Hi there, I am a 28 year old male from Alabama. I don’t have any kids nor a wife, just me and my dog. Most of my family has passed away besides just a few, and at that I rarely ever see.. I’m just ready to move forward in my life and do what makes me happy. I currently reside in Alabama, work daily. I feel like i am stuck in a rat race just trying to pay bills. I do have my own transportation which is a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. After graduating high school I became a certified tower technician installing and upgrading 3g/4g and erecting certain tower builds. I am CPR/AED certified – climber / rescue certified / RF certified all in which I gained during my career in towers. I was eventually promoted to foreman and ran my own crew, at about 25 I decided I was tired of living in hotels / working on the road and came back home to Alabama and got a normal job. Living in Alabama as a child I was always outdoors, hunting – fishing – camping.. you name it. I can build anything and I can fix just about anything as well. So yeah that’s just a little about me, it’s just me and my dog in this big world. Looking to find likeminded individuals. I certainly believe I would be a great asset to any community. I do not have a lazy bone in my body – willing to work my tail off to make things work! I have tons of tools I’ve gathered over the years as well, If this interests you  at all just email me at jstrange007@outlook.com

Will provide further contact information upon response. Thanks 

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3 Responses to “Off grid living? Open to ideas.”

  1. Sandra

    Have you found a place with like minded people? I have never responded to such an ad. I am retired and in SW Montana on 3 acres. You might not like the wind and cold. Just saying hi and see where you are at.

  2. Mike Richards

    Hey there man, my names Mike. I’m from the Missouri area. I too am looking too am looking to get into off grid or permaculture living. I am sick of the rat race I’m life too. I have several thousand dollars saves up and also own my 03 SUV that is a nice reliable vehicle with very low miles. I have done all kinds of construction from the ground up and built many log homes as well. Post frame buildings too.
    I’m not having much luck finding a cheap place to drive off to and begin. Any information would be appreciated if you could call me. I’m willing to relocate anywhere. My number is 813 601 2664. You can call or text anytime. Sooner the better.
    If your interested, I’d be down to go meet up and try to do this thing together. Obviously carrying my own weight! But I figure it would be cool to have a buddy to have each other’s back. I’m all for building a dwelling. Like a cob structure or a yurt. I have some good ideas and many survival skills. We should link up and make this dream a reality. Give me a call if you would and let’s bounce ideas around. I’ve done a ton of research… Thanks bro.

  3. Cheri

    Hi you should join me in London so we can live off grid in the UK :)) I am female but I have 2 children and like you fed up of the rat race lifestyle. Currently work in the legal sector in London but grew up in the countryside in the Caribbean. Would love to live off grid.

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