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[before_listing id=358 images= youtube=null] I’d like to contribute to technology for going off grid – and I would dearly like to do so myself. I can not be too far from North Vancouver, since my son alternates weeks with me. I am quite capable in innovation and prototyping (I made the electronics in the Race Rocks tide turbines) and have been a self employed prototyper for 25 years. [landbuddy_listing id=358 youtube=null]

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6 Responses to “Off Grid Tech/Move”

  1. Rebecca

    Wow, what a glitch, okay that second g is supposed to be an @ sign. If you figure this out, you’re a genius… Rebecca

  2. Rebecca

    Kent, that email address ought to be: compostbugg****.com

  3. Rebecca

    Hey Kent
    I’ve got an off-grid place not too far from N. Van. I have same situation 50-50% can’t move too far away. Please email me: compostbugg****.com

  4. Ezra Behrends

    Very Interested In Your Tide Turbine!!! Please contact Me @ 530 414 0911 Or @ my email

  5. elnav

    Tell me more about the Race rock tide turbine.
    direct email is 2elnav( at) netbistro( dot)com

  6. Jonathan Cole

    I would be interested in seeing the details of your experience. Please go to my web site to see mine: