[before_listing id=476 images= youtube=null] Single mom of 1 child seeking to love off-grid asap. Many useful skills that range from hunting/foraging to agriculture to science and medicine.[landbuddy_listing id=476 youtube=null]

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6 Responses to “Off-grid community”

  1. Ben

    Well Seige I’d like to live either in the southwest or some place up in the mounts – the sierra nevada region or even in the pacific north-west.

  2. Seige

    What area are you wanting to live in?

  3. Wayne

    Longing to be free to live without depending and owing large utilities. Just trying to ” live ” without owing someone for the right to ” live “. I bought and paid for just a little over one acre in the Hill Country of South Centrral Texas a couple of years ago. Prepairing to build my own home, plant a garden, raise some chickens, and pay as I go ! Closer to doing it than ever. Any thoughts, please share.

  4. Robert

    Off grid 8 years, give us a mail and would be glad to visit

  5. Danni Olsen

    Please contact me asap.

  6. Mommy Alisa

    Contact me as I have similar situation.please.