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My name is Connor, I am 24 years old.


Down to the guts of this inquiry:

I want to go off the grid. I have had this idea for years and years so it is not a rash decision. 
I am looking for a partnership or community in which I can rent to own or rent a parcel of their land in order to build a cabin, grow some crops and generally build a lifestyle that I can eventually have a family (long distant future).


In regards to myself personally: I am young fit and energetic. I am single with no family commitments, I have no problems working in muddy or cold weather and I am fair at construction work.


My 12-month goal is to build a cob roundhouse and start the formings of a self-sufficient farm. I expect 3 years for the homestead/farm to be complete

If you or you know anyone that has land that is not being used, I am happy to put work into the land and a lifestyle.


I am looking at moving early 2018. 





PS. Just to confirm this is in the Wales area. The United Kingdom (UK)

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4 Responses to “Off grid living – Land”

  1. fridgeways

    I’m interested I have £40k, get in touch if anyone is still active and has some pennies to get something bought, fridgeways at g mail dot com

    I’ve been trying to do this for ten years now and I have become very impatient lol, so if nothing transpires soon I’m just going to buy what overpriced plot I can for my monies.



  2. Rosanna

    Hi Connor

    Really interested to talk to you about what your journeys been like in wales, if you have found people with land or are still looking? me and my partner are looking to do similar things, so it would be great to get in contact with you.

    Thanks Rosanna

  3. Jsonte

    I’m attempting a small community, we havent got land yet, i’m broker than an abused vase… but if you’d be interested. i have an idea…

  4. R

    Hi Connor,

    I’m interested in talking to you further about your plans. Can you post your email address so I can contact you? Thanks