thank you for checking out my post.

I’m working on building a homestead on a 16 acre mountain property in Agassiz, BC.

I am looking for a woman who is into off grid living and wants to build a life there together.


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10 Responses to “Off grid mountain homestead man looking for a woman :-)”

  1. Theresa Derose

    I want nothing more than to live free I’m looking for a man that likes freedom as well

  2. Kelli

    Looking for a companion to live off grid and share life.

    • Marco

      Hello Kelli,

      Thank you for sending me a message. I hope you had a lovely Christmas.
      I am still looking for my companion to live off grid, to build a life together.

      I would love to find out more about you, what are you like, what do you like to do in life? I am a 42 year old Registered Nurse. Originally from the Netherlands but I have been living in British Columbia, Canada now for about 6 years and I am planning on living here for the rest of my life. Nature is so beautiful here. What about you?

      Have a nice day

  3. mtntrekker

    I am looking for a companion that has her head on straight and loves trekking the mountains. Last trip lasted 5 years. Anyone out there that can handle a lifetime of trekking and mountain life? Anyone ready to go?

  4. Angelina

    Wondering if you found your mountain match. I’ve been living on my own mountain for most of my life in Clearwater, B.C.. I am ready for a scenery & life change. I am physically and mentally fit and ready for an adventure. I have my own tiny home on wheels, I’m just looking for my next homestead. Drop me a line as you location interests me.

    • mtntrekker

      life in the mountains is the ultimate life. trekking is awesome. Ready to go?

  5. LaLa aka Kristin

    44 yr old Single White Adventurous Free Spirited Woman Looking For “My Mountain Man…”
    I am visiting my kids (grown) & my Granbaby in Tennessee at the moment, but i have been Traveling the U.S. for the last 2 years… Learning so much on the way, going to work & play on Off-Grid Farms & Volunteering at Music 🎶 Festivals… I have an Rv that i live in for now… “Roma” is a “work in progress”… She made it so far from Cheyenne Wyoming to Dillon Montana, then to Dunlap Tennessee in about 6 months fixing alot on the way)… Hada Blast!!! But I am looking for an oppurtunity to use all that I have learned with a Good Soul & “Live Happily Ever After”…
    I Am A Realist tho…
    Chemistry is a Must… I have a Big ❤ Heart but not just anyone gets close…
    I need to see you & land… Can You text Me pics? I’ll send some… LaLa :)

  6. Kaylee Herrington

    Has anyone replied to this yet? Im Kaylee. I’ve wanted to be a farmer for my whole life but haven’t made enough money to buy my own land. I’m a 3rd year carpenters apprentice but have started to really dislike commercial construction because it’s all about speed not quality. I was hoping you could send me some pictures of you and your land? Also if you have a dog 😍 lol.


  7. Donna

    I saw your post and would love to know so much more ! Your living the dream ! What would you like to know?
    Looking forward to hear from you !