[before_listing images= youtube=null] About a year and a half ago, I got tired of living the “rat race” and loaded up the uhaul, RV and my mum and I moved to northen New Mexico. The land is high elevation desert (8000 feet) and it truely wonderous. We are about 15 miles from town yet close enough to Mother Nature to hear the coyotes cry in the evenings. We haul our own water from the community well, try to come up with innovative ways to garden without frying everything and have a lot of fun doing it! We are trying to be as self suffecient as we can, raising our own bunnies for meat and fur, the greenhouse for veggies and a source of income and learning all we can about all sorts of things. Our summers are mild (about mid to high 80’s with no humidity). Although our winters can be cold, there isnt much snow. We are less than an hour from the highest point in the state. The area offers hiking, biking (Wheeler peak ski area has their runs open to mountain bikers in the summer), rafting down the Rio Grande and town has over 100 of the finest resteraunts around. Winter sports include skiing (both downhill and x-country), snowboarding and such as well as winter hiking and other snowy fun things to do. Horse back riding is offered as well as hot air ballooning, some even do a “splash and dash”, dipping the basket into the waters of the Rio Grande after an 800 foot decent down the gorge walls, where you may see herds of bighorn sheep and pronghorn. My mother and I are wanting people, couples, families, etc come join us on a working homestead, gaining experience to live off grid and be minor “preppers” in case of a financial collapse. We are also looking for fun along the way! We are non smokers, non drug users and non drinkers. We prefer non smokers/drug users. Beer drinking on occasion is fine. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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43 Responses to “Off grid help wanted in New Mexico”

  1. Aleta Mason

    Lots of typos in my post but can’t edit
    I didn’t mean set up a trust . I meant set up a place to bug out to…

  2. Aleta Mason

    Sounds like Taos
    I lived there about 1 year
    Community well?
    Are u in 2 or 3 peaks?
    I have a 3/4 Are plot in 2 peaks but haven’t spent tome there. Road too crazy n not sure safe 4 single woman
    Who good is the well?
    Deep? Does everyone have gins to protect well n themselves
    Roving gangs from town could mess with people
    I hear there s a spring nearby.
    I have considered creating a bug out spot on my little plot
    Is there any land 4 sale in 3 peaks?
    How big is you plot m is there room for more structures? I and other female friend may want to move there or start helping n set up trust or something for our bug out option. We both live in Abq area but both concerned about water, being near city etc
    I would like to visit and talk.
    Maybe meet in town 1st
    Please be careful not to let people know where u are n what supplies u have !
    Please email me

    • Martin St.Germaine

      You sound like what I’m looking for. I’m 52 very active, tons of construction experience. Equipment operator, x military with a pension. Please email or call me, thanks for your time.

  3. Greg L Reaver

    Are you still looking for people to join you on your homestead? If so what would be the requirements?

  4. Heather Jernigan

    Hi there – I’m curious if you ever found people to join you and your mom. Are you still living in Northern New Mexico? Would love to chat if so…


  5. Judith Dennis

    I was interested in some more information about your requirements, do you want someone to work and pay rent? Is this going to be self sustaining.? I have a 45 year old son who is interested but need more information on your requirements and plans. Please contact me he is in New Mexico.

  6. Jaron Watson

    winlderness survival skils some off grid experience looking to get out of the city life love the outdoors organic gardening living off the land etc please let me know if your still looking for people

  7. Gray Marcel

    I have wilderness survival skills, and am a hard worker. Am looking to start new independent life.

  8. Johnny Baggett

    I have been a maintenance engineer for over 30 years.I do HVAC,plumbing,electrical,locksmith, carpentry repairs,and all phases of maintenance and many other things,with so many tools to do most every job.Have done some gardening many years ago.

  9. Berit

    Hoping to find an off-grid community not far from Albuquerque. We are currently in the East Mountains. God bless all in this fun, sustainable, off-grid lifestyle!

  10. Patrick

    I am a 52 year old married man. I have contemplated leaving my fast paced career and putting “modern” culture behind. Does that make me anti-social? Planning an off grid retirement and finally finding inner peace. Any room for two more?

  11. oldschoolsoul

    my husband and I are very interested in off the grid and would like to learn more about it… if you could email me that would be great. TY

  12. Josh W

    Hello, Im looking to find some land near Albuquerque to build a small house and live mostly off grid. I woHello, Im looking to find some land near Albuquerque to build a small house and live mostly off grid. I would like to use a septic tank though, it just seems easier to maintain. I found some 1 acre lots near Santa Ana Star center in Rio Rancho for about $1500.00 each. If anyone can help me find out if this is what I’m looking for. It seems like a perfect matchuld like to use a septic tank though, it just seems easier to maintain. I found some 1 acre lots near Santa Ana Star center in Rio Rancho for about $1500.00 each. If anyone can help me find out if this is what I’m looking for. It seems like a perfect match.

  13. Paul and kylie

    Email us please

  14. Lela Gregory

    How is growing your community going? I am looking to live off-grid in a few years, in New Mexico and definitely looking to be part of a community in that process. Single, 39, lived off-grid for a year in the southeastern US, but love New Mexico.

  15. jay

    I am very interested in this would love to move soon please contact me

  16. jay

    I would like to know more and if I could visit to see if I would be a good fit.

  17. Gregf

    1outdoorsguy@mail.com Primitive Survivalist, woodsman, carpenter, electrician, welder and fabricator, avid backpacker, hunter, trapper and have a green thumb. I am currently in Arizona and wanting to get 100% off the Grid.. Thanks

  18. Charlie Myrick

    Interested in living off the grid. I am and have been a licensed chemical dependency counselor in texas for the last 20+ years. Have not used any alcohol or mind altering chemicals since 1984. Please give me a shout.

  19. Joshua

    Hi I am 35 am married with a 6yr old son. Looking to move off grid in a community I am a former scout with the army did ranch work my whole life. My wife is a nurse. Please give me a jingle and we will talk.

  20. Ajene

    I’ve been wanting to live off grid for a long while now. Please contact me at ajener@live.com

  21. steven

    Military veteran here, looking for anyone who can give me a heads up as far as how to get off the grid, (how much land to buy, which area suitable for gardening) im 37 and feel like i jost have been awoken from the matrix. I feel like my mind will fracture if I stay in the system any longer. The dollar is constantly losing purchasing power, and wages have been stagnant for a decade, the life im required to give up or trade for paper fiat currency is no longer worth the items that buys. Please email with ideas, steven.smith77@yahoo.com

  22. Sophia

    Hi Mustangrider. We are mustang riders too! And have property close to Taos. Send an email, would love to connect.

  23. RT

    I’m a single dad with a 13 year old Daughter. I’m also a former Military Veteran with skills as well as some medical skills. I was also raised on a horse ranch in east Texas and know gardening. I know hunting and fishing. We are looking for a group to become a part of. There’s safety in numbers.

  24. Daria Art

    I am an artist, photographer, writer. Looking for a community of like-minded creative people, who are trying to simplify their live, going off grid, getting rid of jobs and social pressure to live American Dream their way. I am trying to build my own world in my paintings, using my photography, music, and writing, and making my minimum living. I’d love to join your commune.

  25. Rene'

    I already live off grid north of ABQ. Solar panels, haul water and some propane. (that we are weening ourselves off of) My roommate is a carpenter and we have a small insulated cabin. It’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. (We have 2 homemade solar swamp coolers) We use water catch water to shower with. We’ve only been at it a year, but it already feels “normal”. I’m a 53 yr. old woman and he’s 60 yrs. old. We are on a very small budget too. So, if we can do it, anyone can. Just find land that doesn’t have any covenants.

    Would like to hear from like-minded folks.

  26. christopher lujan

    I am so fed up with the rat race I want nothing more than to live off the land.

  27. jen

    Are you still looking for community members. Your location is ideal. I have many skills to offer and as soon as I sell my house (repairing to sell for most profit) – I would love to join the right community.
    I have skills in many areas: blueprints, design, general handyman, medical knowledge and skill both with Western and eastern medicine. Do you need someone like me to contribute to your community?

  28. Casey

    I will be visiting Taos in 2 weeks…I’d love to chat! My partner and I are primarily coming to visit the Earthships and are very interested in living off-grid and within a community. Hope to hear from you!

  29. Lucia

    43 yr old lady here and 45 year old husband going off the grid–trying to buy a house in N. NM that is already set up with solar, etc..the biggest problem is our teenagers wants cable and internet!!

  30. lady young

    cherry24blossoms@gmail.com contact me !!!!!

  31. Juan Chave y Chavez

    Trust but verify

  32. Dusty

    Hello all! I too am sorta new to all this but have been preparing for going into the mountains for about four years now and still do not feel ready but im 43 and not getting younger. Had initially intended to go to Alaska but i have family in the Texas panhandle and do not want to go quite that far as yet. My skill sets vary but i am a very mechanical person (worked for caterpillar) and feel i could bring a lot to the table. My interests lately have been experimenting with wood gasification as a fuel as well as solar/wind power.Have a few chainsaws and all equipment needed to collect firewood, small trailer,atv etc. I have been looking lately in the New Mexico area for 5-10 acres to start my own self sustaining homestead, the weather is one main reasons i picked this area as it seems fairly mild and the mountenous scenery. I have a small mobile shop /storage container and two travel trailers right now for a start. I just want to get back to the way my Forefathers lived and enjoy more nature and less greed in the world! I am single now for the last 7 years but would enjoy spending time with a like minded woman that requires little maintenance. Anyway, i realized that being within a small community of like minded individuals, each with a specialized skill could live a wonderful life regardless of the economic stability of the rest of the country. Thanks for reading and good luck! Dusty

  33. Debbie5412

    Hi gtmike4 and mustangrider,
    I am looking for a place to live off the grid. I have many natural skills and talents. I live in Colorado. Shoot me an email maybe I could visit your place.

  34. mustangrider1969

    gtmike4, send me an email. Lets talk.

  35. gtmike4

    Hey all :
    I would like to find my best friend off grid ,I
    am new to this option of life, the planets are leading me out to out side forces , well It is like someone is knocking on my door and I want to anwser it but know not who it is , pork & beans arm & hammer He & she well I am going on a journey and would like to see learn and hope it will be great, right down to the people and places
    and skills to learn. I am very handy from gas moters to cars trucks 4×4 moter bikes gens welding building block framing roofs have some stuff not sure what I will have to sell along the way well have alot to offer, 52 Male been single since 2004 this to is getting old dont smoke dont do bar seens like beer and good wiskey but dont do a lot of not sure how this will work for me, I am wanting to prospect for gold and silver using tech & skills learning & diving to and perhaps a friend on the way till I have found eought to buy my own place or build one where I might be welcome to stay or want to stay, I dont want to sound wired but have you ever just fell something very strong in your mind or hart you know nothing but it is going to happen Wanting, yet unserton afraid to take the frist step of where to go and how life will treat me out there.
    I know there are millions of men and women but not like my best friend, I am looking for that will know more about what I dont know, well hope’ it is great . along my search for my freedom and hope my best friend and People
    before i am to far , well hope to meet some of you and hope will be welcome along the way of how why & what not to off grid and be healthy & happy.
    peace all

  36. Samantha

    Most certainly I would be interested in hearing more about your plan…

    Good Luck and Many Blessings…

  37. Drifter

    I am interested in relocating and living off grid. I am not sure how I could fit in your situation but would love to talk with you and see if it is possible. Please email me with contact info. rdupont01@yahoo.com Thanks

  38. Zowi

    Could you give me more info? Im looking to move off the grid you can email me at thymeandmustard@gmail.com Thanks!

  39. Chandi

    Hi Heather –
    I just recently moved to Northern New Mexico (not off grid) but am very interested in learning how to live off grid. I’m a non smoker/drinker/drug user :)


  40. Heather

    Hey Charlene, did you get my email? Just checking. Shoot me a letter with ANY questions you may have!

  41. Charlene

    Hi.Me and my husband are very interested in going off grid.Email me and we can discuss to see if we would be a good fit for you.Thanks