[before_listing id=296 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/1a7313b89846f47010bc8b3e39661f5e.jpg|https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/52e5f0f06b8fa54c4a25c4b87dcac6f0.jpg|https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/4f81ab963b073a5665951c72e6bc50db.jpg youtube=null] Im looking for others who want to live off grid on 6 acres. Its off grid with a well. I live on property in a handmade 2 room hobbit house with solar,wood burning for heat,Propane for the ice box, outdoor shower and stove. Its amazing sunset,quiet but only 12 miles to Bisbee, (https://www.discoverbisbee.com/) 16 miles to Douglas and 18 miles to Mexico (best juice bar in the world)

Im looking for someone who wants to grow food, raise animals and have bonfires and hangout with the coyotes and stars. Im offering a 1962 vintage Yellowstone trailer for rent, its 14 feet long with a dinette set couch and bed with kitchen.Shared outhouse and shower. (over time an outhouse and shower can be built for renter.

Rent: 150.00 month not including your propane.Im asking for help on project and making the property sustainable over time. 5-8 hours week will go into creating and making our ideas come to live.

My space is nothing fancy. its simple and has alot of room to grow.

for more pics visit my tumblr:

I add new pics and ideas daily.

I have 3 amazing dogs and want alot of animals. Im an artist and am looking for creative minds and vision for the space.

[landbuddy_listing id=296 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/1a7313b89846f47010bc8b3e39661f5e.jpg|https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/52e5f0f06b8fa54c4a25c4b87dcac6f0.jpg|https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/4f81ab963b073a5665951c72e6bc50db.jpg youtube=null]

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13 Responses to “Off grid in Bisbee Arizona”

  1. ROY

    Hi all. I am a 70 year old man suffering from lung cancer. It is my desire to live off the grid for awhile. Anybody interested? I am an artist and I make southwest things . I usually sell them to people that I meet or sometime take them to flea market. I don’t have a place to go but I have a good tent and some camping equipment. I am also a woodsman and I know a lot of outdoor skills. Contact me soon. ROY

  2. Chris

    interested….plz contact me at justmeplus3@rocketmail.com with bisbee in subject line so i know who it is

  3. Chris

    Anyone looking to check out the bisbee/elfrida area, I’ve got 10 acres with solar and a well available for short-term use. Trade/labor is an option. Chriseparent at yahoo. Com
    I am off-grid and can answer questions specific to the area.

  4. Lisa Watson

    Hi all! My name is Lisa, and i am actively looking for a good opportunity to live off grid. I am interested in earthship type homes, and all homes made with recycled elements that reflect a resourceful, fresh mindset. I am very eager to learn and make new friends who want to be a part of this movement!

  5. Jeff

    Hi, I came across this thread and just wanted to see if anyone is thinking of living off the grid in the Arizona desert? I am wanting to either live in a smaller camper or maybe something a bit bigger, I could live in my van if need be at least for awhile. Anyhow I just thought if other people were gathering to form a small community and live off the grid it might be something very good, Im an artist musician myself and just feel the need to live away from all this worldly junk and be closer to nature and live simple. Anyone with any info or interest get back to me. Im a 42 year old male.

  6. Kristina

    Hi, is there a way to contact you?

  7. KATI


  8. Sylvia

    I also am genuinely interested in the opportunity you have proposed. My passion in life is music, but something seems to be calling me to get closer to nature and the real hardships of life. I am looking to work hard and develop new ideas, words, and spirit. please contact me if a spot is available. thanks!!!!

  9. hanaanfu

    Almost none of the posters on this site seem to respond to their own postings, but here goes my try. I am very interested in this opportunity. Please contact me at hanaan.fu at gmail dot com if you follow this posting. I would love to know more about joining you.

  10. deb

    gonna be in elfrida area by the weekend wondering if you are interested in some more dogs got a friend that has beautiful pyrenese that need a home badly, owner is dying and wife needs help so im coming but she cant feed this many animals. they are wonderful desert animals and the best protectors for open desert. and very special to all of us. they need a good home that wont change there routine so much. if interested send message back and i will try to contact you. thanks deb

  11. bobby

    hey id love to join ya if i could figure out how to reply to this add,lol

  12. Sara

    I’m considering moving to the Bisbee area. I was wondering about the cost of land there and if building codes are enforced. I always wanted to do an earth bag house. I’d appriciate any info you can give
    me. Thanks, Sara

  13. Eddie


    We ran across your website in our search for a way to drill our own well in Easy Acres, near Bisbee. I was curious how you may have went aobut drilling your well. Did you have someone drill it for you or did you do it yourself?