Our aim is to create a community of like-minded people who want to live away from the stress of modern society and get back in touch with nature, and to eventually build a yoga pavilion and alternative therapies area.
Our place is in a remote secluded and beautiful valley in Aragon, Spain. Near to the Catalonian border. There is nature all around and great trails for walking and hiking. The place is perfect for getting away from the stress of modern society. You can really connect to nature out here.

We have renovated the old stone Casa into a fully functioning little house.
It is completely off grid, we have our own water/power/internet and sewage solutions. However they are limited in usage as they are not on demand commodities…

The place is very remote and isolated so this is for the adventurers out there, who want to enjoy nature as nature intended. We don’t mind if you enjoy naturism, its a natural thing to enjoy.. There is also a lake nearby which we regular visit, it’s a beautiful secluded area and great for a skinny dip.

We are also looking for new permanent members preferbly couples or a family to expand our small community to be as self-sufficient as possible. Anyone who wishes to join us in this way should be able to support themselves or contribute towards food whilst we get the community resources together and become more developed and are able to share our produce with each other. In exchange we will provide you with an area of land where you will be able to make your own small eco-friendly and discrete living space.

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