I’m a nomadic explorer looking for advice on how to buy the right piece of property for off grid living. I don’t believe I’m looking for commune living so much as a loosely held together community where it is possible to buy raw milk, grass fed beef, organic veggies and oils and also build relationships. I’m open to any ideas.
I’m already off grid in that I have no bills, no job, no address, and pay no rent nor taxes, legally. I travel most of the year outside of the US and the other months am looking for land and a tiny sustainable green structure to call home base. I love privacy and time alone, and I also love people and activities and friendships. I’d ideally like a community where both are possible.
35/female/ unattached, nomadic type. I’m not a hippie but I aspire to be in some ways. I grew up totally off grid and have also lived in major cities.
I’m looking for any kind of feedback, as I pursue this idea of procuring some piece of land to grow some things on and harness the sun and wind and water. I’ve lived on sailboats and love small space living.
Any ideas/collaboration/thoughts welcome!

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10 Responses to “Off grid nomad, maybe looking to nest a bit”

  1. david norris

    i have 9 acres in Starks Maine i have been at for 5 years , by myself off the grid, need collaborators. i am an artist, the place is beautiful, hard to do on your own, onegypsy55@gmail.com

  2. Off-Grid Wanna B


    My name is Kimberly.Eventually I would like to live totally off-grid and settle down into one location but currently I am interested in traveling around the US.
    I am a single female looking to another female who would like to travel in my rv going around teaching the ways of living off-grid all around the united states starting out in Florida and then branching out. We would get paid for our effort and our lodging would be paid for as well. One requirement would be that you have some money to take care of your immediate needs until money starts coming in for us and preferably a vehicle that we can tow behind the motorhome. I have a plan and it is pretty much all set paperwork wise. All I am looking for now to catapult it into manifestation is another person who can put the time and effort into it with me as I need help and its not a one woman venture.
    Please send serious inquires to Touch-For-Life@Hotmail.Com

  3. karinamad

    loce = love

  4. karinamad

    thanks for these encouraging responses. i’d loce to talk collaboration with all of you. please email me at madisonkarina at g mail

  5. Chris

    My name is Chris and I’m 30 yrs old. I am also very interested and like yourself, am free and clear of debt and obligations. I have been pretty nomadic for the past 5 years, live simply, and would like to gain more valuable skills in life by living off grid. I’m currently traveling in a campervan, hoping to find a place to call home for a while to start building a life. I do have savings and would be interested in helping to finance a property.

  6. Nick Bunive

    I am very interested in this, my name is Nick, I’m a 23 year old male and have been searching for something like you’re describing. I’ve never lived off the grid before but it is something I’ve wanted to do my entire life. I’m a very spiritual person and I love the outdoors and meeting people with similar mindsets. Please message me if you are interested about my inquiry.

  7. Cornfed

    Greetings like thinkers. We’re a fulltime RV couple of middle age,also been trying to get this sort of idea off the ground for a while now… Havent had much luck finding anyone serious enough,lots of talkers but so far no doers. Anyway, what area do you have in mind? We’d be interested in talking with you or anyone about making a team effort to move forward on some sort of off grid set up. We own a live in size camper, car, truck and tons of suport equipment of all sorts along with a modest income….Its just a matter of getting with the right people who are serious about bringing this off grid idea to reality. We just feel a team effort is the key..Look forward to hearing from any of you. Peace n light. Tom & Marilyn tg2lynch@yahoo.com

  8. Dana

    Namaste…I am also a single female with an absolute passion for an off the grid lifestyle… I am very much interested in what you are doing and would like to know what steps I need to take to in order to get this process started…I am a minimalist and nomadic as well…please email me with any information or advice you can give me. I am currently in the Midwest.

  9. Laz

    if you are not opposed to some fairly harsh conditions periodically, you might want to check out some of the land-in-limbo northwest of taos, nm. it is spectacularly beautiful, very isolated (yet only 30 miles from taos), and essentially free. yes, i got my half acre lot for $750, and i pay the taxes on 5 other lots that surround me, at $5 per year. there are maybe a dozen people within several square miles right where i am. with zero infrastructure in place, you do have to be willing to homestead for real. but it is definitely doable. i have beautiful veggies growing right now both in my greenhouse and outside beds, and we have finally had some decent rains, so my water catchment is all full up. a neighbor has chickens and goats (we trade/gift each other often). most “mainstream” folks that visit me acknowledge the insane beauty and peace/quiet/solitude, but would never consider living like this. if you are into creating your own life (rather than having it created for you), this kind of life is about as close as it gets to freedom in this shithole of a world. :-) it definitely takes effort, but at least that effort is applied directly to the creation of your life, rather than to making money (or going into debt) which is then used to purchase the things you want.

    not that i live completely without money, of course (though that is my unattainable goal), but the amount i need is miniscule compared to when i was a high-dollar tech wiz before and during the dot-com explosion of the 90s. and the freedom i have as a result… priceless.

  10. karen

    Very interested in your lifestyle ideas. I am a female as well, looking to make some major changes towards community based self sustained living. I currently live rural but I seem to be the only one of my mindset. It’s simpler and happier, I think, living at least near people who share similar ideas and can help each other towards a common goal. I have a great job but am considering applying my skills skills instesd in a way that is more meaningful. Sold my home and property of 20 yrs to free myself up for the right opportunity. Am exploring possibilities and stumbled upon this website today. I am independent and strong minded….and things that I set my heart and mind out to do seem to have a way of working out for the best. Not sure if this comment posts or sends to your email which isn’t listed or what. I am currently in Indiana.