My name is Peter, a dutch guy and 38 years old now.

For 17 years i have been working in the ICT as computer specialist.

Now i am ready for a new adventure in portugal with an off-grid life.

The world is changing. And that is a good thing. The way that current people live on earth is no life.

We have politician and world leaders who are really psychopaths. We have docters that are killing humans and making them sick instead of healing them.
We have a world thats all about money, ego and power. With all that we are destroying mother nature big time. The world is sick and its time to make this world a better place.

Truely i can’t take this world with all there crazenesses, insanities, nonsenses, madnesses and fooleries.

They say if you wan’t a better world you have to change yourself.

So i quit my job a couple month’s ago and sold my house. I bought 7 hectares of land in Portugal for an off-grid life. People are very welcome to enjoy the nature, take a rest from the busy society or if you like an off-grid place join me.

still working on website but its 

I just started and at the moment there is nothing. Got a barn and solar panels for phone. Building shower and toilet is first thing i will work on. 

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18 Responses to “Offering a place for people and aliens”

  1. kelly

    would love to know more sounds fantastic please email me!

  2. Marianna

    Hi can you contact me at

    I have severe memory loss and do not like American food it’s not healthy I think and farms don’t take time to grow healthy food.

  3. Marco, Lili and Danny

    Hi Peter, We’re a family of 3 living in Wales but originaly from Portugal and Brazil. We moved to Wales to pursue the same dream, and would love to visit you to help and learn. Would love to hear from you

  4. Marco, Lili and Danny

    Hi Peter, we’re a family of 3 living in Wales. We’re originaly from Portugal and Brazil. We originaly moved out here to pursue the same dream. We would love to come visit, help and learn. Would love to hear from you

  5. Harry.Bouch.96

    This post resonates with me so much! I’d love to come and join you! I’m 22 years old, I have basic skills in bushcraft, foraging and survival. I’m a free thinker, a philosopher and I want revolution. For me, unplugging from this crazy system and living off grid is the ultimate act of revolution! If you want me to come and join you, please let me know. My email is

  6. Eilish McVey

    Hi Peter

    My name is Eilish, and I am a masters student studying design strategy in Toronto Canada. I am currently working on a project surrounding home energy storage.

    I was wondering if there would ever be a time that we could chat about your interest in off grid living. I am currently in the research phase of the project and I am gathering insight on how those interested in off-grid living think about energy use. If you are not the right person to speak to on this topic perhaps you can direct me to someone else.



  7. Stacy Poindexter

    In Northern California… my husband me my son and our dog are looking for this exact life!!!!

  8. Tasha

    I feel the exact same way literally as if my spirit is dying. I live in Tennessee right now and I am desperately searching for my place “my Tribe”.
    I don’t fit into this society and I don’t want to. Funny I do feel like an Alien in the Modern world. 😊. I know this is what I need where I can finally be Free. I have questions about what I would need to do have to get there .. Please email me Raiseyourvibes23@gmail
    Peace Light and Love

  9. Sudden

    Nicky, i could not send you an email back. It says email address dont exist. If you want to get in touch mail me at , thanks

  10. Nicky balius

    Great way of putting it that accurate to me I’m happy to here the interest you have I’d love to be over to join up I’m the states Florida not really to much going an entertainment material stuff who can can have the most sicking

  11. Ari

    Hi, my name is Ari , I have skills of interior building, I’ve basically done renovations restorations. But i can learn and adapt to many skills, easily. I agree with much of what you say . I find myself wanting to go back to nature, ( off grid ) . Iam positively outgoing , and find alot of the city environments are draining. I don’t know what your money situation is, I myself do not have alot of money, but am willing to,do what I can. I have a couple of questions. How far are you now ,with the construction? how are the acomadations? I myself don’t mind sharing same living space with like minded people. can I become a permanent resident to PORTUGAL? What is the location your at Portugal. Have a great day.

  12. Danny Anderson

    I am very interested in an off grid life. My skills are cooking, clay work, soap making from wood ash and oil or tallow, food animal reading and a bit of agriculture and medicinal plant knowledge. I was supposed to go to Costa Rica for an off grid living situation but somehow lost contact with fellow pursuer.

  13. Carlos Moura

    Apologies if I’m being dim, but this website – while hugely appreciated – is very unclear. Am I able to message a poster, or do I need to register first?

    I ask because it seems myself and Peter have very similar objectives, but are at different stages of developing the ‘project’.

    Peter…or more likely, moderator, please advise.


    • Nick Rosen

      Carlos – state your interests and intentions clearly and then if PEter wants to give you his contact he will do so

  14. Sudden

    Thanks Pierre nice to hear!

  15. Matthew

    Please aim me asap i can build you whatever you want and we can grow an amazing garden me21 my wife autumn18 and son Bentley 1 1/2

  16. dirk witte

    Nice work Peter, welcome to the changing world. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

  17. pierre le grande

    I agree fully with what you say in this comms. That is exactly my perspective and researched / personal experience conclusion at this time.
    Go boy…GO!!!!