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[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am a 35 years old computer engineer from Italy. I moved to Munich 2 years ago with my wife for work. We are now having a baby and looking to set roots.
In doing this, I would like to plan a possible off-grid future, as I don’t trust the current economic system and would like to be as much as possible independent from it.
Being a foreigner I have some problems in getting the right social network to start initiatives and build a community to go off-grid.
I hope this listing helps me in that.
Back in Italy we already did some research for building a wooden house and noticed that having someone else to share the project with would have helped in reducing the costs (terrain, consultancy, paperwork, etc.) so I hope to get in touch with someone to put the forces together. Also because if we are to make it in Germany, as we would like since economy and society in Italy is bad and will remain in the near future, language can complicate things. We speak German, but understanding legislation and paperwork is hard even in your motherlanguage.
If you live in the Munich area and are interested contact me at m.sernesi tiscali.it[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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8 Responses to “Off-grid wannabe in Munich Germany”

  1. Natuval

    Hi there, we live near Freiburg im Breisgau – Germany. it isnt to far….We are planning to stay though in the black forrest area. Why: Safe, lovely nature…also with the idea to do it with another family with kids.

    Maybe u are interested or someone else nearby?

    we speak german and other languages, spanish, portuguese, french, italian, english, german…

  2. Stevo1991

    Hi Ben and brandon. I am also interested. Wanne get in contact?

  3. Massimo Sernesi

    Leider ist meine Projekt on hold. Häuser kosten zuviel, zumindest hier in München und umgebung.

  4. BenMobil

    Hallo Zusammen,
    das klingt sehr interessant. Würde mich freuen für einen Gedankenaustausch von Euch zu hören.

  5. Brandon

    Hello, I am an American living in Germany(Rheinland Phaltz Area). I never dreamed that living off the grid would be possible in Germany, but the more I look, the more possibility it could happen. If anyone has websites, info, etc on how to do it in Germany, let me know. Lets start the revolution over here

  6. thomas

    Hi, I live in Germany, near Frankfurt/Mainz (Hunsrück). It’s beautiful here, sunny, wine country, nice landscape. I’m also starting to look into living off the grid with my partner. There is so much information that is US-based. If any of you have good websites or ideas, hook up with us. Open for ideas.

  7. MrBala

    Hello. I’m Bruno. 36 married, 2 kids with 10 and 3. We living in switzerland for about 5 years. We portuguese. Lisbon. Alternative family when we can. I search the same thing. Don’t know where or when. I built wood stuctures. Warehouse. Habitation. Etc… I think France its a nice place or Italy i like both. Ok. Bye…

  8. Misty

    Cool to find this. I have recently started looking at this stuff (off grid living) as I came across it on YouTube in search of some documentaries to share with my sons. I am looking at this village that is located in Germany now that is all off grid, have you seen it? How cool is that :)