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[before_listing id=263 images= youtube=null] Young montrealer looking for a way to get off-grid here.[landbuddy_listing id=263 youtube=null]

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21 Responses to “Off Grid Quebec”

  1. scott

    hi i have 4000000 sf of land and i am looking to build a container home whit solar energy i am looking for people intressed on living off grid but whit the same live as i town. if intressed the land is located in saint come in the lanaudiere. look me up on facebook scott hirst.

    • stephan bukay

      i am interesting but i look the facebook lot’s of scott there wich one of you? or send me email zappabuk13@gmail.com

    • ronny genovesi

      very interested in living off grid and building a container home looking to get out of montreal im a builder im not rich but can bring and contribute skills im a gardner also landscaper james676@outlook.com 438 896-9379

  2. Chrystine

    I just wrote the previous message not too long ago and I realized maybe I should have left my e-mail address here, so here it is: chrystine.cadieux@hotmail.com

  3. Chrystine

    I just attended a seminar of Earthships downtown Montreal and it was really nice! I’d like to meet with like-minded people as well.

  4. Amber

    If anyone has some room for creative, think-fast me, count me in! Email me. Please?

  5. Shirin D

    count me in!

    I am planning on learning basic survival skills right now.

    I started vermicomposting as a start.

  6. ssmcivilian

    the only problem with owning land is that the government will know where you are.

  7. Fred

    I’m south of you people in Vermont….. rebuilding 450 kw hydro plant…. and also doing a 6kw solar system….. looking to network with other like minded people…. 200 watt panels can be purchasedDIY is cost effective….. if you keep the commercial solar guys out of the picture….

  8. Anne-Marie

    Hi, Salut! (francais plus bas)
    A collective of people is currently forming in the Montreal area to start a collective eco-building project. In other words, we wish to build homes for each other and build facilities which we can sale or rent in order to finance our collective projects. Everyone is invited to this wonderful multi-outcome project! Please join us, we do not want your money, we want your ideas, we want to collaborate, share ideas, ressources, creativity and in the end, we want everyone engaged in building homes for little money and that will cost little in energy…

    Already there is an event scheduled via facebook and a meetup to take place this winter via Meetup.
    Please write to me Anne-Marie Bourassa on FB or visit https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/event.php?eid=207073949366548

    And let’s meetup for coffee or whatever you prefer to drink https://meetu.ps/4Q7WY #OccupyTogether

    Un collectif se forme actuellement dans les environs de Montréalpour un projet d’éco-construction sans précédent! Nous voulons nous regrouper dans le but de bâtir les maisons des uns et des autres à peu de frais et souhaitons aussi financer le projet en vendant ou en louant une ou plusieurs constructions.
    joignez-vous au projet! Nous ne voulons pas votre argent, c’est vous, vos idées, vos ressources, votre créativité et vos mains à la pâte que nous souhaitons rallier! Imaginez travailler avec un groupe de gens motivés, pleins de ressources à un projet qui offre de multiples bénéfices dont un domicile sain, à peu de frais et qui vous coûtera moins cher en matière d’énergie…

    Déjà, nous avons mis le groupe en ligne sur Facebook : visit https://www.facebook.com/?
    Vous pouvez également vous joindre à notre rencontre autour d’un café ou d’un rafraîchissement cet hiver https://meetu.ps/4Q7WY #OccupyTogether

    L’union fait la force
    L’action offre les résultats
    Trouvez-moi sur FB Anne-Marie Bourassa

    • Steven

      Hi Anne Marie,
      Is there a group in Grand Montreal area I can contact

  9. Dmitri

    Hell0 everyone. We plan an ecovillage in Peterborough area, Ontario. However I wanted to let you know about an amazing forming community in Quebec I visited last summer: https://savitarvillage.com/

  10. claude couture

    hi, I’m from Montréal also, speak french et english, looking for partner to get off the grid. I do have knowledge in food prep, long food storage, dehydration, free energy, construction (basic) and many more subjects … looking to start with some people projects to get off the grid. I’m willing to start a sustainable homestead with people who share this same goal and philosophy.
    I’ll be more than happy to have your idea on this matter.

  11. simply me

    Hi everybody, bonjour a tous.
    Sick and tired of my chains. read Nick Rosen’s book. looking for other like minded people in my area to share ideas. ( currently in montreal )

  12. Nancy

    Hi, I’m in southern Quebec (on the border, literally ) and I’ve been dreaming of such a “life” for about 3 yrs now … i read a lot about Earthships and food production, sustainability etc … but it seems unattainable. We are so stuck in that crappy system…it’s weird to say but I feel I don’t have the finances to go live a “cheap” life. What an aberration !!! I wish I knew all this before I got stuck with a mortgage and loans etc.
    …and everybody around here is blind or just don’t care … it freaks me out.

    • Steven

      Hi there
      I am interested in participating in these discussions, have you found a group or organization yet that you can share details
      Kind regards

  13. brad

    sounds like a sweet commune waiting to happen perhaps yurts?

  14. Anne-Marie

    With you or simply to share ideas here, I’m into gardening (fruits, vegetables, herbs), healing with proper food, herbs, building a strawbale house (paille et mortier) as I have helped others do it in the past, but I am not specialized. I am learning how to cook with solar energy (solar oven) and water dstillation in case the water in the area is not safe. My child and my girlfried are in

  15. ken

    Hello, I am also from Montreal. Intention to go off-grid with house I designed sometime soon. I have my cards in construction which should help also done a course with archibio but now need to do a workshop. I like straw, cob, adobe houses. Always good to network so what are your ideas etc?

    • multihealing

      I am interested in cob or starw bale houses. let us connect.

  16. golddigger62

    Bon Soir Heidi..forgive my french :) my roots are Ille Dupas in St Lawrence River..among others across Canada..:) Im payin down a loan on 14.11 acres in NB..near Coldstream..if you look at http://www.wolterland.com Steven has nice deals on acreages NB and NS..low down and low payments..low interest..easy terms..just spreading the word sharing my good fortune finding these with others wanting off grid..
    if you ever have a deep need of a toothless balding, rugged old man of 61 just wink .. teasin now bud..good luck..:)