We have 88 acre fully off-grid permaculture farm in Sorrento, BC, Canada. Purchased property in 2013 and now have gone fully off grid and developed small scale production of poultry meat, eggs, lamb, beef, and a variety of fruit trees, raspberry strawberries, asparagus, and vegetable gardens. We have also started planting for a apple cidery with our first 400 apple trees started in a nursery. We want to continue expanding the farm activities with a goal of being sustainable for food and cashflow within the next 5 years. We seek a young couple or person(s) experienced in successful sustainable organic or permaculture market gardening, greenhouse food production, to join us. We are planning to build and install year round geo air greenhouse(s) as well as pasture based layer mobile coops and rotating pasture management as well as expanding our pasture meat bird production and local food marketing including website and social marketing and developing a CSA program. If you are keen to go off grid, interested in farming full time, not afraid of working outdoors year round and going totally off grid for power, food, water, etc. than send us your details and we can discuss further.

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10 Responses to “Permaculture Farm seeks young experienced farming couple”

  1. Kevin

    My name is Kevin, I’m very interested, I’m 24 recent graduate of environmental engineering with a passion for farming, permaculture, and homesteading. Please contact me, I would love to join.

  2. Aantazy

    I am very interested please email me at
    We are in California want out!

  3. Aeilla and caleb

    Hi there my partner and I have been looking for an off grid community for many years! And your spot sounds like it could be a perfect fit for us. We love to garden and be outside. I have always been told I have a green thumb. Here in the us my husband and run a landscaping and tree falling business. We hate the normal day to day way life is working and it is slowly tearing us down. Making us want the off grid life even more. I’d love to learn more and see if we could come to your property and help each other out :)

  4. Matthew Applegate

    Please contact me I am interested and would like to come asap.

  5. Clay Clarkson

    Hello, my name is Clay Clarkson. I am interested. I’m a student at TAMUCC and know how to take care of soil. Email me please ClayClarkson@live.com

  6. Abby

    Hello, my name is Abigail. I am 18 years old and I feel as though I have little to no clear path in college or in life. I love the outdoors. I am a committed worker and person. I do not care about any trivial or social media popularity. I do not care about 2018 society. I come from the United States. I am extremely unhappy in college and I do not want to be a part of the workforce or any kind of bullshit life that could happen from being unhappy. All I need is music, Nature, food, water, shelter. I am an artist. I need to break free from this madness.

  7. jonnie


    I am Satish from India. I am 31 years old single male. I been trying to explore this option as a way of life. I am educated and a Post Graduate MBA. I Have realised that I would rather go for something more meaningful and fulfilling. I can cook, drive, general help. I stay alone all by my self, so apparently have to manage everything by myself. I think I can be of general help. Over the years I have learned that there are many things that we learn on the fly. Please do consider me for this position. Looking forward to hear from you.


  8. Satish Tewari

    I am Satish from India. I too have done basic military training during graduation. I Finish my MBA from India a long time back. I am good with computers, and almost manange everythin on my own as I am single. I have always wanted to live off the grid. I feel like this opportunity is an amazing one. I am 31 years old, and a quick learner. I have a zest for life and eager to learn. I am physically fit and mentally motivated. I am sure I can provide my own assistance in some way as I already have an educated back ground. Somethings we just learn on the fly by doing them. Please do consider me as a candidate for your off the grid community. It will be a valuable experiece for me to learn something amazing. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

  9. Kev Barker


    My name is Kev Barker I am a British citizen & ex military. I have little experience In farming but I do have experience in hunter/gatherer type of off grid living. I am, however a very fast learner & keen to learn new skills all the time. I have been looking for a way to live off grid for some time. So please consider me as a possible candidate to join you. With physical fitness, determination & a desire to live in a close knit community, I would love this opportunity.