My partner and I are practicing permaculture up in the mountains of northern Idaho, over 85 fruit and nut trees planted in the logging roads that go through our property. Two of our neighbors are selling their properties and we’re hoping that good folks move in next door. But their places are kinda expensive, so also just look around the north idaho area, it gets the pacific ocean’s weather, mild winters just lots of snow, its the southern tip of the wet columbia mountains, the world’s only inland temperate rainforest. Moose, grizzly bears, lynx, northern rockies are the last beating heart of the U.S. continental. Lots of folks dedicated to sustainability, good local food markets and farmers markets, independent theatre and progressive groups out in Sandpoint, Idaho. I love this place, hopefully likeminded folks can flood the region and make real change a systemic reality. Here are those MLS for my neighbors:
both these homes have trout streams go through them.

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