My partner and I are practicing permaculture up in the mountains of northern Idaho, over 85 fruit and nut trees planted in the logging roads that go through our property. Two of our neighbors are selling their properties and we’re hoping that good folks move in next door. But their places are kinda expensive, so also just look around the north idaho area, it gets the pacific ocean’s weather, mild winters just lots of snow, its the southern tip of the wet columbia mountains, the world’s only inland temperate rainforest. Moose, grizzly bears, lynx, northern rockies are the last beating heart of the U.S. continental. Lots of folks dedicated to sustainability, good local food markets and farmers markets, independent theatre and progressive groups out in Sandpoint, Idaho. I love this place, hopefully likeminded folks can flood the region and make real change a systemic reality. Here are those MLS for my neighbors:
both these homes have trout streams go through them.

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13 Responses to “Off-grid housing in Northern Idaho, temperate rainforest, my neighbors selling”

  1. Janet

    email me regarding above note at

  2. Janet

    Let me know if you need help on the land that you have for trade of living on the land … capable of everything we have lived off grid before we know how to build almost anything and are hard workers … contact me if you want more info or are interested in this . That area is of interest to us.

  3. Lynn

    I am a semi-retired grandma who always wanted to homestead. I am a cancer survivor, and my husband a heart-attack survivor. We have owned 20 beautiful rural acres with a seasonal spring, at an elevation of about 2700 feet, outside the town of sandpoint, (near sagle) We no longer are thinking of relocating to that beautiful area, but would love this land to go to someone who could homestead it now that we can’t . We live out of state. We would love to sell it now, and don’t really want to use a realtor, it has great southern water views, power and phone lines on the property, is about 1/4 to 1/2 wooded, with some great building sites and a nice meadow. It is accessible and really beautiful. I believe zoning allows it to be divided into 2 10 acre parcels. Contact us if you think we could talk further-we are not so interested in getting top dollar as we are in finding someone honest and willing to appreciate this land. We can discuss price if you seem to be the right person or people. Thanks, Lynn

  4. sharol

    It appears these properties are long gone. Let me know if there are others.

  5. Brie

    I also just moved to Sandpoint..hoping to find an off-grid community or start one. Anyone who is interested in these things and lives in Sandpoint or nearby please write to me at Let’s put our heads together!

  6. bamboofam

    We are looking at starting a bamboo farm/village and would love if you could email if you know of any bamboo growing in your area.

  7. real individual

    its time for people to get over themselves. humans do not own land nor do they own water. should a person purchase land or water its only with debt backed up with debt. i will bring back the homesteader you bring your legal papers and buck shot.

  8. Idahodreamin

    We have been trying to sell our home in Santa Fe and buy land in Northern Idaho. Building an off-grid home is our goal, but we are sooooo sick of all the expensive and controlling regulations enforced by people who don’t know the first thing about sustainable living. Colorado was the worst offender of this…and we were hoping Idaho would be more laid back in this area. We were also encouraged by the people who posted here on this site…you all sound like community minded people, like-minded with our fundamental (not fundamentalist…lol) values. We had heard that Northern Idaho was Sarah Palin’s old stomping grounds and that many of the people living there supported her views. We plan on minding our own business anyway, except when our neighbor needs a hand, and we don’t ask politics when someone’s in need – so we figured we could trade political comradery for abundant water, good soil, and freedom to grow our own food…but it was encouraging to read this blog…when we move, we wouldn’t be tooo lonely. *smile*

  9. Ranger Rick

    I just moved here. I am not far from Sand Point.
    Do you ever go to the farmers market in Sand Point. It would be nice to meet like minded folks.
    Best Regards, Rick

  10. Cynicus

    Yeah, this is my suspicion that was is masked as off-grid comes down to the same old expensive ripoffs and over priced land and houses. Color me “not impressed”.

  11. lrm

    Wonder if it’s a second home that they spent way too much on? and will keep until they get their asking price? It’s hard to know…so many create lavish homes in rural areas dubbed ‘playgrounds’, and it is fleeting for many of these people…Would you say, JT, that smaller homes/parcels in the sandpoint area are equally overvalued, or is it mainly the ginormous ones? We are interested in the area. (:

  12. jim thorpe

    I live in Naples and both these homes are wonderful, however the 439,000 house has had the same price and has been for sale for over 4 years. The market has taken a dump here and neither home is worth their asking prices. If you think folks is Cali have their heads in the clouds about real estate prices, come here. Folks are stubborn and think gold nuggets are in the soil. Very sad as it keeps good folks out. Namaste. JT

  13. George Morris

    Kinda expensive, wow. Beautiful place to live but they do not want to sell to bad.