10 of 80 acres to yourself in an off-grid community to build your own off-grid dream home.


Goal: Complete Autonomic Living off the Land in New Mexico


Land is not for sale. It will be rented to families to build as they please. Each family will receive 10 acres for their own use to build and manage their own self-reliant estate.

There are approximately 9.5 miles of country gravel roads leading to the 80-acre property from I-40. Four-wheel drive is recommended for the occasional snow-producing storms but nothing too damning. Approximately 30% of the gently rolling hills are scattered with Juniper and Pinion Pine trees ranging from 8’ to 20’ tall. It receives 15” rain, and 300 days of sun per year.  At 5000ft elevation, the area has very mild temperatures ranging from 25-92 degrees as annual high and low. Animals, sustainable agriculture, and families are all welcome.

Land is available from 10-60 acres at $30/acre/month and cheaper if you stay over 5 years.

Years 1-5 $30/month
Years 6-10 $15/month
Years 11-15 $10/month
Years 16-20 $5/month
Years 20+ $0.00

I’m seeking to provide renters an affordable opportunity to live independently without having to take out loans and then pay interest on said loans.
For the sake of efficiency and sustainability, alternative energy is recommended. You may dig a well on your property, but rainwater-collecting techniques are encouraged in order to maximize efficiency. I’m knowledgeable on this subject and will freely provide tips, plans, and advice as you request.

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