I don’t know how to edit my post. My name is lucifer I live in washington. I’m a vegan, I own 3 guns and I’m trying to go off grid. I’m 31 years old.i know some survival stuff. I’ll live anywhere as long as it’s off grid, I been reading how to build underground housing. I think that about covers it, please hit me up if interested!

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3 Responses to “Offgrid with lucifer”

  1. Tara

    Hi Lucifer,
    Cool name. My name’s Tara, also 31 years old. I’m looking to go off grid as well. Email me tarafying247@gmail.com if you want to discuss this more.

  2. Zavion Wright

    I have 10 acres in Texas it’s the culberson county area didn’t want to be out here alone anyone that feels the same please join me contact me come on down

  3. Michelle Bailey

    Sounds extraordinary! Though mine is with dogs, no guns, I never shot a gun before, not opposed, just never learned. I am through with people in the city, and my dogs need to have more space the a little patch of dirt the size of a patio to play on. They are great dogs and deserve so much more, for what they do for me. I have 3 plott hounds, brindle, andall are fixed, so no puppies, I got them from animal society (a dog jail) I love to learn and am a hard worker, no children for me either, might as well be from the pound too! Ha! (No multiply) I am tired of the city living and would like my remainder to be hard work, appreciate nature, and enjoying the likes of your new creations, and mine. Something people seem to ignore in the city. Anyway, I even purchased a motorhome for the right person to teach me to drive and go out explore real time life and all that is in it. I am ready and await those interested in joining my pack. I don’t want to have to do this with only one whom can verbalize the feelings I feel along the way, hopefully someone that feels the same will come along and we can work for our goals together?