Looking to establish communication with off gridders in Oregon.

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8 Responses to “Off Grid Oregon”

  1. the artist shay

    Hope to meet off gridders soon

  2. the artist shay

    Going off grid this summer hoping to meet others for strong friend bonds

  3. penny

    currently live off grid in Oregon!
    contact me!

  4. Brenda Gipson

    Me and my family would like to live off the grid and was wondering any ideas. City life in nebraska is not my thing and I agree with kevin allan I want to get into the growing industries for jobs etc it can do alot of goods please I need advice and and if someone willing to hire me to start willing to move as soon as spring

  5. Dave and Jacci Goff

    My wife and I are also looking for some land in Oregon to start an off grid community.

  6. Abbey


    Please contact if you’re interested in living and investing in my little off grid ommp friendly property in southern Oregon :)

  7. Abbey

    My partner and I are currently trying to buy a solar off grid home in a rural area (population under 500) in Klamath county. We are hemp friendly and are trying to set up all the different tax lot acres for other off grid farmers to have their residence too. Email me and let’s talk about off grid options!!! Love to build up this little rural community. :)

  8. kevin allan

    hello, i am a new resident to Oregon, just under 1 year, and also am exploring off grid options here. Most options for cheap land have soo many restrictions off grid isnt possible. Im open to options if you have any? I would like to see a rural area grow with like minded people and i am looking into the hemp home option for not only homes but to produce jobs. feel free to e-mail me