[before_listing id=177 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/131a2c65a521be3e47a8d2b4d339c897.jpg youtube=null] I want to help people find off the grid homesites in BC, especially cool and remote ones in the Cariboo/Chilcotin.

I know a lot about buying and selling real estate in British Columbia, and I know the Chilcotin/Cariboo quite well. Check out www.bushpilotproperties.com for properties I’m selling. [landbuddy_listing id=177 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/131a2c65a521be3e47a8d2b4d339c897.jpg youtube=null]

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6 Responses to “Off Grid in BC”

  1. wayne

    have 3 sections of lands. 160 +160+168
    am willing to sell 2 sections cheaper than market to someone interested in living off grid/homesteading

  2. Cory

    i’m looking to get off the gird. My hope is that you can help me some how to make this dream come true, tired of the city life, as convenient as it is, my happiness matters more to me than living a life of depression.

  3. GypsyLyon

    Im in Southern California. So would love to go off grid.Any info would be great! I do have some questions to ask.

  4. Rob Chipman


    I do know of some land there, and I do know the area. I was in Redstone last fall. email me at rob@robchipman.net for details.

  5. Sherri

    looking at a parcell of land. if you know the area north of redstone, bc email Sherri

  6. wayne

    I`m in BC too. Looking to go offgrid.

    Could use advice.