[before_listing images= youtube=null] About a year and a half ago, I got tired of living the “rat race” and loaded up the uhaul, RV and my mum and I moved to northen New Mexico. The land is high elevation desert (8000 feet) and it truely wonderous. We are about 15 miles from town yet close enough to Mother Nature to hear the coyotes cry in the evenings. We haul our own water from the community well, try to come up with innovative ways to garden without frying everything and have a lot of fun doing it! We are trying to be as self suffecient as we can, raising our own bunnies for meat and fur, the greenhouse for veggies and a source of income and learning all we can about all sorts of things. Our summers are mild (about mid to high 80’s with no humidity). Although our winters can be cold, there isnt much snow. We are less than an hour from the highest point in the state. The area offers hiking, biking (Wheeler peak ski area has their runs open to mountain bikers in the summer), rafting down the Rio Grande and town has over 100 of the finest resteraunts around. Winter sports include skiing (both downhill and x-country), snowboarding and such as well as winter hiking and other snowy fun things to do. Horse back riding is offered as well as hot air ballooning, some even do a “splash and dash”, dipping the basket into the waters of the Rio Grande after an 800 foot decent down the gorge walls, where you may see herds of bighorn sheep and pronghorn. My mother and I are wanting people, couples, families, etc come join us on a working homestead, gaining experience to live off grid and be minor “preppers” in case of a financial collapse. We are also looking for fun along the way! We are non smokers, non drug users and non drinkers. We prefer non smokers/drug users. Beer drinking on occasion is fine. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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