We are a couple in our 40’s, We have a 20 acre homestead located in beautiful Southern Utah with Bryce canyon north of us and Escalante Staircase east of us. We are trying to start a small community consisting of us and a few strong men. Working together to build a great lifestyle is our dream. Seeking others who are looking for the same. You would need your own housing to start with.. travel trailer, camper, RV, Van.. We live in our RV currently while we are working on building the house. There’s no electricity so everything is solar or generator and we must haul water. If your wanting a long term place to call home, a sense of belonging, not afraid of hard work, a love of nature and wanting to become part of a “family” then this is the place for you.

If you’d like to get off the treadmill for a while and live in a rural but gorgeous area with endless places to hike, 4×4 and explore then this is a place for you. Contact us.

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19 Responses to “OFF GRID COMMUNITY”

  1. Steven Foulk

    Anyone made it yet to Utah???

  2. Steve

    Hello everyone who responded about Jtb in Utah. Has anyone here relocated yet to help out there??? please post or email an update so I can catch up on what’s transpired so far. Email me stevefoulk@gmail.com

    • jtbcollins

      Steve, we have now emailed you twice at the email provided. We have tried to respond to everyone that has contacted us. But to answer your question: nobody has yet to come out and join us.

      • Kenneth George

        Me and my family are looking to go off grid we’re on a very limited budget I like the idea of a community

  3. Steve

    Hello everyone who responded about Jtb in Utah. Has anyone here relocated yet to help out there??? I’m very interested please post or email an update so I can catch up on what’s transpired so far. Email me stevefoulk@gmail.com

  4. John Hermanson

    I am extremely interested in this, it sounds like exactly what I am looking for! Please reach out to the email provided I would love to give you more information about myself as well as hash out some questions that I have (just to make sure I understand what the community entails as well as knowing what I should be bringing with me). I would include it here but I don’t want to bore anybody on here with nitty gritty information. Thank you so much for your time and openness to such an opportunity!

  5. ChadleeCathy

    My wife and I would love an opportunity like this we’re very hard-working dedicated to anything we. We live in Iowa by the Mississippi River. Would love to hear from you

  6. Neshan

    I would very much like to join as well. I have a lot of experience building homes and I am also a blacksmith. Hmu if love to talk more 9707499473

    • jtbcollins

      We’ve been trying to respond via email because we don’t have phone service.

  7. Bryan Hedrick

    44 year old male live in Oklahoma. Hard working. Know construction work. Worked for Halliburton as electrician for 20 years. I’m interested?

  8. Senifap

    Hello! I am a 20 year old girl looking to learn the skills it takes to live off the land completely. I am a hard worker and an even quicker learner. I am not doing too well with city life and have recently come to a conclusion that it is not a lifestyle I am willing to live for the rest of my life. I need help learning the skills it takes to be self sufficient so I can one day build my own cabin, grow my own garden, and hunt my own game in the crazy wilderness of Alaska one day. I am willing to drop everything right now to travel somewhere I can live, what I consider to be, the virtuous life. I hope to hear from you soon!

    -Senifa Po’oi :)

  9. megan-lee


    Me and my partner Scott have been researching and saving for over a year for land as it is our dream which is to become self sufficient,
    however this is becoming very frustrating as we our currently living in a catch 22 city rented life nightmare – its going to take us time to save, which is now becoming not so much an option due to how bad we are feeling in all aspects…
    this dream has kept me going however i need to turn this into a reality for us both sooner rather then later,

    Please ask for more information regarding our ages, skills, current location and what else we have to offer!

    i would love to talk to you to find out if we could benefit each others lives? as i said i have been researching for over a year, but honestly i just really need some help and maybe a push in the right direction!!!!

    any advice, support or opportunists would be amazing and so very helpful!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read <3

  10. Gen Agustsson

    Can’t live in nature forever? thats bogus! We need to live in nature as soon as possible plus i realize that nature is great for our health!

  11. Dr Dew

    Hey JTB, my name is Chad. I’m interested in an opportunity like this. I currently live in Gilbert, AZ. I’ve been looking into the off-grid lifestyle for a long time. I would like to hear more about your plans.