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Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge is a self-built and self-sustainable retreat in between the mountain and the sea in Alaska, far away from
everything and everyone apart from wildlife.

Sadie Cove
The lodge

Sadie Cove is accessible only by boat, plane or helicopter and will accept only 8 visitors at a time. The rooms all have heating and electricity, provided by a micro-hydro plant, and a terrace on the water. Activities include bear viewing, heli-tours, glacier kayaking, or simply hiking and fishing. After a tiring day in the outdoors, food homegrown or caught during the day will be cooked for you by the landlady, and you’ll be able to have a logwood sauna admiring the sunset Too good to be true hey? But it comes at a price: $275 per person per night all-inclusive, bear viewing $500 and glacier kayaking $300.

For more information
see the website or email@sadiecove.com the internet is often down, they warn, so if you don’t get a reply in 24 hours try again!

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