you.

  17. Dannie

    We are very interested. Family of 4. I have a medical and early childhood background…my husband has some construction but mostly manual labor background…some basic automotive mechanic skills. Clean criminal history…no drug or alcohol issues. We know others that may be interested. My email is medasstdj@hotmail.com….would like to discuss our ideas…thoughts…plans..etc

  18. Connie

    Very interested in your ideas. I am a single woman, raised 5 children and have a great deal of experience in this type of endeavor, as we had done this for 10 years. We were still on grid, but latter learned more about solar and alternative energy. I have much knowledge to pass on, and would love to be part of a community that I can contribute to. Please contact me, Connie at blessings4ewe@aol.com

  19. Holly

    My husband and I plus 2 teenage girls are very interested in this possibility!! We’ve been wanting to do this for years. We have dreams of living in a small self sufficient community.
    Could you email details hollyforget@gmail.com

  20. Julie

    I might be interested, too. It’s just me and my son, though, so we don’t have a lot of money (no child support). I already live in Ontario; where are you planning to set up? I would be grateful for more information.

  21. Guncha

    I am interested in this idea. Could you please send me additional info? Is this offer valid for resident of third country world? I live in Central Asia.

  22. julea

    this sounds all neat and all but arent you just setting it all up just like another town or village?/and if you sell to the wrong person your screwed.you cant get them out..id be to afraid some nutt job would latch onto this and last thing id want for a neighbor..you still pay taxes,,exactly how much are they??im betting alot.anyways great idea.i really do but a safe environment.would you check out future residents and then decide or as a whole?you would really need to screen for pedefiles n nutt jobs just trying to get off the grid..

  23. Beverly Blackburn

    I would love to participate in this community, can you please send me additional information.

  24. Marc

    My wife and I are very interested please contact me so we can talk. Thank you. Marc.

  25. Kim

    Hi, I am single, older…55, alone. My kids are grown and live in a large city. I live in a small town in Montana, now. I have been thinking a lot about the future and how to live the remainder of my life with what is happening in the world, and also, looking for family, a community. I would be interested in hearing more. Originally from NY state, so am familiar with Ontario and love the area.


    we are very interested we have been thinking and talking about this for awhile, If u could email me and talk about it would be great. (williamgodfrey99@yahoo.com)

  27. Sarah

    I am very interested . I have been looking all over for like minded people that would be interested in something like this. My biggest question is have you researched Canada laws and do they support this. I thought USA did but the more I learn it seems they do not. I would love to talk to you if you can e mail me @ babym71199@hushmail.com and leave your number. I have 2 young boys and in all honesty I fear for there future. I am excited to speak with you, talk to you soon. Thanks. :)

  28. MonicaAnne

    I may or may not have already sent a message or been talking to you…was having problems with my computer today and had messages everywhere that I wasn’t sure if they had sent or not. lol

  29. lovelivingsimple

    Do you have an email I can reach you at?

  30. Monica

    I’m very interested in this idea. We are a family of 7 and trying to work out how to make this happen. We’d be very interested in doing this with a few other people/families.

  31. kevin martinez

    That idea sounds great ive been doing it but everytime wildlife troopers kick me out been in colorado texas and montana I wouldlove to join how much each acre I would put Iin money for equipment dont mind email me back ythank you bye.