Pyramid power

Ever see an off grid pyramid? Well you are about to. This is the video story of Greg Grant, who began his off grid existence slow and small.

He didn’t put a lot of money into his project. What he had was land, lots of natural materials, a great bunch of talented and helpful friends, and a unique vision. He chose to make his off grid home out of short straw-bale walls, but with a steeply pitched, pyramid shaped roof. You will see further in the video, Greg likes interesting shapes for buildings.

I enjoyed watching Greg’s video, he shows his solar system, it’s not a big system at all, but it works great for him, the main thing I got from his video is the fact that he built his power system up slowly over the years, not putting a lot of money into it at any one time, building it piecemeal (like PB and I did) and doing it himself meant he saved a lot of money and intimately knows his system.


Here is the video, it’s a little over 50 minutes long, watch and enjoy :)

Here are some screen caps from the video

Solar powered pyramid complete with dogs

Greg Grant

The (mostly) free materials  Plastering the straw bale walls  The inside of the solar system



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