I am looking into moving to Baja California, Mexico. I can get land at a low price and be off the grid. Reasons on why I am considering relocating to Baja. The cost, remoteness, not a lot of codes and guidelines to build a residence. Healthcare is available and affordable. I speak Spanish, and have enough money to maintain myself off the grid. I am wanting to live a peaceful and natural life. Anybody interested  in joining email me at explor760@hotmail.com

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5 Responses to “Off the grid life in Mexico”

  1. sean J romanjenko

    That sounds amazing I want to buy some mountain land in Mexico and build my off the grid castle haha

  2. gregg simpson

    i also found this site searching off grid living in mexico. sounds good

  3. Tina

    Hi. We are thinking of moving to baja Mexico. Unfortunately, we dont have any friend in mexico. I need some research help , where to start, look into cheap land, webpage, etc. If you have any info to help us out, this would be great.


  4. Randy Clark

    Hi Valarie. Your lifestyle sounds lovely. I’m a single and older man living in the mountains of north Georgia. I once thought about attempting off grid living here, but have recently decided to move to Mexico so I could live a better life on my social security. I never thought about off grid living in Mexico until today and I decided to google it and ended up here. I’m probably too old to be a partner plus I have a best friend (Ringo-Newfoundland) who is my forever best friend and eternal roommate. I guess now I will continue my search to see how to obtain property for off grid living in Mexico. Hope to hear from you.
    randy clark

  5. Valarie


    I’m 39 and currently live off grid in a small fishing village in Baja, Mexico. I moved off grid because I am able to live a with more integrity and truth in accordance with natural law. Meaning, not taking more than earth can afford to give and always giving back when I can. My home is a stone cottage made entirely of lava rock taken from the beach its located on. The cottage is a labor of love built almost entirely from recycles materials over an almost 7 year period and overlooks the ocean as one half of it is glass french doors. It is approx. 1000sqft. It has a stove/oven and fridge that runs off propane. A double sink that needs to ne plumbed and lamps that run off propane and kerosene along with candles no solar yet as I haven’t been able to afford it. If my up real late I use my headlamp. Who am I kidding, I use my headlamp all the time. I have one small panel I could hook up. It’s located on a semi-private beach so I typically bath in the Ocean (since I’m a female and like to consider myself fairly modest the beach is pretty much private or else I wouldn’t bathe in the ocean) and do dishes in the Ocean, then rinse with fresh water. It has a gravity-fed water (275 gal tote) system that needs to be completed. But is currently hooked up with hose and I use it with no problems. I currenttly use a solar water heater for hot water (of which, I don’t typically need much). The water has to be brought in from the only family that owns a well nearby. I usually pay $15 to fill the water tote every 6 weeks…it has a nice portable potty but again I don’t use it. I have two buckets I use one for peeing (w/ a litle sand in the bottom for back splash) and one for deucing. There is no cell phone or Internet but there is satellite available if a person wanted pay for it and I believe you can get a Mexican phone. I just haven’t had the need. This is a desert beach so the coldest time is Dec, Jan, and Feb nights. The temperature drops to about 50 degrees although a few nights it gets into the 40’s. I have a propane heater but don’t usually use it. There is a loft bed that stays pretty warm if you bundle up although I have had to break out the heater a time or two. Because it is a desert beach the temperature is back up to the 70’s or 80’s during the day making the Ocean enjoyable pretty much year around (thank goodness). Of course there is fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, quading natural volcanic hot springs (Puertecitos’s main attraction…you’d if you knew how small the little fishing village is). The nearest town is 45min north called San Felipe. Here you can get anything your heart desires. Or rather I should say they have a grocery store, pharmacy, dentist, it’s a regular little metropolis…again joke. But it does have all the necessities of life. You need not drive further than San Felipe. There is only one neighbor nearby and her name is Prem. She’s from California and has been living there for 30 years. She first lived in a tent and built her cute little cottage around her over the years. I should let Prem real her story because no one tells it better than her. There is more I could say about Baja  but I’d be typing all night. So now more about me. I’m an introvert and can easily spend a great deal of time alone. I have a degree from the University of Arizona in Religious Studies. Prior to moving to Mexico, I worked for several education institutions including the University of Arizona and the University of Arkansas. I grew up all over as my father was in the army. Everywhere from Texas, to Gerogia to Germany. Now my goal is to cultivate and enjoy a simple life. I’m not sure how this site works. I’m having difficulty navigating it.it won’t let me post anything but a small pic. If u want to see pics of the cottage, I have many. Just email or call: azerialuv@gmail.com and 520.869.5766. I was able to post a pic of the natural volcanic hot springs. thanks!

    I’m looking for an off-grid partner. current expenses between $125-$150 per month.
    Good Luck!

    • Noel

      Hello Valarie, it’s been over 3 years that you posted on this site. I am Mexican and live in Baja as well in the northern part, one of my dreams has been living off the grid, I haven’t been able yet. I have my place in the state of Jalisco, I would like to have a friend that could live off the grid to drive down the baja and visit. If you ever thought of renting your place for like a week, let me know I might be interested, I want to spend some time in the middle of nowhere, enjoying nature.
      Greetingd, Noel.