Our aim is to create a community of like-minded people who want to live away from the stress of modern society and get back in touch with nature, and to eventually build a yoga pavilion and alternative therapies area.
Our place is in a remote secluded and beautiful valley in Aragon, Spain. Near to the Catalonian border. There is nature all around and great trails for walking and hiking. The place is perfect for getting away from the stress of modern society. You can really connect to nature out here.

We have renovated the old stone Casa into a fully functioning little house.
It is completely off grid, we have our own water/power/internet and sewage solutions. However they are limited in usage as they are not on demand commodities…

The place is very remote and isolated so this is for the adventurers out there, who want to enjoy nature as nature intended. We don’t mind if you enjoy naturism, its a natural thing to enjoy.. There is also a lake nearby which we regular visit, it’s a beautiful secluded area and great for a skinny dip.

We are also looking for new permanent members preferbly couples or a family to expand our small community to be as self-sufficient as possible. Anyone who wishes to join us in this way should be able to support themselves or contribute towards food whilst we get the community resources together and become more developed and are able to share our produce with each other. In exchange we will provide you with an area of land where you will be able to make your own small eco-friendly and discrete living space.

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41 Responses to “Off grid community looking for new members, Northern Spain”

  1. Clive Burkinshaw

    Please contact me if you have place for a family of six. We are currently in Northern Spain, Galicia.

  2. Eric Brook

    Hello, I am interested in your community concept. Please email me if this is still a valid community building opportunity. Thank you

  3. dan and lucy

    is this still going? we’ve been living off the grid 100% self sufficient for 6 years. martin@diyeverything.org

    • Isaiah J Johnson

      HI my name is Isaiah i found your post and was wondering if you or still looking for people ? Your dreams or as mines catching my own food planting hunting
      I feel so mean people chasing and stress over today Modern Life paying bills job that we forget just to stop breathe in nice air i want to live different I’m single no attachments in my life I’m free to dedicate all my time to you and a beautiful dream I have experienced gardening to .

  4. Tony

    I’m a 31 year old male from England, I have always wanted to do this and believe I can help build this community be bigger and stronger. I worked as a teacher ( not main stream) I am a vegan so eat clean and know how to grow vegetables. I have a well trained Cocker Spaniel dog, are pets allowed? Please get back to me I would love to meet the community and becoming a member.

  5. Paul

    HI All!

    Hope this finds you all well? Im a single British Builder of 41. Originally a plaster by trade, but after 24 years in construction i can turn to most things. I have all my own tools, and am genuinely seeking a different way of life really which is less stress driven, and to be amongst like minded people.

    Warm regards, Paul

  6. Rob Walsh

    Hi, I am British, my wife is Dutch, we are 57 & 49 yo and have worked around the world as Diving instructors, safari lodge managers and both have lots of practical knowledge, we have been looking for a place to live that is not part of the tech/disposable world and would love to hear more about your place in Spain (we both love Spain) hope you are interested as we very much want to join!

  7. Paula DeJongh

    Hi there, I am looking to become part of a set up such as yours. I am a 52 year old female , I have an EU passport and love the slower paced , hard work way of life! I would love to hear back from you.



  8. Luke Barten

    Hello, me (18) and a friend of mine (19) who live on our own in the Netherlands are looking to go off the gridd because of the way society has taken. We dont have alot of money but we are young hard working and have knowledge enough to sustain ourselves and help you guys with tasks too we are very interested about your community. Please contact me on my email so we can chat ! Greetings from the Netherlands

  9. Luke

    I am 18 years old and from the netherlands me and a friend of mine (19) are looking for options to go off grid we dont have a lot of money but we do have alot of knowledge and are fairly young, can we get in touch with you guys and discuss this further? We’re seriously interested. Greetigs from the Netherlands

  10. Olivia Hickman

    Are you still looking for people to establish an off grid community??? :-))))))

  11. Leroy Dyer

    This sounds like a very nice community building;
    I would like to get involved;
    I have been a carer for my grandmother for the last 5 years (until the end)
    I am searching for a community where i could start living off grid; Working on land (farming or building)
    I am an engineer and usually fix and repair machines (electro mechanical) I also repair computers and websites etc.

    I have worked on WWOOF in Turkey farming (organic / permaculture) also learning a lot about making jams and other preserves from produce ; as well as learning about shepherding and looking after farm animals.

    I have been a camper all my life and love to be in the outdoors; especially love wild food recently i have also become interested in building earth-ships and environmentally compatible homes. I used to build “Lofts” so building homes out of wood and other materials are not new to me.

    i play guitar and other instruments and generally enjoy laughter and conversation!

    I am English / Jamaican (European) currently living in London. i was planning to travel the Pyrenees searching for an off grid life! i would like to join this project if i’m welcome.

  12. Mike wils wilson

    I’d love to come over and help you guys out
    I’m a builder,plumber,tiler
    And have some great ideas for for biogas and others
    I spent some time in fundao
    Off grid withal community
    It was lovely but the community was a little large and hectic
    I’d love to hear back if I could come over for a trial soon

  13. Marco

    Hi, we’re a family of 3 currently living in Wales. We moved out here with the intent of building our own off grid eco friendly home. We would love to volunteer and help out and learn a few things at the same time. We speak English, Portuguese, basic Italian, and I’m guessing we could probably understand enough Spanish to get by. Would love to hear from you.

  14. Nataly & Paolo

    We can help you and we need you to help us for a better life.
    Hablamos english, français, español, portuguese, italiano.
    Can wé speak ? I’M fed up with using my thumbs born in the eighties:-)

  15. Sarai

    Hi I’d love so much to help you . I’m a single lady 43 years old fit and healthy and up for physical work! currently in Scotland I have a daughter aged 9 …. Please reply if you’d like me to come for a month or 2 initially ( my daughter would stay in Scotland initially) my email is lilyandrowen@yahoo.com . I love gardening cooking playing fiddle and I am a holistic therapist to trade . much love and blessings Sara x

  16. Roeland


    About four weeks ago I came to Spain to visit friends on the Costa Blanca and hoped to find a new future. Well this turned out to be a huge mistake. Life here is hardly any different from the rat race I left behind in Holland and, even though this is the off season for tourism, I’m getting mentally and physically ill from the mass of people around me.
    If you have use for a middele aged but healthy and reasonably fit volunteer with some experience in renovation of buildings aqnd with growing my own herbs, fruits and peppers I would be eternally greatful if you give a chance to meet you and see if you think I am worth keeping around for a while.
    I am not looking for a short visit, but my goal is finding a place for longtime living.
    Please let me know where to find you.

  17. Sam

    How many people are you now ? Are there children yet ?
    I am interested in a place to live with my doughter. Maybe we could visit to get to know you ?
    Kind regards,

  18. Stuart and Kara Rickford

    Hello Craig and Krista,
    We have not only dreamed but started to plan exactly how you both are living. The set up that you have and are building currently seams just what our dreams are made of. After reading all the comments that have been made from different folk that have stayed with you, our hearts have warmed more to the pair of you than the dream itself. We not only are looking for the off grid life but we are looking to set our lives around people exactly like yourselves. We likewise are hard working ,loving, kind people that have been searching for a opportunity like this. We would love to hear from you to see if we could arrange a visit. We truly hope to hear from you both soon.

    enjoy living the dream in the meantime.

    Stu and Kara

  19. Angelsaknight

    I would like to have more info for this community.
    I am interested in being. a member.
    Thank you

  20. karel rigole

    Hi !
    I’m interested if the offers still stands. I’m looking to join a off grid community anywhere in Europe. At the moment i’m in Bosnia to visit the piramids. Let me know if i can come and visit !
    At the moment your not completely self sustainable ?
    I have no skills of any kind about permaculture but i wish to learn more about it !

    Have a nice day !

    Much love

  21. Katrina

    Hey I am interested in this opportunity if it’s still available. Email is katrinajones84@gmail.com

  22. Thomas


    Sounds like an interesting thing you got going on :)

    I’m a 34 year old mechanical engineer from denmark, and i’m geet sick of my life with work end things i hate to do.

    I want to build my own house and live of the land…. and the weather should be better than in denmark ;)

    i have some money from a sale of my old house, but i want to be sure before i invest in “the rest of my life”…

    i’m can do person, and fast learner…. ;)

    please let me hear from you :)

  23. Matt

    Very interested from 2019 onwards. Fed up with life in UK and poor quality. Learning Spanish and partner about to give birth we want to being up our child in a way that has real fulfilment (sounds cliche I know). We are 28 and 34 my partner and myself respectively. We have a wide range of skills and qualities between us.

    Please get back to us on: fixedoddssuccess@gmail.com or tracystatt88@gmail.com
    Very Best

  24. Karl

    We’ve been living in Spain for 2 years now and are offering off-grid energy solutions for properties, if anybody is interested in any more information please get in touch karl@techdesignsolutions.co.uk

  25. Tracy dake

    Me and my husband have been looking for an off the grid community for awhile. Please provide us with more info. We also have 4 children and we are age 29.

  26. Sean Mcfaul

    Hi there, I am interested in joining your venture, as I get older 50, I feel I have everything but nothing, if that makes sense. I have a profession that takes me around the world and a wife and 3 kids who I feel are not experiencing what life should really be about ! I also have started to search for some kind of enlightenment/ spiritual fulfilment. Please get in touch guys, thanks.

  27. irfan


    I am just about to start doing something similar for my family in Spain. I live in UK for now. It will be great if we could meet up share thoughts. I am about to head up to Spain to search for suitable land or country house. Give me a shout. at irfmehmood@gmail.com. Anyone else interested from UK coming along, send me email as well, Thanks

  28. Angel DeWolfe

    Hullo… I am currently in the Scottish highlands and after 16 yrs off cold wet weather have decided to move to Spain. I have many skills to share and I’m told I’m a natural comedienne :-). I would love to visit and help and learn more. I plan to buy some land in Spain this year 2017 as soon as I’ve ebayed all my non essential possessions. How do I get in touch with you?

  29. Tom Cook

    Count me in, I speak spanish, have medium experience in growing a variety of vegetables and keeping animals.
    You can reach me at tomas.dijkstra@gmail.com

  30. Declan

    I’m interested in living off grid

  31. Alan

    Hi, I’m mainly a construction guy, used to build pools dams , houses in Africa would like to get in touch and possibly come and visit with my wife, Cheers

  32. Erika

    I hope I found you. If your names start with C and K then it is likely I actually did.
    I read your message on a webpage for volunteers….but in order to reply I had to pay money.

    So….it all started with us with some dreams. Dreams of how the world should look like and how we felt in that world. Now we realize that we have been prepared to live a natural life since our childhood.
    We read the books of Vladimir Megre and those books set our hearts on fire! We are now determined!

    We…Henri and myself Erika and our son Tamás (2 years old) are searching for people and land in order to create an ecovillage…fully self sustaining and with deep contact with nature and the source/God.

    Since you already started an ecovillage I send you hereby this message to get in touch and see if we can be a match for long term or at least perhaps short term in order to learn from each other! We have several questions of course….mainly regarding homeschooling and the vaccination legislation since we do not vaccinate our son nor ourselves.

    We wish you all the best!
    Greetings, Erika

  33. RosieRose

    Hi there! Your ad is exactly what i’m looking for! I’m a massage therapist working and living in the Netherlands and would love to help out with the alternative therapies area. Send me a message if you are still interested in finding people for your community. My email: Lemonrosie@hotmail.com

  34. pukkie

    I like to receive a message :) :)

  35. daspfromspace

    I am a 27 years old portuguese man, i would love to learn more about your community, as i have been searching for places in portugal/spain.
    I have skills from carpentry, stone building, gardening to teaching arts and philosophy. Hope to hear from you.

  36. Spencer Barnes

    Hi, I live in the US. I studied carpentry, I’ve always wanted to build a house for my self. I need clean air in my life. Moving to Spain may be an extreme way to go about it, but my life has always seemed to ‘reset’ every so often, and this may be a very good way to go about it.

    lets talk
    email: gameboyblue
    skype: gameboyblue

  37. oatesy

    I would love to join use out there am a greenkeeper and gardener by trade and all so a falconry teacher am 33 years old and am seeking enlightenment I meditate 3 times aday. My email address is bluboo2323@hotmail.co.uk I would love to hear back from you


    Interested to learn more !!!

  39. Marshall Virden

    I am interested