I am a male in my early twenties and I feel as though I can not get away from these thoughts of creating something bigger than ourselves , something of strong power is pushing me towards creating a community of like minded people. It is going to be hard to put all of my beliefs into a post but if anything in this post interests you please reply …In the very near future I plan breaking ground on developing land for an off grid community of like minded people like you. I am envisioning 100+ acres, multiple wells, houses, organic veggie gardens, livestock , wind and solar power, developed recreation areas, communal gathering areas for ceremonies and festivals, security force made up of the stronger men and women of the community that cruise the perimeter and watch gates and keep outsiders out. we could all live in a safe environment free from the unpredictable world and harmfull ever changing society of today. do you have a chauvinistic , patriotic characteristics and beliefs based on what this country was founded on ? Do you think we need to revert to the fundamentals of early American households where the housewife is admired? Where the father is admired ?do you believe in multiwife households? I believe women are invaluable and not replaceable, they bear children, they bring life into the world and I look up to them, the fact that they are life-bearing gives them instant access to the property as long as their personality and morals are satisfactory. Skill would not be looked down on and we would like to know as much about what you can contribute to the community. Men wanting to live in the community would have to possess skill such as carpentery, electricians, infrastructure development,  plumbers, doctors, nurses, farmers, people focussed on physical security and defensive tactics, If you are still interested, please reply with a bit about yourself. Or email me directly at :  


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6 Responses to “off grid group living in harmony away from todays unpredictable world and harmfull ever-changing society”

  1. billy

    I’m a very nice and chill 56 year old man and I have 20 acres in Southern Missouri want to come homestead with me

  2. Levi Baker

    How are you today.

  3. Michelle Bailey

    Or howabout women who dont have desires for bearing children?

    • Levi Baker

      I have no problem with you not wanting kid’s. Maybe we can talk and get to know each other?

  4. Angelina Maffeo

    It’s always a good idea to add your location to a post such as State or at least the country. How do you feel about multihusband households?