[before_listing id=271 images= youtube=089tbq3KyPU] A short video of a reconstruction of a 300-year old home that was built in Fiji in an off-grid development on Koro Island, Fiji – 1 acre lots here sell for $25,000 and we have the most fertile soil for planting. Go off-grid in Fiji! [landbuddy_listing id=271 youtube=089tbq3KyPU]

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10 Responses to “Off-Grid Living in FIji, Koro Island”

  1. Justin Lutz

    What i dont get is what the difference is between having to pay to live here or having to pay thousands to buy land and live there. why do we have to pay to live on our planet? here or there?

  2. RaspberryTea

    havent read what it takes to get to fiji, but if you need some help, im hardworking and putting myself out there for what its worth.


  3. jelle

    hello im 25 living in the netherlands en for like ever i just know this life is not for me the way people think en do things the way i got to comprehend with living life like this even though i know this is braking my spirit soul en body because of this i can not really be normal feel normal my mindset is just different its a constant struggle for me but i will keep it short …i am young is there a possibility for people like me to start a new life in a off-grid community were u live ..? if so it would be nice to get some info about that

  4. Koroisland

    Hi Jake! There are lots here (1 acre) for $25K and up, so it can be quite affordable. You can contact me at welcome@koroisland.com for more details. Joe

  5. Jake

    Hello, You have an amazing home. Unfortunately I could never afford to buy land and build a home like this in paradise. Or could I? How much is land on Koro Island? Do you have any for sale?
    THANKS in advance,
    Jake :)

  6. christian huizar

    I’m interested .please send more info..Aloha

  7. Jason

    I am looking to moving to KORO with my family. If you still live there i would love to talk to you about it and find out first hand what it is like. My e-mail is


  8. Koroisland

    You are right, the moving part of the project was certainly energy-intensive, but we wanted to restore the house in that location. We used mostly recycled timbers (hence the old house) .The energy savings will come over time. We do produce our own fuel on the island made from Coconuts, so the villages are powered as well. Thanks for your feedback :-)

  9. Dan K

    I don’t get it! You move a house 600+ miles and use tons of fuel and then you want to go off the grid. The amount of resources you used could have powered a small village for years. Like I said before, I don’t get it.