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My name is Connor, I am 24 years old.


Down to the guts of this inquiry:

I want to go off the grid. I have had this idea for years and years so it is not a rash decision. 
I am looking for a partnership or community in which I can rent to own or rent a parcel of their land in order to build a cabin, grow some crops and generally build a lifestyle that I can eventually have a family (long distant future).


In regards to myself personally: I am young fit and energetic. I am single with no family commitments, I have no problems working in muddy or cold weather and I am fair at construction work.


My 12-month goal is to build a cob roundhouse and start the formings of a self-sufficient farm. I expect 3 years for the homestead/farm to be complete

If you or you know anyone that has land that is not being used, I am happy to put work into the land and a lifestyle.


I am looking at moving early 2018. 





PS. Just to confirm this is in the Wales area. The United Kingdom (UK)

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2 Responses to “Off grid living – Land”

  1. Jsonte

    I’m attempting a small community, we havent got land yet, i’m broker than an abused vase… but if you’d be interested. i have an idea…

  2. R

    Hi Connor,

    I’m interested in talking to you further about your plans. Can you post your email address so I can contact you? Thanks