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[before_listing id=421 images= youtube=null] what up everybody? Names Brian, I am a 23 year old light skin dominican fella that lives in the suburbs of the North-east (Tri-state) looking to live off the grid within the next 2 years..i have 2 semesters left of college, I might as well finish. But Im sick of this society and how the economy runs everything. So much Greed, War, and Hate. I believe that this world is in for a huge change very soon and I just want to be ready. I need to get in contact with the right people who can help get me started and lead me in the right direction towards pursuing this goal. Im all about peace love and fairness. Real easy to get along with and i’m looking to take the next step. I eat very little amount of meat, id rather be a vegetarian love rice n beans and all veggies really..and would like live in a community that grows their own food and has a fresh water source. very important. Im just about fed up with the unnecessary pressures from our society. Need to be in touch with nature and communal living . Thanks for reading this and for future support.

Feel free to contact me [landbuddy_listing id=421 youtube=null]

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  1. NHNatural

    Hi Brian. We are just starting to clean up and put together a small farm in west central NH. The ultimate goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible, hopefully to the point that, if necessary, we can survive on our own. It is a lot of work but we feel the benefits are worth it. There is space, or will be by next summer, for a couple more people and eventually we hope to have 5 to 7 people at the farm. We are mostly off grid and intend to stay that way. Currently we have a hand drawn well for water, dry composting toilet for sewage, wood stove for heat. There is electricity but the long term plan is to minimize or even eliminate it. Right now it is mainly for refrigeration.