I am a 57 year young female Artist/creative person with 20+ years of living off grid and much experience living in community. I recently relocated from the west coast to a city in the midwest to be with family, but I am finding the city to be a daunting and uncomfortable existence. I am looking for an off grid community or tribe to be a part of and to assist in building, gardening, and other sustainable activities. I have experience in building, gardening, cooking, hauling wood, and am proficient in the arts. I am friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic, hard working and intelligent. I love people and I love to grow. I enjoy being open minded, love diversity and being free, and I believe in respect. I live by my own codes of ethic which are to the benefit of all. That being said, are you like-minded and in my neck of the woods? My specialty is making things beautiful!

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7 Responses to “off grid experienced looking for others”

  1. Sean brennitt

    Hi there my name is Sean I am 29 years old and wanted to live off grid I am currently looking for a partnership in this new adventure

    • Alv

      Hey Sean, me too! I’m specifically looking for a community already based/planning to be in tropical climate – a fruit farm kind of life :) If that resonates with you and you have plans and/or ideas – please contact me on sabbesankharaanatta@gmail.com!
      love /Alv

  2. Carl Gibson

    Well I wish you were in my neck of the woods. It would be nice to have a off grid partner , friend, and companion to live off grid.

  3. larry

    would you be interested in helping build an offgrid aquaculture farm with us and help running a carry out mex food restaurant?

    • Jhani

      Yes I would. Can you fill me in on more details? Where are you located? How long have you been running, or have you started yet? How far along are you in this endeavor? How many people are involved so far? :D


        I have a 22 acre organic, secluded, peaceful off grid place in SW Wis. that could be a good fit for us both !

  4. Ina

    Greetings! How can you especially help me?