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Coleman’s Exponent Flex 5 solar energy pack recharge your mobile phone and other small items on the move – at a better price than you will find anywhere else.

Flex 5

We have done a deal to get our readers the best possible price on a great little powerpack that will convert solar energy into trickle charge electricity.

The Exponent Flex 5 is a foldable solar charger, the size of a paperback book. It’ll charge your MP3 player, digital camera or GPS in a few hours, wherever you are. Ideal for outdoor lovers, campers and backpackers, it is practical, resistant and waterproof.

Normally retailing for 80, we are offering the Exponent Flex 5 for 65.75 INC post and packing within the UK. Please add 3.50 outside the UK.

Payment by Paypal — please — email nick@off-grid.net

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2 Responses to “Mobile solar panel offer”

  1. Nick Rosen

    The iSUN is great, but I find that the foldable pack can give just a bit more power, and can, for example, trickle-charge my ThinkPad laptop as well as the usual cellphones and MP3 players. We do not want to make claims for it, as it may not work on the hungrier laptops, but that is why I like it.

  2. Thomas Lemoyne

    How does this compare to the isun connections? I know they are both ICP products.