If you’re planning to go off-grid, spending some time in a community can be a good way to learn the basics. Here’s where to find communities online.

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Off-grid communities produce their own electricity and are nearly self-sufficient. The expenses for the house are shared and everyone participates in house and land maintenance , and sometimes in the production of food.
You live in a community and have advice and comments? Or you would like to live in a community and want more information? Get in touch via our comments section!


Diggers and Dreamers is a website for people who live or want to live in a community in the UK.

Brithdir Mawr is an off-grid community in Wales

Steward Wood is another off-grid community in the UK . They have a micro-hydro dam and live in self-built cabins and shelters.

For a list of self-sustainable communities around the world see the Global Ecovillage network

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39 Responses to “Off-Grid Communities”

  1. kurt

    45 year old male jack of all trades looking to go off grid prefer to do it in washington,idaho area would like a small community to join to help each other through the hard times and enjoy the good

  2. Susan

    My husband and I are looking for off grid communities in Idaho. We live in south central Idaho now but would be interested in Idaho, Montana and Northern Washington. My husband is a small engine repair man and I am a retired EMT- A .

  3. Ben

    32yr old male looking to go off grid. US Army veteran.

    • John

      Greetings, I know its been a while since you placed that ad, on wanting to be part of /or/ forming a community. But did you find one? Are you still interested? If so please email me pastorjohn3@protonmail.com I would like to speak more with you about doing just that. Blessings, John

  4. Brandi

    This system is broken and it is breaking me. I want to be free to live, love and enjoy life on my terms. I have been researching off-grid living and am desperate to get out of this rat-race and into true abundance.

  5. mark

    I have been operating a garage door company in Denver for 15 years. I was doing very well until my divorce. Ex had made herself primary shareholder and eventually ended up with everything. I’m still working in Denver buy would love to not have a cell phone. Not worry about paperwork and the headache involved in running a business that is now in shambles. Years ago before moving to Denver, I spent five years hitchhiking around the US and Europe. I actually lived entirely self sufficient in the desert south of Sedona, AZ for about six months. I think that was the happiest time in my life. I’m looking to walk away from everything I have left here in Denver, including my business. I love the northwest.

  6. Stevan

    I am looking for some where in the lower smokie mountains. I have multiable skills and am a hard worker. I have a family and am in need of a better way of life.

  7. edward mcdaniel

    helloim a 48 yr old white male looking for a community that want people i have swkills in all aspects of building (ele plumbing carpentry) and others i curently live in a 37 foot rv and have a garden im not great at but imlearning anyone interested please let me know

  8. christine

    Me and my long term boyfriend are interested in off-grid living. We recently moved from mass to florida because we hate the high taxes and extremely cold winters but this does not seem to completely fulfill our need to live self sufficient, working 40hrs a week to take home half and then spend all of it on crappy cable, high electric bills and expensive yet unsatisfying not nutritious food is redundant! We want to live in a off-the grid community and enjoy the fruit of our labor and the wonderful mother earth, we do hate the extreme cold, if there are any communities like this please let us know or land to buy near a hub community we would appreciate it thank you, christine and jose

  9. Ward

    I too want to join an off grid community. To contact me with any information or questions please do so at to_question_y@yahoo.com

  10. Lisa

    Looking to go off grid. Currently living in Ohio, but willing to relocate. Wondering if anyone who has previously posted has had any luck in finding a community? I have a medical background, so would be a good candidate for helping in that way. I also love to garden.

  11. Aleesha Hannahs


    I’m new at this and would to learn how to live off grid in a community. Some day I would like to be able to buy the land and start my own, but first I need to learn how. Are they any communities in Michigan looking for new members? I have no money, I’m 18 and looking to learn like I said. I’m a fast learner and good worker. Please let me know. Thanks.

  12. ethan akers

    Hi, my name is Ethan Akers and i would like to be a part of an “Off the Grid” community that lives off the land, I have many skills as a hunter gatherer, trapper, foraging for edible mushrooms and plants, and many other skills such as building shelters, starting fires, survival skills and am looking to partake in a life free from slavery of the united states government, and live as we were ment to live with liberty and freedom to follow your dreams and a community that lifts each other up and supports each other for the betterment of all, not just a few corporate individuals who have control of the entire world who make laws to say the rain is not yours to do with as you want or you cant grow a garden or collect edible mushrooms to sell. i just wanna live in freedom

  13. Darren

    I’m Darren, I’ve been in the United States Army for the last few years and am done with structure and taking orders, I’d love to live in a community where people rely on each other and not some dogmatic structure of “do what I say or die”. I have combat experience, gunsmithing experience, electronics, minor vehicle repair, agricultural knowledge, human biological and physiological knowledge, I’ve survived on my own in the Sierra Nevada’s for over six months on nothing but fish and game, I have worked in, with and around winemakers and distilleries for a good portion of my life and could supply anyone with medical alcohol and recreational alcohol, I am physically fit and can bring to the table a lot of good qualities. Please contact me if you’re interested in having me as a member of your community.

  14. Matthew

    Hi im a 26 years old was wondering how I can get apart of a community. Im so ready to be apart of one. I live in Ontario Canada rossjarvis@sympatico.ca

  15. Matthew

    Hi im a 26 years old was wondering how I can get apart of a community. Im so ready to be apart of one. rossjarvis@sympatico.ca

  16. Aurora

    Hello! I’m 15 but i am a researcher and herbalist and am really good with animals. I’m mainly a artist but i love animals and have near-photographic memory concerning things i realy love. i know intamatly about all animals and can find how to and already know how to take care of any injury from a newborn bird to a full-grown mustang. i am realy good with anatomy of animals, researching, and know a LOT about herbs and natural remedies. i am the youngest in a family of 5 have a brother who is a actor,enginier and handy man, and a sister who’s a artist. my mom is a spiritual and political guru of the family and my dad is a drummer and has experience in many odd jobs. (tegether we have practicaly a library of books :) )
    once a couple years ago my mom went to our church (it’s far away so we go almost every easter) see saw our family in a community helping and growing. she said this is around 2017 and a possibility. i may be young and right now moving isn’t a option ‘cus moms sick from a bad reaction to a vaccine (she was poisoned.) but if anybody needs help for animal care please email me, if i don’t know the answer ill find out.
    dragons are my spiritual guides, dragonflies and i even am recovering from a illness. (chasing the dragon) please email me if you need help.

  17. John Cook

    seeking others interest people to join me in starting an off the grid community in northern califonia. Need people who know how to help start web site an/or start charity collection services to raise money for town site. Please direct any and all comments, questions , or discussion to: jackotrades5000@yahoo.com

  18. Tony

    Hello, my name is Tony. i am 32 years old and spent the last 5 years traveling across the U.S. I am looking to join a community. I have spent the last 13 years working in surgery and a couple more in the ER.

  19. ron

    kalamazoo mi. here. looking to relocate to an off-grid community in warmer climate. maybe ky, nc, or wv. have many skills and have been off-grid 6 monthes out of the year for a few years now. i’m 46, in very good shape , strong as a bull and trust-worthy. look 4-word to any replyes or advice. thanks -ron

  20. Katie

    Hi I’m looking for a off the grid community near central Washington state. I would like to join one already started or start one. I don’t have much money (buying land is out of the question for me), but I do have many valuable skills concerning raising livestock and growing food. If there is someone living off the grid around Wenatchee, WA, I would love to hear from you, email me at fiircee@hotmail.com Thanks!

  21. Jim and Trina

    We are grateful to our friend Chris Logan for sending us the link to this site. In recent years, we have been watching a swelling number of persons desiring to experience something outside of the context of the “status quo” and obsolete modern civilization dwellers. We too were there, but after resigning a senior corporate position, began desiring in 2005 to start downsizing and simplifying. The collapse of our own small business in 2008 and the loss of most every material thing since then, has ever further clarified and distilled our desires. Now, almost at the point of being homeless, we are closer than ever to being ready to cast our lot with others with similar desires. It has been a challenge, in the face of what we don’t have any more, to cling to what we do. We have an awareness of who we truly are and have truly been, connected, to each other, and to everyone and everything else, and if that, in and of itself, is not at least the prerequisite and most fundamental possession to have, then we are destined to wait a bit longer to realize that desire to share life, on common ground, in common support, with one another. We will continue to hope to find a few others, who, despite their lack or plenty, desire to share whatever they do have in order to live connected to one another, and t0 all of the rest of life on this beautiful planet.

  22. Brandon

    It is interesting to see all the comments, looks like there are lots of people wanting to join an off-grid community. The way I see it, it comes down to giving. If the purpose of labor is to give, then we all receive from what is given, and no one has to actually take anything.

    I could bring a lot to an off-grid community and would like to get in touch with people to find/start such a community. Relocation is not a problem, would actually be preferred. I can be of great help in a number of different ways – a few years ago my father and I built a cabin from the foundation up, just the two of us. I make musical instruments and can adapt this ability to making practically anything with wood. Also have experience with raw food, superfoods, and just the other day I planted a moringa tree.

    If you haven’t checked into the moringa tree, you really should, it is amazing what all this tree can be used for. Complete nutrition, grows super fast, purifies water, and is used as a biofuel.

    My email is involvedobserver@live.com Please contact me, I wish to be of service in a sustainable community.

  23. Kyle Jones

    im interested in living off the grid and learning more of what i already know im a very skilled farmer and have a strong culinary background which i can bring to the comunitty and have been growing natural herbs tomatos and other fruits for years learning and i have the knowledge how to make rich soil from the land but i also would like to learn the more technical aspect i have alot of t ools i could bring which to help the community grow and sustain please contact me at kylejones15@yahoo.com im located in ohio but have no problem relocating

  24. hjoyce

    I want to join an off grid community as well. I don’t mind re-locating. If any of you want to contact me with any information or advice please do so at tobiashelenbenne@yahoo.com I welcome any and all advice that will help to make this a reality…

  25. Star Valley

    Hello – My husband and I are building a home in an off-grid wilderness mountain community located in SW Washington. It is great!!! One family already has a home completed and three more families (including us) are in various stages of building. There are three more lots available. Check it out – https://www.users.muohio.edu/longde/star_valley/Star_Valley/Home.HTML
    Or look at the YouTube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HQRWrdM2jU

  26. shawn

    hello i am from ontario canada looking for someone to help me find a secure location to live off the grid any one that can help me i would apreciate , willing to go anywhere as long as we do it together thanks!

  27. Don

    I see a lot of questions but not much else. I am a pretty conservative guy, NEVER THOUGHT I’D BE INTERESTED IN COMMUNITY LIVING but I see signs and I don’t want to be anywhere near a city when things GO BAD. I am a Certified Organic Farmer, a mechanic, a welder an equipment operator and have tractors, Excavator, shop equipment, etc. and would be an asset to a “community” Where are they and how do make it happen?

  28. gypsydan

    Okay. This is a group for off-grid communities. Where is the list for those communities?

  29. rey

    Hi, I live in Az. I am dreaming of living off the grid, bought some land here, but, I can’t find anyone interested. I am willing to relocate and learn, like to work hard and would enjoy being around like minded people. Anywhere but here. Thanks, Rey {female}

  30. linz

    hello , im in the uk, and im keen to discover a whole lot more about the way of life as i feel im being called to it. i welcome all eco info

  31. Samuel

    Ive been in a pickle since 16.. Im 22. I’d just like to work for the basic essence of existence. I figure I can learn what I want when I can, but employment seems such an essential power point and goal for most humans that I seem to get stuck in thinking if my time here is spent they way I’d like it or not. I need my time devoted to true knowledge, as well as experiences. I believe this “off the grid” living is a true chance to grow in life the way I feel is more pure. If anyone could help me, I would appreciate it.

  32. Fred Roensch

    Would be interested in learning of any “off the grid” communities planned or existing along the coast anywhere in the southeast U.S.

  33. Skippy

    hello fellow eco maniacs! to start i am currently living in a small hill outside traverse city michigan. i’ve been trying to manage a 20 acre landlocked parcel. if anyone would be interested in using any of this land for a eco farm community i would love to help. the township and county don’t have any problems with this and would love to encourage this in areas where traditional farming would not work, such as this parcel.
    i can be available most anytime to show the area to interested persons. my hope is to use this land to bring other earth friendly growers and homesteaders to this area to help provide more locally grown organic foods, which should help reduce the high cost of organic foods. winterizing can be the hardest task up here but it’s not a difficult task just can be time consuming. i am ready if you are, lets built for our success!

  34. Skippy

    hello fellow eco maniacs! to start i am currently living in a small hill outside traverse city michigan. i’ve been trying to manage a 40 acre landlocked parcel. if anyone would be interested in using any of this land for a eco farm community
    i would love to help. the township and county don’t have any problems with this and would love to encourage this in areas where traditional farming would not work, such as this parcel.
    i can be available most anytime to show the area to interested persons.

  35. Carol

    Hello, am looking for off grid communities anywhere in the US…preferably in or close to the Rockies… either side. And even considering Canada.

    I see others are looking for the same… perhaps we could start our own?

  36. Jillian

    Hi I live in CA and my friend lives in WA and we are both looking for an off the grid community located somewhere in the west or northwestern united states (montana included). Does anyone have any info?

  37. Adora

    Hi I am looking for one in utah close to salt lake some where

  38. Linda

    Hello, I am looking for an off the grid community on the west coast of the US. Does anyone have any connections? I would also be open to any off the grid communities anywhere in the US as a second option.