thank you for checking out my post.

I’m working on building a homestead on a 16 acre mountain property in Agassiz, BC.

I am looking for a woman who is into off grid living and wants to build a life there together.


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3 Responses to “Off grid mountain homestead man looking for a woman :-)”

  1. LaLa aka Kristin

    44 yr old Single White Adventurous Free Spirited Woman Looking For “My Mountain Man…”
    I am visiting my kids (grown) & my Granbaby in Tennessee at the moment, but i have been Traveling the U.S. for the last 2 years… Learning so much on the way, going to work & play on Off-Grid Farms & Volunteering at Music 🎶 Festivals… I have an Rv that i live in for now… “Roma” is a “work in progress”… She made it so far from Cheyenne Wyoming to Dillon Montana, then to Dunlap Tennessee in about 6 months fixing alot on the way)… Hada Blast!!! But I am looking for an oppurtunity to use all that I have learned with a Good Soul & “Live Happily Ever After”…
    I Am A Realist tho…
    Chemistry is a Must… I have a Big ❤ Heart but not just anyone gets close…
    I need to see you & land… Can You text Me pics? I’ll send some… LaLa :)

  2. Kaylee Herrington

    Has anyone replied to this yet? Im Kaylee. I’ve wanted to be a farmer for my whole life but haven’t made enough money to buy my own land. I’m a 3rd year carpenters apprentice but have started to really dislike commercial construction because it’s all about speed not quality. I was hoping you could send me some pictures of you and your land? Also if you have a dog 😍 lol.


  3. Donna

    I saw your post and would love to know so much more ! Your living the dream ! What would you like to know?
    Looking forward to hear from you !