I’m a nomadic explorer looking for advice on how to buy the right piece of property for off grid living. I don’t believe I’m looking for commune living so much as a loosely held together community where it is possible to buy raw milk, grass fed beef, organic veggies and oils and also build relationships. I’m open to any ideas.
I’m already off grid in that I have no bills, no job, no address, and pay no rent nor taxes, legally. I travel most of the year outside of the US and the other months am looking for land and a tiny sustainable green structure to call home base. I love privacy and time alone, and I also love people and activities and friendships. I’d ideally like a community where both are possible.
35/female/ unattached, nomadic type. I’m not a hippie but I aspire to be in some ways. I grew up totally off grid and have also lived in major cities.
I’m looking for any kind of feedback, as I pursue this idea of procuring some piece of land to grow some things on and harness the sun and wind and water. I’ve lived on sailboats and love small space living.
Any ideas/collaboration/thoughts welcome!

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