My Wife and I (and our dog) have been living in the deep woods for 5 years now. We purchased the off grid homestead 3 years ago and have been in transformation mode since. We practice regenerative methods of gardening and Afro forestry, have extensive knowledge of foraging edibles including mushrooms. If you’d like to learn more about the spiritually mundane life of living in the quiet isolation, this is a place for you. We’re very rustic and have plenty of room for RVs or tents. Please go to our website (or our Instagram @moonmtn.mi) to read more about us, and reach out if you are interested. Thank you and may peace be with you. 

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8 Responses to “Off Grid homestead in need of helping hands”

  1. Dovely

    I found it!

  2. Dovely

    You didn’t post the website address.

  3. Amy

    I am extremely interesting in living off grid and joining a community. How can I contact you? I’m not a member of this website and I’m 100% interested!

  4. arizonacoltsfan

    😂😂 lol

  5. Val

    Looks amazing guys, you did a great job. Will have to come for a visit when I finish my van build. Best of luck to you guys.

  6. Moonmtm.mi

    Not Afro, Agro-forestry. And more room for tents than RVs. We’re still building infrastructure for being able to handle more folks.