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17 Responses to “OG in Pacific Northwest”

  1. Lonnie509

    Id like to have a conversation with you about the steps you needed to take to go off grid in washington. My girlfriend and I are starting to plan for it and have a general idea of what we want to do but not sure where to start and the legal channels we need to go thru. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. kyle cash

    looking to move off grid! if you guys need help with work, i can physically help farm, hunt, and mentally heal. please email me if you are looking to add excellent energy with your community. thanks!

  3. Logan Flores

    Hello, my partner and I have been training the skills necessary to survive off the grid about a year now. We need to put it into practice. One of many ideal situations is simply to be on a 2 acres of land and run a non profit feed the homeless with No-Till agriculture. Please contact me when you get the time, i’d like to start a conversation logan.flores1@aim.com

  4. Jerremy Morgan

    We are new to the program; but not new to the concept. Am from Port Townsend (presently in NC) and very familiar with many types of individuals who are OG in various ways. Our personal Five-Year Plan has already begun for us with the ultimate intent to retire early and enjoy my family time. We intend to go OG with regard to Elec/Food/Water, etc. in 2016 but we are/have begun already. Additionally I am/will be writing a book about our experiences OG. More later.

  5. simple is better

    Hey Reboot,
    I’m thinking more and more about goin off grid. Mostly becuase I want to become more self sufficent, lower my costs so can quit that commute to the big city. I am also a fellow moss back (North of Sedro Woolley). I would love to swap ideas on how to get my current home/site to the off the grid way life.

  6. Inthiscage

    I need a place to camp out in WA, while I find employment. (I’m working now, but going to move to WA). Get a hold of me if anyone has something like that, appreciate it.

  7. Michael

    Hey Reboot,

    I am on a bicycle tour attempting to visit as many homesteads as I can on the way. Mainly for educational purposes, but also for a photography project I have going on.

    If possible I would love to come check out what you have going on. And if you need any help with anything I am also fit enough to help you out.

    I won’t be there until at least a couple months from now, but shoot me an email and let me know what you think. I can tell you more about what I got going on.


  8. ReBoot2009

    I would say a good start would be to find a house to rent that is on the grid. Design and build the power system and debug it. This will help you learn about heating and possibly cooking, and lighting.
    Monitoring sites close to rivers is good if you have the time. Locate the high water level. Determine where the flooding occurs.
    Hang out on sites like this and read a lot and ask a lot of questions.
    My point is this; You can always pull the plug on your electrical, if you know how to handle your needs. Having a grid available, you have the luxury of experimentation and alterations. With a grid backup.


  9. Paul R

    Hey Reboot,

    I live in the Duvall/Carnation area. Lake Joy. I’m 20 and looking for a start. A great man I knew once told me to never turn down free information. Care to start a dialog? Email me @ mprobison@gmail.com.

  10. Jason

    I am trying despratly to live off the grid with some modern conviences solar, wind, water . with out distroying the envoiroment around me . i am not able to scout out washington and move there . one or the other . i have almost everything we will need including some money for land ,building and such . what do you recomend for an area in washington . i have been focused on the bellingham area way out in the woods . how can i pick land without going there . how is the growing season where you are? is the ground good for growing? solar seems to b out of the question in washington would you agree ? could a green house b an alternative for a garden . any info you can give me would b helpfull . do you have a job ? if not how do you pay for supplies?

  11. Reboot2009

    Hi Chris-
    I help people get off grid in the way of educating them to what to expect, how to survive, and how to plan for the journey. There is a big difference in living off grid and surviving off grid living.

    I live in the Cascade Mountains and up here it really isn’t too hard to find a secluded place to live. It’s probably harder to find work. What do you do? Many people live up here and drive to a bigger city to work, but with the price of gas heading for the $5-$6 a gallon range, I would try not too drive much.

    Have you been to Washington before? The climate is much different than Texas. It would be easier to go off grid in Texas than up here. It snowed last week and in the last three weeks we have seen the sun maybe three days, the rest of the time it has been raining (as it is now).

    I’m not sure what you mean by “bound by [their] intolerant laws”. If you are referring to the “greening of America”, things get pretty green up here. The woods are full of mushrooms for scavengering, and the selection of berries makes some “fine” wine. I think I remember seeing an officer of the law up here last month, but he could have been Betty’s son coming up to fish. 

    Check out http://www.globalfamilysurvival.com. That’s my site in Washington. Off-grid.net is a great site and Nick’s book “off the grid” is a good read. At GFS we talk more about Washington State.


  12. Chris V.

    Please, this website says that you help people get off grid. I have been trapped in Texas my whole life bound by their intolerant laws and I just want to be secluded. I have always dreamed of living in Washington and I would be willing to do everything necessary to truly start a life out there. Please respond.

  13. trista

    looking for any labor help? Free of charge in exchange for posting a tent.

  14. Sebastian

    You say you want to help people? I want to get off the grid, completely, to the point of not using money anymore. Any tips?

  15. Dennis Penrod

    I have been wanting to go off the grid for awhile now. Do you have any tips for me? Where should I go? I am so fed up with the way society is going these days. I want to get away from it all. How do I do it?

  16. Reboot2009

    I don’t know Marshall personally, but I visit his site on a regular basis. He has some good info for OG living.

  17. elnav

    Do you by chance know Marshall C over in Chelan. He has been off grid for 10 years or so.
    his website is http://www.genverters.com